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Do Companions Use Ammo in Fallout 4?

Do Companions Use Ammo in Fallout 4?

Many Fallout 4 players wonder if Companions use ammo, or can they simply ignore providing them ammo? The game tutorials cause confusion regarding this when they state that Companions have unlimited Ammo. But this is not entirely the case.

No, Companions do not use ammo in Fallout 4. The default gun that every Companion carries has unlimited rounds. However, any new gun that you give to a companion will also require that you give them bullets to use.

The answer to whether Companions use ammo in Fallout 4 or not, is both simple and confusing. Many new players end up making several mistakes due to this throughout their first playthroughs. If you’re looking for a complete answer then we suggest you keep reading this article.

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Do Companions Use Ammo in Fallout 4?

Companions in Fallout 4
Companions in Fallout 4

All Companions are given a default gun in Fallout 4. They can use these guns constantly. And they will never run out of bullets. This effectively means that the Companions you select will have unlimited ammunition. So you do not have to fear them running out of it, and you do not need to provide some from your limited stock.

Companions utilize a special ammunition type in Fallout 4 called Magical Companion Ammo. This form of ammunition is infinite. It cannot be entirely used up. Regardless of how many times the Companion shoots their weapon.

Each Companion is outfitted with a special Companion weapon or default weapon. These Companions will use their special type of Ammo in place of regular Ammo whenever it is their primary weapon of use. Even if you give the Companion additional ammo for their weapon, they simply will not use it.

A quick example of this is the Pipe Revolver for Nick Valentine. The Pipe Revolver acts as his default weapon. Even if you give Nick Valentine proper .44 rounds, he will not use them. And will keep reverting to the use of his standard pistol.

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When Can Companions Use Ammunition?

In-game screenshot of Hancock -Companion in Fallout 4
In-game screenshot of Hancock -Companion in Fallout 4

If you’re wondering when is it that Companions use ammunition. Then I’m here to tell you that a specific set of conditions must be met. Companions will always attempt to use their default weapon and its assorted ammunition. They will require 3 criteria to be met before they do otherwise.

Companions can be forced to spend actual ammo in the game is if the following three conditions are all fulfilled:

  • First, the Companion must have a weapon equipped in their inventory that is different from their standard, default, weapon. If this weapon is set as their primary weapon then it is far more likely that they will utilize it.
  • Second, the Companion must have at least 1 real ammunition. This ammunition should be able to be used by the different guns that they’ve been equipped with within their inventory. This weapon ammunition is usually traded with them, and not given to them otherwise.
  • Third, the Companion must be one of your current active followers. This means that you’ve set them to an active position within your party of followers. This makes it far more likely that the Companion will use ammunition. Especially that which is separate from the ammunition they usually utilize for their default weapon.

Once all three of these conditions are met. The Companion will use real ammunition. So unless you want to waste your limited ammunition stock, try to avoid these three conditions.

What Happens When Your Companions Uses All of Their Bullets?

If the bullets you provided have run out then the Companion will use their default weapon again. Their weapon has infinite ammunition, So you do not need to worry that they will not have ammo to defend themself.

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List of Companions and Their Default Weapons

Weapons in Fallout 4
Weapons in Fallout 4

Below we’ve provided a list of all the known Companions in the game that have their default weapons. If Companions that you are using as Followers have these weapons then you do not need to provide them with any additional ammunition. And can rely on the infinite supply to support them during combat.

CompanionGun Name
CaitDouble Barrel Shotgun
CurieLaser Gun
Paladin DanseLaser Gun
DeaconHunting Rifle
John HancockDouble Barrel Shotgun
Robert MacCreadyHunting Rifle
Nick ValentinePipe Revolver
Piper Wright10mm Pistol
Preston GarveyLaser Musket
X6-88Institute Laser
Old LongfellowLever Action rifle
Porter GageHandmade Rifle

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Long answer short, no, your companions in Fallout 4 will not use your real ammunition. However, if you fulfill three specific conditions then they will use the ammunition that you provide them. Otherwise, they will use infinite magical ammunition for their Default weapons.