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Why is Blaidd Hostile in Elden Ring?

Why is Blaidd Hostile in Elden Ring?

There are many NPCs in Elden Ring, but most people’s favorite is probably Blaidd. He is a pretty likable character, and it is really cool if you followed his questline early on. You meet a guy and he tells you to snap your fingers when you hear a howl. You do so and Blaidd will pop out of nowhere. This is the first time you meet him, but what if he starts to attack you?

The only way the Blaidd will become hostile is if you tried to kill him beforehand or you have been following Ranni’s questline. Most NPCs will try to attack you if you try to defeat them first. If you do end up making Blaidd angry, then it is probably useless to keep going with his quest because he will just keep trying to kill you.

He is first found in the Mistwood Ruins in Limgrave, but you don’t need to meet him here to keep going with his questline. You don’t have to worry about it until later though because you probably won’t get to Caria Manor for a while. Keep in mind that there are SPOILERS for Ranni’s questline so keep that in mind before reading the rest of the article.

You tried to defeat him beforehand

As we said before, he will only be hostile if you tried to defeat him when he was standing there. This is very bad since you won’t be able to go any farther in his questline, so try your best to not hurt any NPCs unless they try to kill you by invasion. If you are at the end of your playthrough, then you might want to try and defeat any NPCs for their stuff if you are going to start NG+.

If he gets hit 1-3 times, he won’t do much but if you hit him a bunch of times, he will start to fight back. He will then become hostile every time you get near him so don’t anger him or you will miss out on some important story-related content. Remember not to anger any NPC or else you will miss out on content later on, especially if they are important to the main story like Blaidd.

You followed Ranni’s Questline

If you are following Ranni’s questline, you will know that before you get to the Lake of Rot, you will need to defeat Blaidd. This is obviously part of the questline so you have to do it or you can’t progress. He will invade you and be hostile to you, but that is only if you didn’t anger him or defeat him before you get to that part of the quest.

When it comes to questlines, you need to do things perfectly or else you will have a very difficult time getting things to work properly. Try not to kill any important NPCs unless you know for a fact they are useless after that point. Even then, they might have some important stuff to sell to you that you lose access to once you defeat them.