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How To Beat Mergo’s Wet Nurse in Bloodborne

How To Beat Mergo’s Wet Nurse in Bloodborne

Mergo’s Wet Nurse is the last boss in Bloodborne you have to face outside of the Hunter’s Dream. Defeating her will initiate the ending sequence of the game so make sure you check off everything after beating her. As for the boss fight itself, she is not worthy of her placement. A surprisingly easy fight for the end game.


She does have a trick that might get you and we are here to reveal that so there are no surprises. So buckle up and let us take this nurse to the doctor.

Fighting Mergo’s Wet Nurse

Fighting Mergo’s Wet Nurse

For the source of all the nightmares, Mergo’s Wet Nurse is barely a nightmare herself. This boss seems menacing with her six swords and raggedy looks, ready to shred you to pieces but the reality is farther from the truth.

The boss has highly telegraphed, slow attacks that you’ll see a mile away. Furthermore, she only has a couple of attacks; hence, the surprise element will be over just a few minutes into the fight.

She does have a phase two at 30% health, which triggers a Nightmare Veil event where everything will go dark, and she’ll attack with a copy of herself. They both will constantly teleport around you and try to take a shot at you. This phase can be troublesome, but outmaneuvering it is just as easy; more on this later.

And that’s it; that’s the only addition to her move set. Everything else stays the same. Consequently, the strategy to defeat her will stay the same too. There is not much there to this fight.

Here are some tips you can use when facing Mergo’s Wet Nurse in Bloodborne:

  • She is weak to Fire, Bolt, and Arcane damage. Buffing your weapon with Fire Paper and Bolt Paper will reap better results.
  • Poison Knives works great against this boss. She is weaker to Rapid Poison.
  • Oils Urns followed by Molotovs will deal a good amount of damage to this slow-moving boss.
  • You can prevent the Nightmare Veil event from occurring by doing either of the following things while she’s preparing to cast the spell:
    • Dodge twice to any side right when her head is stretched out the most to cast.
    • Move in behind her while she is casting and stagger her either by continuous attacks or a charged attack.
  • The clone can be killed in the Nightmare Veil. If you have a fast weapon and time your attack just right, you can destroy her and focus on the boss henceforth.

Boss Strategy

Boss Strategy Mergo's Wet Nurse

The right way to face this boss is to face her backside. Most of her attacks are front-facing and rarely will hit you in the back. Just stick to her back and unleash everything you got. She does like to reposition and teleport away, so you have to run back behind her from time to time, but keep it up.

Whenever she repositions, and you come face-to-face with her, the best strategy is to dodge her left side. Her attacks will completely miss you if you employ this tactic.

Another to keep in mind is that when she is performing her lawnmower attack, she moves forward swinging her swords. Some of the swings will reach behind her, but the damage is minimal, and you can replenish the lost health if you keep attacking.

When her health reaches the 30% mark, she will try to cast the Nightmare Veil AOE attack. This attack might catch you off guard but the tricks we have mentioned before can cancel it if you time them right.

If she manages to pull off the event, the trick is to start running or dodging counterclockwise until the event runs out.

By doing so, most of her and her clone’s attacks will miss you while you are running. The event usually stays active for 30 seconds to one minute.

When the event is over, move back behind her and carry on with the previous strategy. The boss will go down in no time. There are no other surprises to this fight.


Here are all the attacks you have to look out for:

  1. Flying Lunge: Flies towards you to perform a lunge attack.
    • Reaction: Dodge into the lunge.
  2. Lawnmower: She starts to walk forward while swinging all her swords frantically.
    • Reaction: Move out of range of this attack and let it play out or position yourself behind her and deal damage while she is stuck in the animation.
  3. Diagonal Uppercut: She spins around performing a devastating left to right uppercut at the end.
    • Reaction: Back off out of range or dodge to the left side.
  4. Lunge: A straight lunge towards you using all her swords.
    • Reaction: Distance yourself and she’ll miss every time.
  5. Slam: Slams all her swords on the ground in front after a long wind-up.
    • Reaction: Spot the wind-up, run behind her, and lay into her while she is animation-locked.
  6. Reverse Pincer: Brings all her arms/swords close to her chest and performs an outward 180-degree slash in front of her after a bit of delay.
    • Reaction: Back off or move behind her.
  7. Nightmare Veil (30% health): Covers the arena in a dark fog and summons a clone to attack you. The clone teleports near you to attack while she tries to get you with her normal attacks and a new arm stretch attack. The event stays active for 1 minute max. She can use this attack in the middle too.
    • Reaction: Start running counter-clockwise and keep dodging when you see her/clone appear on the screen. Keep it up until the fog dissipates.

Rewards for Defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse

Rewards for Defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse

The demise of Mergo’s Wet Nurse in Bloodborne will bring in 72,000 Blood Echoes and a One-Third Umbilical Cord. Besides that, you unlock the ability to buy Blood Rocks from the Insight Bath Messenger in the Hunter’s Dream.

Three Umbilical Cords have to be consumed before the final boss to unlock the true ending of Bloodborne.

After beating her, you can end the game by going to the Hunter’s Dream and facing the final boss/bosses of Bloodborne.