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Ultimate Guide To The Harbor in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Harbor in Rust

Harbor Monument is a low-tier loot area where you can look for loot crates and other valuable resources without worrying about radiations or enemy NPCs. We’ll help you enter and explore it in its entirety to scavenge all the useful loot there.

Harbor Monument is categorized into Large and Small Harbor on the Rust’s Map. You can access both locations easily; both are radiation free. The area is not that big, so it’s suitable for quick looting for your character.


Let’s explore what the Harbor Monument in Rust has to offer and what loot you can find here.

How Difficult Is The Harbor?

Harbour Monument

The Harbor Monument is not difficult at all as there are no enemies or scientists to guard the area. So you can freely explore the Harbor without fear of getting hurt or killed. Also, there is no radioactivity which also makes it among the easiest monument for players in Rust.

What You Need To Enter The Harbor?

The Harbor has no level or protective gear requirements because it’s mostly a PVE spot and entirely free from any kind of radiation. You will find no difficulty in roaming around in this area, and the puzzle available are also easily accessible once you reach the monument.

How To Enter The Harbor?

Large and Small Harbors

There are two Harbors. One is known as Large Harbor, and another is Small Harb. Both are located near the ocean coast on the Rust Map, and you can access them both via the coast.

The monument has no requirements so the low-tier players can easily get spawned here. You can access all the loot in this region by spawning on any of these harbors.

What Enemies You Find At The Harbor?

As mentioned, Harbor Monument is a safe location for players who want to get their hands on some quick loot. You will not encounter any NPCs here, and it’s very rare that you find any PVP in this area due to it being low-tier.

What Loot You Can Find At The Harbor?

The loot at Harbor is available in two different layouts: Storage layout and Processing layout. The storage layout has regular crates, and one of them is located inside the puzzle area. You also find a military crate on this layout.

Loot at Harbor Monument

The regular crates offer you Scrap, low-tier components, and items of one-tier. While from the military crate, you also get the scrap, tier-two items, and mid-tier components. The processing layout has 5 regular crates, and one is in the puzzle room just like the previous layout.

These crates offer you the same items as the storage layout crates. To get loot from the puzzle room, you can use the green keycard to open them and enter. There are barrels around, so don’t forget to look into them for loot.

You can also find the basic containers or can look into the containers for the food, weapon, and other loot stuff. Most of the loot spawning takes place on the ground. However, you can search in the high spots too. The blue keycard spawns, and you can obtain it by completing the puzzle.

Is It Worth Exploring The Harbor?

It is worthy, but more specifically for those looking for low-tier loot, and can be a great place to explore at the early stages. About the services, the layouts have the recycler and oil refinery. So it can meet your needs for recycling and oil processing activities.

Recycler at Harbor

But you don’t get a research table on both of the layouts. But in a nutshell, this monument is really good for low-tier players in terms of getting some quick loot and speeding up the progression in the game.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Harbor monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.