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Are You Supposed To Die At The Beginning Of Bloodborne?

Are You Supposed To Die At The Beginning Of Bloodborne?

The SoulsBorne genre is synonymous with difficulty and it requires its players to get acquainted with this harsh truth as soon as possible to prepare them for the absolute punishment that the genre is inevitably going to put you through later on. Death is not the end but always a new beginning where you have learned from your mistakes and are a better version of yourself, hopefully!

Now that the purpose of death here is succinctly mentioned now it’s time to welcome it and as the saying goes GIT GUD. After repeat play of these games, you will soon learn to appreciate death for its skill-building potential.

As for Bloodborne, death comes even more quickly at the start of the game than in the rest of the games in this category, if you are a regular player. You can defeat the first enemy bare-fisted if you are skillful enough but this inaugural death is somewhat necessary to get yourself the weapons that will help you out in defeating the upcoming enemies and reach the hub world i.e. Hunter’s Dream.

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Typical Beginning Of Bloodborne

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Bloodborne begins with a very weird cutscene where the player character has undergone a medical procedure and has started to witness some horrific sights like a bloody giant wolf emerging from a pool of blood and immediately getting burned, this is a just a prelude of sorts to strap you in for the dreadful roller coaster ride ahead.

You wake up from this nightmare in a clinic alone and have no clue what to do. You make your way forward through the doors and come across another giant wolf gnawing on a body blocking the exit. You have nothing but your fists to fight this monstrosity and after landing some weak punches (if you are lucky) you are put out of your misery by this doggy.

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You then wake up in a new location the Hunter’s Dream, your haven where you will upgrade your character and weapons along with a plethora of features added down the line. Here on the stairs leading to the house, you will see these white dudes, messengers, holding weapons. You have to accept the gifts from them, one group will give you a choice from 3 melee weapons and another group will give a choice from 2 firearms.

With the weapons equipped you will return to the clinic and will have a proper showdown with the giant wolf and take it out, opening the way to start your nightmarish journey.

This is the usual or intended way the beginning of Bloodborne is for the normal player.

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Fighting The Wolf

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If you are up for a challenge then you can fight the giant wolf at the start and can kill it too. Though generally, you will be weaker and your fists won’t deal much damage but with patience and quick maneuvering, you can easily defeat it.

To kill the wolf it is recommended that you stay behind it at all times and use the light attack combo (R1) which is faster and quicker to recover from. Move away after hitting it a few times and wait for him to attack, dodge the attacks and move behind it again. Look out for all the obstacles in the room so that you won’t get stuck while dodging. With good leg work and persistence, you will have downed the baddy in no time.

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Sadly there is no special reward for achieving this feat but the satisfaction will be enough. You can either stay bare-fisted for that extra challenge after this or you will come across a Lamp (this game’s version of a bonfire) down the line which can be used to visit Hunter’s Dream and get yourself the weapon. There will be enemies before the lamp too and if you are killed by them then you will be sent to the Hunter’s Dream.

The video below will guide you on how you can defeat the giant wolf:

It is not required that you die at the start but the game is designed to desensitize you from the start to the many deaths that are waiting for you later on. If you are game enough then you can beat the thing and revel in the glory.