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How To Beat The Leechmonger in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Leechmonger in Demon’s Souls

The Leechmonger Demon’s Souls is your worst nightmare if creepy crawlers weird you out. This amalgamation of leeches is certainly one of the more difficult bosses you will need to deal with. It has a certain trick up its sleeve, or should I say up its leeches, which makes it all more annoying to take down.


With years of hands-on experience with exorcising demons in souls-like games, here is a guide on how to defeat the Leechmonger in Demon’s Souls.

Fighting Leechmonger

Leechmonger Standing

This vile swamp of leeches towers over you with its giant stature and it turns out if you combine leeches, they tend to hit really hard. While none of the attacks can completely knock you out, they still chip away a big chunk of your health.

The Leechmonger’s attacks have decent range and the combination of ranged and physical attacks makes it a formidable foe. The arena where you are going to be taking it on is small but since the boss cannot move around, it levels the playing field.

We have put together a list of things you should keep in mind that will make fighting the Leechmonger a tad bit easier:

  • Leechmonger is weak against Fire and Magic so prepare accordingly. Bring Pine Resin or Sticky White Stuff for melee weapons and Fireballs or Soul Arrow/Ray for ranged magic attacks.
  • If you wait a long time between attacks, it will regenerate its health so make sure you do not allow it to gain its health back.
  • If you stay at the very top level of the arena, you will not be able to kill it because then it will regenerate its health faster than you can bring it down.


The Leechmonger is one of the more balanced bosses in Demon’s Souls when it comes to moveset. You can expect a variety of attacks on top of the health regeneration. Here is what you should prepare yourself for:

  • Sweep: He will extend both of his arms and swing them 180 degrees first from left to right and vice versa.
    • Reaction: Roll in the opposite direction to the attack.
  • Berserker Attack: The boss will violently smash both of his hands on the ground multiple times.
    • Reaction: Can be blocked but it is not recommended as you will get knocked out. It is best to dodge it by rolling forward.
  • Leechballs: If you are at a distance from the Leechmonger, it will shoot out six balls made out of leeches. Upon impact, it will damage you over time and slow you down as well.
    • Reaction: Use the small gaps in the walls to stay safe from this attack.


How you proceed with the battle largely depends upon what kind of build you are running around with though some things remain the same either way. We are going to be exploiting Leechmonger’s weaknesses to the furthest extent.

Since it is weak against fire and magic, if you are using a melee build, light your sword on fire using Pine Resin or lace it with Sticky White Stuff and wait for the opportunity.

You will see that the Sweep attack takes a long time. As soon as it starts attacking get close and deal as much damage as you can. Do not stay there for too long because it can backfire.

Back up a little and again wait for the right opportunity. Once again, if you wait for too long, it will heal itself and you will never be able to deplete its health. You have to strike the right balance between defensive and offensive play.

If you are using a ranged build, the difficulty level significantly drops. You do not have to worry about getting hit by the punches. The Leechballs that it releases can be avoided easily. Keep attacking from a distance and within a matter of minutes, this leech infestation will no longer exist.

How to Cheese Leechmonger

Demon’s Souls leaves small exploits for every boss that you can use to your advantage and kill them without even taking a hit. The same goes for Leechmonger.

Past the fog gate, you find yourself standing on the ledge above the boss. If you stand at the highest ledge, you are out of the range of Leechballs while your attacks like fireballs will reach it.

Do not stand at the top level because the boss will only keep healing himself endlessly and he does it pretty darn fast. What you need to do is drop down just a level below the top.

Character standing on the ledge (cheese spot)

There is a wooden platform on which you can stand. Leechmonger will also continuously launch Leechballs at you. You can easily take a step back from the edge and the attack will not hit you.

Go to the corner, throw a fireball, back up, and repeat. This is by far the easiest way to defeat the Leechmonger and you can do it without any prior preparation.

Rewards For Defeating Leechmonger

Leechmonger at zero health

Successfully getting that dub against the Leechmonger will reward you with the following items:

  • 1 Wriggling Demon’s Soul
  • 8,249 Souls
  • Return to Body Form
  • +45% White World Tendency