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How to Beat Judge Cleric in Lords of the Fallen

How to Beat Judge Cleric in Lords of the Fallen

Judge Cleric the Radiant Sentinel in Lords of the Fallen seems harmless but packs quite a punch. She transitions from a Holy Knight to a Fire demon, taking you by surprise. If you are going for the Umbral Ending, then you can skip her; otherwise, she is a mandatory boss in Lord of the Fallen.


Fret not, we are here to arm you with the right knowledge and some tips and tricks to take out this two-faced wench.

Fighting Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel

Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel

Judge Cleric has two phases that completely change the way she fights. In her first phase, she uses a combination of attacks from her long spear and sword in the other hand. She also has a penchant for casting powerful Holy/Radiant and Smite magic.

The second phase is all about fire. Her attacks will now deal fire damage, and the Holy spells will be replaced with Inferno spells, which accumulate Ignite and Burn status effects.

Both the phases have their own health bars meaning you have to defeat her fully first to progress to the other phase with a fresh new HP bar. The fight is not to be taken lightly, and being prepared beforehand will go a long way.

The fight against Judge Cleric, the Radiant Sentinel in Lords of the Fallen, can be made easy if you prepare for it and know the following:

  • She is weak to Umbral damage. Any Umbral Weapon and/or Umbral spells like Umbral Orb would take away more of her health compared to other damage types.
  • She is also susceptible to Frostbite status effect. Weapons and spells that build up this status effect will work wonders against the boss.
  • Wither Damage is also effective against the boss.
  • Bring Smite Cure for the first phase of the fight and Fire Ward for the second phase.
  • Carry items that help you resist Holy Damage and Ignite and Burn from building up.
  • Holy (phase 1) and/or Fire (phase 2) resistant armor is recommended.

Phase 1

Phase 1 Judge Cleric

The beginning of the first phase is simple. She only tries to engage in close-range melee combat using her sword and spear in tandem.

These attacks aren’t that hard to tackle; however, when her health reaches the 70% mark, she lifts her spear to buff herself with Holy, and that is where the trouble starts.

During this time, she not only has her normal attacks buffed with Holy, meaning they hit harder, but also sends forth a wide array of Radiant spells to make quick work of you.

Her attacks will burst out Holy thorns from the ground, rain Holy Arrow AOEs, and even cast a Holy beam that hurts like hell.

Make sure to equip yourself with Holy resistant armor and items or else you are in a world of hurt. Additionally, her melee attacks can be blocked or parried to stagger her.


Here are all of Judge Cleric’s phase 1 attacks and the right way of maneuvering them:

  1. Poke: Thrusts her spear into you.
    • Reaction: Dodge to the side or block/parry this attack.
  2. Swipe: Swings her spear for a long swiping attack.
    • Reaction: Roll through the attack and place yourself near her to deal some damage.
  3. Sword Combo: A series of sword attacks.
    • Reaction: Block/parry each attack to stagger, or you can back off until the combo stops.
  4. Melee to Arrow Rain: She performs a charged attack following up with a rain of Holy Arrows. The Arrows rain down in a circle and linger on for a while. The arrows build up Smite.
    • Reaction: Move out of the rain’s radius ASAP.
  5. Heavy Arrow Rain: A single arrow will fall to the ground signalling a larger Holy Arrow rain. These arrows have a bigger radius, turn into thorns after a bit of delay, and stay on the ground for longer.
    • Reaction: The radius will be visible as soon as the first arrow drops. Take the queue and bail out of the AOE.
  6. Shockwave: Strikes her spear on the ground which then sends out a 360-degree wave of Holy that inflicts Smite.
    • Reaction: You can either roll at the right time or block this wave ( will deal Wither damage).
  7. Holy Beam: A sweeping beam of Holy.
    • Reaction: Commit to a side and start running as she tries to target you with the beam.

Phase 2

Phase 2 Judge Cleric

When her first phase is defeated, a cutscene will play, not only transforming the arena but also giving her a costume and magic-type change. She will now employ Fire instead of Holy.

She will have her typical melee attacks, now buffed with Inferno. This will increase the range of the attacks and cause both Ignite and Burn to build up. Most of her attack combos will end with Inferno crystals bursting out of the ground, which explodes after a while.

When her health reaches 50%, she will start sending out balls of Inferno that bounce before exploding. She also has a massive Inferno AOE that needs to be dodged twice. Furthermore, she thrusts her spear into the ground and continues to fight with her sword.

The spear will periodically sprout Inferno spears all over the arena so you have to watch where you step and dodge them in time.

Needless to say, having items and armor that negates fire damage is a godsend. Also, don’t forget to stock up on Ignite and Burn cures before the fight.


Here are all of Judge Cleric’s phase 2 attacks and the right way of maneuvering them:

  1. Double Shockwave: She sends forth an Inferno shockwave that expands and then contracts to the boss.
    • Reaction: You have to dodge it twice. Once when it is fired and again when it’s returned to her.
  2. Fire Poke: The same poke attack as before, with the addition of a fire burst that extends the attack even further.
    • Reaction: Roll into her and stay near her to avoid the fire burst. Take this time to deal some damage.
  3. Dodge Melee: She dashes towards you and performs a melee attack.
    • Reaction: Look for the dash and then dodge when she attacks.
  4. Exploding Combo: Combo that ends with an explosion.
    • Reaction: Block/parry the initial attacks and dodge away at the end to avoid the explosion.
  5. Fire Spear Swipe: A large swipe that leaves behind a trail of fire.
    • Reaction: Block the attack if you are close or back off if you are farther away.
  6. Fireball Cone: Fires a few fireballs in front of her in a cone pattern. These balls explode after a bounce.
    • Reaction: Roll to the sides.
  7. Fireball AOE: A 360-degree fireball attack. Explosion after bounce.
    • Reaction: Back off and look for gaps between the fireballs and stand safely within the gap.
  8. Fire Crystals: She will leave the spear in place, bursting out fire crystals all over the arena.
    • Reaction: destroy the spear to stop this attack ASAP.


Here are all the rewards for defeating Judge Cleric or Harrower Dervla in Lords of the Fallen.

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x8 Umbral Scouring

Revisit the boss location and Soulflay the Stigma left behind to get your hands on the Remembrance of Judge Cleric the Radiant Sentinel and 2 Umbral Scouring. Take the Remembrance to Molhu to unlock these items in his shop:

  • Judge Cleric’s Radiant Sword
  • Judge Cleric’s Spear
  • Judge Cleric’s Corrupted Sword
  • Judge Cleric’s Gauntlets
  • Judge Cleric’s Armour
  • Judge Cleric’s Crown
  • Judge Cleric’s Leggings
  • Corrupted Cleric’s Wrappings
  • Corrupted Cleric’s Armour
  • Corrupted Cleric’s Crown
  • Corrupted Cleric’s Skirt
  • Briar Storm
  • Corrupted Banner Javelin
  • Pyroclastic Stone