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6 Best Optional Bosses in Elden Ring

6 Best Optional Bosses in Elden Ring

From Software has been known for its attention to detail in every aspect of its games. Keeping everything else aside and focusing on the bosses only, each new game they develop will come with its own set of memorable monstrosities. Long past the release date, players still talk about the Ornstein And Executioner Smough from the first Dark Souls.

The boss design fascination shines through in Elden Ring as well. Many bosses are already making rounds on the internet for their infamous difficulty or meme potential.


The one thing that stands out the most in Elden Ring is due to its open-world approach many of the bosses, even some story-specific ones, are optional and can be skipped. Not only those deliberately skipped, but many also hide behind elaborate quests or actions.

1. Guardian Golem

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The only one of this enemy that has a boss health bar. The boss is not that unique, but the setting it is placed in is amazing and alludes to some environmental storytelling where this Golem fell from a broken section of the great bridge of the Divine Tower of Limgrave. These small details are what make these games even more amazing.

The fight is pretty straightforward if you have faced this enemy, where you just hug the foot of the giant and clobber at it, and soon it will fall, and you can go in for a critical strike.

Repeat the process, and you will be done in no time. Remember that this boss is easy to dodge, but if you underestimate him, his hefty strikes can easily one-shot you.

Location: High Road Cave, Limgrave. This cave is easy to miss as it is behind some bushes at the end of the watery pathway at the edge of Limgrave. It is also different from other caves, as it not only features rocky formations but also includes remnants of old civilization now ruined.

There are some platforming sections here, so tread carefully and be extra careful with all the bats that inhabit this cave. The boss door will be at the end of the cave, behind a waterfall.

2. Spiritcaller Snail

lesser spirit caller snail

This is a weird boss as when you enter the arena, you will welcome by a spirit-looking Crucible Knight, and the health bar below will say Spiritcaller Snail. You will struggle to kill the knight and soon might even beat him, only to realize it respawns.

Players who have played bloodborne and faced Witches of Hemwick will figure out this gimmick soon. This snail is a crafty fellow who is invisible in the corner and can be identified with a bright light resonating from its general direction. Go near the light and start beating, and this mollusk will reveal itself. It doesn’t do much and can be easily killed just be careful of its spirit summons.


Location: Road’s End Catacombs, Liurnia of the Lakes. This catacomb is hard to find as it’s right next to a cliff, and you must follow the path from a ways back to get here. Once inside, this place will confuse you as dead ends will be everywhere.

You must find and hit the many illusory walls to reveal the way forward. The starting wall is hard to find, but later ones are quite in your face and unmissable.

3. Crystallian Trio

Putrid Crystalians

This boss fight has all three variations of this enemy type Crystallian Spear, Crystallian Ringblade & Crystallian Staff. All of their attack build-up Scarlet rot, so carry as many Preserving Boluses as possible. Use your spirit summons to take the load off yourself and slowly take out each one by one.

Location: Sellia Hideaway, Caelid. This cave’s entrance is very well hidden behind an illusory wall. Start at the Church of the Plague site of grace and head north up the hill and straight under the wooden arch.

Look to the North-East for a small graveyard with a single sorcerer enemy wielding a staff and a club. Behind the main headstone, along the cliffside, you can reveal a secret door by rolling or attacking it.

4. Perfumer Tricia & Misbegotten Warrior Duo Boss

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If you have been to Castle Morne, you must have fought the aggressive Misbegotten Warrior. The Perfumer Tricia is the boss version of the enemy and uses aromatics to spew fire and magic attacks. This is a deadly combination as the warrior will constantly rush you while the perfumer will provide range support.


Location: Unsightly Catacombs, Altus Plateau. The catacombs are easily accessible if you have made your way to the Plateau by the Ruin-Strewn Precipice section. It’s just northwest of the Abandoned Coffin grace site.

From the inside, the catacombs require you to jump in some ditches that otherwise will be deadly to reach the lever to open the boss door.

5. Ancient Dragon Lansseax

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This is a surprise open-world boss fight where the dragon appears out of nowhere when you move around its first location. You would recognize it from the trailers, a giant white dragon wielding red lightning.

You have to fight it in two different locations, mentioned below. This is a spectacular fight where the dragon will use massive lightning attacks.


Location: Altus Plateau. You will first encounter it up the hill from the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace in the open world; if you damage it enough, it will disappear mid-battle. The second time you will meet this ancient dragon on the hill just south of the Rampartside Path Site of Grace.

6. Dragonkin Soldier – Lake of Rot

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If you have previously defeated this boss in previous sections, you will be aware of this Dragon and giant hybrid. The fight is the same, but the Scarlet Rot surrounding the area makes this confrontation unique. Raising some platforms around this boss is the only way to keep your safety.

Location: Lake of Rot. If you have been through this hellish abode, the Lake of Rot, then you must have tried to zip your way across to the land on the other side and stop the Scarlet Rot build-up you will surely have succumbed to. This boss is located in the southeast section of the lake.