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Ultimate Guide To Radtown in Rust

Ultimate Guide To Radtown in Rust

Radtown is a deserted area in Rust that makes for some easy loot for beginners. If you want to know exactly how to navigate this Monument, what loot and secrets it holds and what kind of enemies await you, then this guide is going to be perfect for you.

This Monument presents a nice opportunity to get some decent resources without much hassle unless you come across other players ready for a showdown that is. Radtown has some degree of radiation, but nothing too lethal to worry about. It offers some decent loot and even a Red Keycard if you complete its Puzzle in time.


Let’s learn everything about The Radtown Monument in Rust to see what kind of dangers and loot it holds.

How Difficult is Radtown?

Radtown Monument

The RadTown in Rust is an irradiated post-nuclear remnant of society and civilization. This Monument is very conspicuous with its clear structural difference and nearby vacant infrastructure such as empty roads, electric poles, telephone booths, and your Geiger Counter’s ticking to the place’s underlying radioactivity.

What Do You Need to Enter Radtown?

Since Radtown is radioactive, you will need a Hazmat Suit and a good supply of medical kits on you before you enter this Monument.

When you find Radtown on the procedurally generated maps of Rust, make sure you set a respawn point somewhere nearby before raiding it. So, create a sleeping bag and hide it between some bushes so that others cannot easily notice it.

You could also put a box to hide some important loot in a well-hid spot. You should also keep a Blue Keycard, a Green Keycard, and at least 2 Fuses on you for its Puzzle. The faster you can go in and out of Radtown, the safer for you from the radiation and other potential players. 

How to Enter Radtown?

The Radtown is pretty vacant and open so you can easily enter it from any place or direction. Radtown will give you access to a Recycler that will be located outside a sheet metal building. You will also find an Oil Refinery for some low-grade Fuel inside the jump puzzle.

Once you are inside Radtown, you should go through the Main Building’s front door and then take a sharp left to find a Fusebox. Plug your Fuse in and then activate the timer. Then, go out from the backside and enter the power station’s tunnel to swipe your Green Keycard.

Open the door to find some loot and another Fusebox. Somewhere next to it, you will also find the door that allows you to swipe your Blue Keycard for access.

Inside the room, you can find a desk with a small computer that can spawn a Red Keycard which is very useful in other Monuments such as The Military Tunnels.

What Enemies do you encounter at Radtown?

All Radtowns are pretty much vacant. So, they make for some easily accessible loot. You will not find many of the typical NPC Scientists roaming around these deserted areas.

What you might find, though, are other players ready to take your loot and engage in PVP combat. Other than that, your main adversary is the radioactivity present throughout the Monument.

Is it Worth Exploring Radtown?

Since Radtowns are pretty empty generally, they let you access some decent loot pretty easily. There are not any powerful NPC Scientists that you need to worry about.

In addition to the crates and refineries present throughout this map, you also get a chance to find a Red Keycard spawn after solving its Puzzle, which is highly coveted for other Monuments. This is an easy Monument to loot for beginners, making it pretty useful to discover as you start out.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Radtown Monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.