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How Many Satchels Do You Need for a Stone Wall in Rust?

How Many Satchels Do You Need for a Stone Wall in Rust?

Building a refuge is a must in Rust. A firm set of walls can go a long way in protecting you against various enemies. This means that you will eventually have to destroy player-made buildings in order to get in and loot them. Satchels come into play here as the main way of demolishing walls in Rust.

In World War II, combat engineers used Satchel charges to demolish different heavy targets. Rust has taken this concept by introducing the said weapon in-game. While the potency of a Satchel in Rust is not as great as a real one, it can still do a ton of structural damage if used correctly. With that said, these Satchels can be used to destroy various kinds of player-made structures. 

If you are curious about the number of Satchels needed to destroy a stone tier building, 10 Satchel charges are all you need to destroy stone tier structures including the stone high wall. However, the numbers of Satchels can also vary depending on the type of wall.

There are generally three types of walls in Rust. A soft side stone wall can be much weaker than a high external stone wall while a high external stone wall can hold no candle to an armored wall. The exact requirements for destroying a stone wall can indeed differ but the damage remains constant. Follow along to learn more details on them.

What is a Satchel in Rust?

A satchel is a mid-game raiding tool that is used to destroy player-made buildings. The main purpose of this weapon is to enter and loot another player’s base. While different bases can be brought down with the power of Satchels, it can be a pain to place them correctly. When a satchel is placed, it goes into armed mode and detonates at a random time interval. 

Not knowing the detonation specifics can be a bummer. However, it also means that they can be that annoying to deal with for the enemy player. There is also a small chance that the Satchel will malfunction. In this case, the player will need to re-arm it. Another point to note here is that the dud can sometimes ignite as soon as its bud is picked up, prompting a short window to run away as far as possible.  

Here are the exact stats for a Satchel, make sure to keep these in mind so you don’t get caught up in the explosion:

Explosion Radius4 m
Explosion Delay6 -12 sec
Dud Chance20 %

Satchels Needed to Destroy a Stone Wall

As mentioned, you will need a total of 10 Satchels in order to destroy a stone tier building. This includes: walls, foundations, floors, door frames, walls, stairs, rooves, wall frames, floor frames and windows. The total damage to a structure can differ depending on the number of satchels used. Here is a quick reference for the Stone Building Tier.

No. of Satchel Charges Used:HP Remaining
1449 / 500
2397 / 500
3346 / 500
4294 / 500
5243 / 500
6191 / 500
7140 / 500
888 / 500
937 / 500

Do note that the exact numbers can change depending on the radius of the damage. You might even need to use more than 10 Satchels due to the high chance (20%) of some of them coming out as duds.

Where to Find Satchels in Rust

Satchel charges are usually found under the tools category in your crafting menu. These Charges may or may not explode instantly due to the random timer attached with them. Some of them can even come out as duds but some reignition is enough to get them going again. 

The Satchels need to be crafted in Rust and while the crafting recipe is relatively simple, it can still take a lot of materials to produce these in bulk. With that said, you can select Satchels from your menu and plant them to the opponent’s base in order to make them go kaboom!

How to Craft a Satchel

The Satchels can have a relatively strong effect on buildings but there is no point if you cannot craft them in bulk. Therefore we will show you how a Satchel can be crafted along with its relevant ingredient recipes. Do note that you will require the following blueprints in order to craft a Satchel:

Satchel Charge Blueprint
Beancan Grenade Blueprint
Small Stash Blueprint (Known By Default) 
Gun Powder Blueprint (Known By Default)

Here are the materials needed to craft a Satchel:

Metal Fragments80


You will first need to craft 60 pieces of Gun Powder with all the Charcoal and Sulfur. This can be done on a level 1 workbench so make sure you have that in advance. Next, craft a Small Stash using the 10 pieces of cloth at your disposal. The final item needed for crafting a Satchel is the Beancan Grenade. This can be made using the 60 pieces of Gun Powder and 20 Metal Fragments on a workbench. Make 4 of such Beancan Grenades and you are ready to make a Satchel Charge.

In order to craft a Satchel Charge, you will need to add 1 ft of Rope into four Beancan Grenades and one Small Stash. The Satchel can be crafted on a level 1 Workbench. Follow these steps and you will have your very first Satchel, ready to destroy an opponent’s structure!

Satchels can come in very handy in various Rust matches. Taking down these walls isn’t impossible but the difficulty depends on the material of the wall. Stone walls can be notoriously hard to destroy while wooden walls can be dispersed as a paperweight.

You only need 10 Satchels to destroy a stone wall in Rust. This number can change since Rust is consistently updated with every update though. However, we’ll be updating this post whenever that happens! Have fun.