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How to Buy a House in Black Desert Online (Easy Guide)

How to Buy a House in Black Desert Online (Easy Guide)

If you are a BDO veteran or a new player, chances are that you want to buy your own house in this gigantic world to live peacefully, dump some extra loot in the additional storage, or maybe want to decorate the house of your dreams to your liking.

You can buy a house in Black Desert Online by accessing the housing grid of any city OR farm you have visited once and buy any house you want as long as it is available and you have enough Contribution Points. You can also decorate your house with purely cosmetic and some skill-based furniture as well.

This detailed article will help you buy a house in BDO by walking you through the entire process and then talking about the different activities you can perform in the house like alchemy and the possibility to visit your friend’s houses as well.

Buying a House in BDO

Black Desert Online requires players to grind for almost every mechanic in the game but buying a house is an exception. You might think it would be a difficult and lengthy task but no, it’s quite straightforward as you only need to know where you want to buy the house, visit that palace and have enough Contribution Points to afford it.

How to Buy a House in BDO
A player standing outside their House in BDO

Choosing the Location

You can buy a house in any of the 9 major cities in BDO. You can also buy houses on the outskirts of big cities, around farms and other locations. Here is a list of all the major cities in BDO:

  • Balenos – Velia
  • Serendia – Heidel
  • Calpheon – Calpheon City
  • Mediah – Altinova
  • Great desert of Valencia – Valencia city
  • Kamasylvia – Grana
  • Drieghan – Duvencrune
  • O’draxxia – O’dylitta
  • Eilton – Mountain of Eternal Winter

Once you’ve decided on the location where you want your dream house to be, open up the Housing Grid and see if it is available for purchase. You’ll be able to inspect the interior of the house, check its purchasing requirements and decide what kind of space you want it to be.

Buy any house in BDO from the available grid
Choosing your house from the Grid

You will see house icons in 3 different colors:

  • White house icons – The ones you already own.
  • Blue house icons – The ones that are available for purchase
  • Grey house icons – The ones that are locked at that time.

Select your preferred [available] house and buy it with Contribution Points. Contribution Points 

Are a type of currency you can mainly earn by completing major questlines in the game and can be used to buy houses, invest in nodes, and rent other items.

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Once you hover over a purchasable house, you can select what kind of place you want it to be. You can make it a residence, a storage area, a refinery, or a wood workshop.

Blue Maned Lion’s Manor

As a bonus, we’ll point you to the largest mansion you can buy in Black Desert Online. It is called the Blue Maned Lion’s mansion, located just east of the city of Heidel.

Blue Maned Lion Mansion Location
Blue Maned Lion Mansion Location

You need to complete the Calpheon questline as well as have 5 Contribution Points if you want to buy this huge mansion for yourself. 

Mansions in BDO are a bit unique when compared to other residences as they allow you to have shrubs, grass, trees, and other exclusive decors in the exterior area and not to mention how huge they are in comparison to traditional houses.

How to Buy Furniture For Your House in BDO?

Once you buy your dream house in BDO, it’s time to decorate it with furniture and other fun things. There are multiple ways of buying furniture in BDO such as the marketplace, typical vendors, and crafting furniture. 

We will be going over all of these options to help you decide which one is the best for you. Let’s start by checking out the Furniture Marketplace in BDO.

Furniture Marketplace

The most convenient and straightforward way of buying furniture in BDO is via the central marketplace which is used to buy…almost everything in the game. You can access the market by pressing the ESC key and selecting the market from the sub-menu.

buy furniture for your house in BDO.
Central Market Place [Furniture Tab]

Once the market window opens up, you can navigate to the Furniture tab and start browsing different furniture like beds, tables, decoration items, curtains, etc. You’ll need to pay with Silver if you want to buy stuff from the marketplace. 

Buy From Vendors

If you are short on silver or perhaps dont like the furniture being sold in the Central Marketplace, you can try buying from the different Vendors in each city of BDO. To buy things from a vendor, you’ll have to raise your Amity level with them to a certain point, and then their inventory will open up for you.

To raise your Amity level, you need to converse with the vendor and keep visiting them again to progress the conversation. As you can see in the screenshot below, we are currently talking to Lebyos, a furniture dealer in Heidel who sells some decent but basic furniture.

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Lebyos, the Furniture Vendor.

Craft Furniture

If you dont want to spend any Silver and can wait a bit, then crafting furniture for your house is a viable option in BDO as well. It requires a lot of manpower, extra property, and materials as you’ll need to set up a furniture workshop, assign workers to it, and then select what kind of furniture you want to craft.

Craft Furniture for your house in BDO.
Furniture Crafting Menu

Once the furniture crafting menu opens up, you can see what are the requirements for crafting the desired furniture and also look at how much time would be required to craft it.

Alchemy and Cooking 

You can also set up Alchemy and Cooking stations inside your house and use them to craft potions and food. These furniture items can be bought from the Central Market and can prove to be quite useful in the longer run.

Alchemy and Cooking Stations inside a house in BDO
Alchemy and Cooking Stations inside a house.

As you can see in the image above, we have dedicated an entire room to cooking & alchemy stations to speed up the process of producing potions and food items. You can sell these items in the market later if you want to earn some quick Silver. 

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Other House Decor

BDO allows you to add many other kinds of decorative items to the interior and exterior of your house. Some of these items are purely for eye candy while others provide you 1-hour buffs depending on the type of items you have in your house. 

House Interior Decor
House Interior Decor

These buffs can include stuff like MAX HP / Recovery / Gathering Speed boost (of a certain amount), Reduced Fall Damage, Additional damage against a specific type of enemy, and other useful stat buffs.

So, be on the lookout for such cool ornaments and decorative items like Stuffed Animal heads, carpets, helmets that can be mounted on walls, etc. You can gather these things from events, as quest rewards, and even buy them from the market as well.

How to Visit a Friend’s House in BDO?

Your house is all nice and dandy now but what about your friend’s house in BDO? Well, Black Desert Online lets you visit your friends / guild-mates, or party members’ houses if you know its location. Simply mark it on your map and start traversing toward it.

Beware though! As BDO is a huge game, once you reach another player’s house, let all the furniture and decorations load up first. There is a chance that you can get stuck inside their house if you move in too quickly before things have even been rendered properly.


You can easily buy a house in BDO by deciding which city you want your residence in, visiting the place, acquiring knowledge about it, then gathering enough Contribution Points to afford the place. 

Decorating the house to your liking is a whole other mini-game on its own. You can have purely cosmetic decor, stat buffing items, skill-improving furniture, and even make workshops of different types inside your house.

Black Desert Online makes sure that the players can find a decent amount of grind in almost anything they touch in the game, which is the case with buying houses as well. We hope our detailed guide has helped you in figuring out some stuff and made things easier.