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How To Beat The Dirty Colossus in Demon’s Souls

How To Beat The Dirty Colossus in Demon’s Souls

Dirty Colossus is another major boss in Demon’s Souls that needs slaying if you want to move forward in the story. This giant heap of garbage-infused monster is surrounded by flies, hence the name Dirty Colossus. The fight is going to be a cakewalk if you have the right information.


As fellow gamers, it is our utmost duty to present you with a comprehensive guide about how you can take down Dirty Colossus in Demon’s Souls.

Fighting Dirty Colossus

Dirty Colossus in Demon's Souls

Dirty Colossus residues deep in Leechmonger Archstone and make up for a fun learning experience. Its body is covered with slime and filth with weak points covered with wooden planks. He has a swarm of flies buzzing around his body and also uses them in one of his attacks.

This golem-like boss is on the slower side of things and can easily be dealt with swift movements and a couple of tricks that are coming right up:

  • Dirty Colossus is extremely weak against fire and magic. Any kind of magic spell or sword laced with Pine Resin will chip away at its health quickly.
  • One of his attacks uses flies and the only way to quickly get rid of them is by using fire torches around the arena and burning them off.
  • His abdomen is the weakest area on his body so make sure to target it often.
  • Break the wooden armor to deal even more damage.


Dirty Colossus is a slow-moving golem and has a generic moveset apart from two attacks. Here is a detailed description of what attacks can come from its side:

  • Hand Slam: It slams its giant right hand in hopes you crushing you beneath it.
    • Reaction: Can easily be dodged due to long buildup time.
  • Hand Swipe: Swipes his right hand in a horizontal direction from right to left. The attack can knock you down.
    • Reaction: Roll forward or towards the right to avoid.
  • Hand Swipe Combo: It is a three-hit combo of the regular hand it will swing his right hand towards the left, back, and left again in succession.
    • Reaction: Depending on your stats, can be blocked but it is easier to roll back and dodge.
  • Cloud of Flies: This is an AoE attack where Dirty Colossus curls up like a ball and then quickly opens up to release a swarm of flies in all directions.
    • Reaction: Can easily be predicated and avoided by running away.
  • Flies Spray: It shoots out a ray of flies directly at you. Can knock you back and deal damage.
    • Reaction: Roll either to the left or right to avoid the attack.


The Dirty Colossus goes down easily if you know what you are doing. There is no special trick to it, all you need to do is read its movements, avoid the attacks, and keep attacking with the weapon of your choice.

When the fight starts, it will leap towards you. Being slow, it will take its time so you do not have to panic. If you are using a melee build, I suggest you use some kind of fire-inducing material such as Pine Resin to set your weapon ablaze.

Fire is the most efficient way to take this filth down. Get behind him and start attacking with all of your might. By the time it turns around, you will already have moved away.

Keep running around it in a circle and striking every chance you get. The only time you need to get away is when you are stuck by the flies. If you do not take care of them, they will keep buzzing around your body and chipping away at your health.

There are several torches around the arena. Just get close to any one of them and that should burn the flies to crisp. The fire damage is much lower as compared to the damage these pesky insects deal.

Flies getting bured by the fire

From there, it is rinse and repeat. If you using ranged attacks, you can just find a safe spot and keep chucking whatever spell you prefer at it. I would suggest using Fireballs as they are the most efficient way of killing the monster. Even if the boss follows you around, you can easily outrun it and its attacks.

How to Cheese Dirty Colossus

If your style is more laidback and you want a much simpler way of dealing with Dirty Colossus in Demon’s Souls, then here is a trick you can use to cheese the fight.

Arrow pointing towards a pit in the corner

At the very back of the arena (marked with an arrow) is a small pit in which you drop. What you need to do as soon as the fight starts is grab the attention of the monster and run right into the pit.

Hide in there for a few seconds and the Dirty Colossus will lose interest in chasing you and will keep standing there or move in the opposite direction. This is your chance to attack it from behind.

The most preferable way of doing this is by using Fireballs. Chuck a couple of them at its back and as soon as it turns around, run back into the pit. That’s pretty much all you have to do for this strategy to work.

Rewards For Defeating Dirty Colossus

Dirty Colossus at zero HP

Winning this easy battle against the Dirty Colossus in Demon’s Souls will get you the following rewards:

  • x1 Eroded Demon’s Soul
  • x33433 Souls
  • +45% White World Tendency