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Is It Possible to Farm Titanite Slabs in Dark Souls 3?

Is It Possible to Farm Titanite Slabs in Dark Souls 3?

Dark Souls 3 is full of all types of upgrade materials, but by far the most needed one is the Titanite Slab. If you didn’t know, the Slab is the final material piece you need to max out pretty much any weapon in the entire game. You only need one in total for the max upgrade so make sure you upgrade the right weapon.

We have gone over where to find a Titanite Shard, a Large Titanite Shard, and a Titanite Chunk, and in this article, we will go over how to get Titanite Slabs. You can’t farm Titanite Slabs because they can only be found in specific spots or dropped only once by specific enemies. They aren’t super easy to get, but there are quite a few.

There are a total of 15 Titanite Slabs in total within one playthrough, so make sure you are only upgrading the weapons you want to upgrade. 15 seems like a lot, but believe me, you will run out pretty quickly if you are experimenting with different builds and weapons. Just make sure you keep track of how many you have so you don’t run out.

Is it possible to farm for Titanite Slabs?

As we said before, it is impossible to farm for Titanite Slabs. There are 15 Titanite Slabs in total and they only drop once from each place you find them. This means, that if an enemy drops one, that enemy will only drop one of the said materials. It sucks, but 15 is a decent number for one particular playthrough.

This means that if you get all 15 and go into NG+, you will be able to get 15 more. If you take the time to get everything you can from each NG cycle, then you will have a large number of upgrade materials for experimenting with. It can be frustrating, but we guarantee it will be difficult to run out if you get every single one.

Where to find every Titanite Slab

As we said before, there are a total of 15 Titanite Slabs in Dark Souls 3. Some of them are pretty difficult to get and others are very easy to get. Some also require you to get rid of important items, so you probably don’t want to get these in your first playthrough. Get these Slabs when you go into NG+ and you get the item you already have.

The 2 found in the Firelink Shrine can’t be acquired until the end of the game, so don’t try and find a way to get them early, it is impossible. We also included the Slabs within each of the DLCs, so if you don’t own them, you can’t get those Slabs. Also, each enemy that drops a Slab only drops one, so don’t try to farm them for more.

Here are all the locations you can find a Titanite Slab within one playthrough in Dark Souls 3:

  • Firelink Shrine
    • 1x can be obtained by trading the Coiled Sword Fragment with the Crow.
    • 1x can be bought for 30,000 souls from the Shrine Handmaid once all the Cinders of a Lord are placed on their respective thrones.
  • Profaned Capital
    • 1x received from Siegward of Catarina after releasing him from his cell.
  • Grand Archives
    • 1x Found in a chest behind a bookcase on the same floor as the large wax basin. Pull the lever on the floor above, between two haunted bookcases, near the second place the Crystal Sage flees to.
    • 1x is obtained after killing the three Golden-Winged Knights at the very top of Lothric Castle.
    • 1x found after activating the elevator outside the Lothric Princes’ boss fight.
  • Archdragon Peak
    • 1x next to the Havel Knight.
    • 1x can be found after defeating the Nameless King. Walk ahead from the bonfire and loot the nearest corpse.
  • Painted World of Ariandel
    • 1x near the Depths of the Painting bonfire. Head left past the Giant Crabs and past several Tree Women until you come to an icy enclosed area with a Smoldering Tree Woman guarding the Snap Freeze spell. After defeating her, head back and you will notice that a ladder has appeared on your left-hand side. Climb the ladder, and then climb another ladder to find a body with a Titanite Slab on it. 
    • 1x received after defeating Sister Friede’s second phase. Note that she also has a third phase, which will start shortly after receiving the Slab. (only once per NG cycle)
    • 1x in the Corvian Settlement. Received by speaking to the Corvian Crow NPC after defeating Sister Friede.
  • The Ringed City
    • 1x in a cavern in Earthen Peak, right at the swamp before the third Angel. It’s guarded by a Harald Knight in the left corner.
    • 1x by beating Halflight, Spear of the Church.
    • 1x for killing Darkeater Midir.
    • 1x by killing the Ringed Knight wandering in the final area.

Why should I stock up on Titanite Slabs?

You don’t necessarily have to stock up on them, but it is extremely useful if you want to have that material when you need it. If you get a new weapon and you need it to be max level, it is probably a good thing to have extra for those. It is by far one of the rarest upgrade materials so it is important to have them at all times.

When you finally get your first one, make sure to use it on the weapon you have upgraded already so that you are ready for the late-game enemies and bosses. The game doesn’t get any easier so it is helpful to be prepared for pretty much any fight you are going to do. Just make sure you have enough materials to make the upgrades happen.