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Is Magic Good in Elden Ring? 5 Things to Know

Is Magic Good in Elden Ring? 5 Things to Know

Elden Ring is one of those games that every time you start a new character, your playthrough will never be the same as your previous one. There are soo many builds that you can create in the game that it is actually insane. A lot of people want to get into Magic, but they don’t know if it is a viable option. If you are wondering, it is a great option, even more than FromSoft’s previous games.

Magic is good in Elden Ring because of the selection of Incantations and Sorceries, the far range you have with casting, the amount of build variety, the overpowered builds you can create, and it is just as good as any other melee build you can create. There are soo many more reasons to try Magic, but these are by far the most important.

If you didn’t know already, Magic is actually insane if you can get your build perfect. Even if you do play Magic, you could even do a melee/magic hybrid build that will be very viable as well. There are honestly soo many builds you can create that you will be experimenting with for a long time to find your favorite one.

Why is Magic good in Elden Ring?

Magic is just as good and maybe even better than melee builds because if you build your character right, you won’t even need to get close to your target. It is not insanely easy to use Magic, but it definitely is a fun way to play. Elden Ring encourages more people to play Magic with the sheer number of enemies in the game.

You play how you want to play and what lets you have the most fun with the game. You can make the game easier or harder on yourself with the timing of certain things so you shape your playthrough how you want to. We are by no means saying you should only play Magic. We are giving you information on why Magic is a viable option.

Here are the 5 things to know if you are wondering if Magic is good in Elden Ring:

1. The selection of Incantations and Sorceries

There are over 95 Incantations and 60 Sorceries to choose from, and they are all unique with all the different Staffs and Sacred Seals that boost each one. Finding all of them is a challenge in and of itself because there are honestly soo many to choose from. There are ones that are better than others, but that is going to be an obvious thing seeing how there is just soo many in the game.

If you don’t understand how to use each one, you can read the descriptions of each one in-game and it also gives information on how much FP is used. It can be a little overwhelming at first, but once you understand how one works, you pretty much know how they all work. All the information is given to you so it is up to you to determine how each item is used.

2. The far range you get with casting

The range you get with Sorceries especially is actually insane. You can literally sit on your horse and get spells that home in on your enemies’ weak spots. If you want to get a good Spell, Rock Sling is insanely overpowered if you have the stats for it. Miracles are also cool, but you usually use those for Healing or Boosting attacks and defense.

If you want to defeat anything from a farther range, Sorceries are your best bet with that unless you get really good with bows and crossbows. Even then, Magic allows you to refill all FP at Sites of Grace and items in your inventory. With Bows and Arrows, you have to craft or buy new arrows every time you run out.

3. The amount of build variety

With the number of Sorceries and Incantations comes with a huge variety of builds. You can only keep certain spells equipped at one time so you really need to think through what you want to use. You might want a build that shoots Glinstone at your enemies. You might want a build that takes advantage of Ranalla’s Moon spells.

You might want a build that boosts your melee weapons and Spirit summons. It is totally up to you. Within each category, there are also hundreds of builds you can do which makes the game insanely replayable. The best thing you can do is experiment with different builds so that you know exactly what you want to do for your next playthrough.

4. The overpowered builds you can create

A lot of people will say that Magic is overpowered, which is sometimes true. The only way you can make an OP Magic build is if you know exactly what spells, equipment, and talismans to equip. There are also some insanely helpful Physick Tears that help with your Magic as well.

One insanely good spell is called Comet Azur. If you mix a couple of Physick Tears with it and then use it on a boss, you will absolutely annihilate that boss, depending on what the boss is. If you equip certain spell-boosting Talismans in with that mix, it makes an extremely overpowered attack. As we said if you know what to pair with what, you can make some insanely OP builds.

5. It is just as good as a melee build

If you think that a melee build is better than a Magic build, then you might want to think again. Yes, melee might be better against some bosses and enemies, but it also works the other way as well. Magic is definitely a great option and we recommend that if you are thinking about trying out a Magic build, you go ahead and do it.

A lot of people say that Magic builds are just as good as Magic builds, maybe even better at times. You don’t need to get close, and if you have the right Talismans, it will be extremely fun to use a Mage class. If you use a build like a Blood build, it will definitely be better than most Mage classes, but if you have a basic melee build, Magic builds are definitely better.