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How to Change Appearance in Monster Hunter World

How to Change Appearance in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World features tons of in-game customizability. There are ways to change everything from your equipment to your facial features. In fact, one of the most charming aspects of the game is the deep character customization that can breathe life in your character.

The game has a diverse customization suite that lets you personalize your character. It is worth mentioning that your body type cannot be changed. Therefore, you’ll only be able to tweak your look and nothing further.

The ability to change your character’s appearance is unlocked as soon as your reach Astera, From there, you can simply head to the item box and click on change appearance. Simple enough right?

However, you will have to head to Astera every time you want to change your appearance. You will also be able to change your Palicoe’s appearance through the customization suite if you want to.

Appearance Customization in Monster Hunter World

The game grants you a ton of options from the get-go. Both male and female hunters have a lot of features to choose from. The facial features can be adjusted in so many ways that you can even add facial hair to your female character’s face if you desire. The same case is also applicable to your Palico. 

Compared to your character, the options might be lower for your Palico. However, you still get quality features and color pattern combinations to choose from. You can also adjust its eyes, ears, and tail if you like. 

Changing Appearance

There are a few prerequisites you need to fulfill in order to change your hunter’s appearance. Make sure to have Astera unlocked before proceeding. With that said, here is how you can change your character’s look in Monster Hunter World:

  • Head to the game’s main hub: Astera.
  • Move to the west of the commander in order to locate your room. Once found, head inside.
  • You will find an item box next to the housekeeper. Click on it and press Change Appearance. 
  • Apply the changes you want to make and hit the save button.

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You can edit your hair, eyebrow color, facial hair, makeup, and clothing by using this method. However, attributes like gender and body cannot be changed. Therefore, make sure to spend some time in the appearance hub whenever you decide to make a new character.

Character Edit Voucher

Monster Hunter World only allows you to make minor changes to your characters. However, a character edit voucher can help you redesign your character from the ground up (including gender). Your name and your Palico’s tag can not be changed though.

This voucher is a one-time purchase and will only edit a single character. This means that you should only use it if you are certain of your decisions. 

All in all, there are methods to change your appearance in the Monster Hunter world. You should keep Astera locked as the main operations hub of the entire game. It is recommended that you try and fine-tune your character from the start so you don’t have to spend extra money. However, if you did not do so then have no fear, Steam gives a free character edit voucher for one-time use.