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How To Beat The Celestial Emissary in Bloodborne

How To Beat The Celestial Emissary in Bloodborne

The Celestial Emissary shouldn’t be considered a boss in Bloodborne in my opinion. He’s more like a mini-boss if you want to give it a label. The boss is optional and is just a roadblock of sorts to the real boss, Ebrietas, who’s right through the giant window in the arena.


You probably need no help to take out this bulbous head freak but with the help of this guide, you’ll eradicate this hindrance much more quickly.

Fighting Celestial Emissary

Celestial Emissary

The Celestial Emissary is just an overgrown Celestial Mob you have fought multiple times up to this point in the game. The only hard part about this fight is that the boss is accompanied by a group of Celestial Mob who like to come in between your attacks.

The fight starts with the boss’s health bar visible on screen yet nowhere to be found. This is because he is disguised as one of the normal enemies. If you hit that particular Celestial Mob, you’ll see the boss’s HP go down.

The Celestial Emissary is usually the mob that is scared and sticks to the back of the arena.

The rest of the mob has their separate HP, so you can leave them be if you want, but they can be easily killed, so remove them to focus on the boss. They will respawn so keep that in mind.

The boss enemy will transform into the giant Celestial Emissary once his health reaches 50% and starts to retaliate. He does hit hard but his limited attacks are quite manageable.

At the 25% mark, he’ll grow tentacles out of his head and start shooting projectiles at you. Regardless of the phase, the boss is extremely weak and if you have upgraded your weapon and your stats adequately, he’ll be history in no time.

Here are some tips you can use when facing Celestial Emissary in Bloodborne:

  • He is weak to both Fire and Bolt damage, Bolt being a tad bit more damaging. Bring Bolt Paper and Fire Paper to deal a ton of damage.
  • His defenses against any Thrust weapon is next to zero so equip that if you want to deal the most damage.
  • “Vs Kin” weapons will work great too during this fight.
  • Poisoning him from afar is a very potent strategy.
  • The mob that doesn’t chase you like the rest and stays behind is the boss. Focus on that one.
  • A wide-swinging weapon can take out multiple enemies in one swipe at once if you time and place it right.
  • The Shaman Bone Blade will turn the attention of all the enemies in the arena to the one affected.

Boss Strategy

Celestial Emissary Boss Strategy

The strategy here is simple. Let the early mob come to you and dispatch them quickly or let them chase you and jump off the edge of the upper platform back to the main arena so they have to take the long way back while you attack the boss.

The initial state of the phase has no attacks and takes the punishment without causing any trouble.

When he starts his transformation, position yourself behind him and perform a charged R2 attack. If you do it right, he will drop to the ground giving you an opening to execute a Visceral Attack. You can one-shot the boss this way if your weapon and stats are leveled up.

If you can’t do that, just stick close to the boss and whale on him nonstop. He staggers after each attack giving him little to no opening to counterattack. Do watch for his attacks, though; he only has a couple of arm swings and stomp attacks that do hit hard but are easy to dodge away from.

When he sprouts out the tentacles, make sure you stay close to him. This way, he will rarely use his projectile attack. You can also use the pillars and structures in the arena to completely negate the projectiles.

Just keep an eye out for the other Celestial Mobs in the arena and deal with them as you see fit. Kill them or take them on a wild goose chase, up to you.

Keep up the pressure on the boss, and soon, this frail little fool literally deflates out of existence.


Here are all the attacks you have to look out for:

  1. Stomp: 4x leg stomps in quick succession.
    • Reaction: Move out of the stomping radius.
  2. Body Drop: Raises his hands and drops his whole body on you.
    • Reaction: Dodge back when his hands are raised.
  3. Combo: 3 to 4 hits with his arms. He will chain them only if you are near him.
    • Reaction: The attack is highly telegraphed as he crouches a bit to attack. Move out of his range and let the attack play out.
  4. Projectiles (Tentacle Phase): His head will start glowing only to fire 6 projectiles at you.
    • Reaction: Seek cover behind a pillar or dodge at the right time. You will probably never experience this attack if you stick close to the boss.
  5. Rush: Runs up to you followed by a 5-hit combo with his hands.
    • Reaction: Dodge out of the attack radius and he will continue to attack the air. Move in to attack once it’s over.

Rewards for Defeating Celestial Emissary

Rewards for Defeating Celestial Emissary

The Celestial Emissary in Bloodborne will give you 24,640 Blood Echoes and the Communion +4 Rune after his demise.

The Communion rune can be equipped to your rune slots using the rune workshop in Hunter’s Dream. This version of the rune will increase the maximum holding capacity of Blood Vials by +4.