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Ultimate Guide To The Wraith in Dead by Daylight

Ultimate Guide To The Wraith in Dead by Daylight

The Wraith, or Philip Ojomon, belongs to the starting trio of killers in Dead by Daylight. What are this killer’s powers? How to utilize these powers for effective hunting? What are the Perks he comes with? Some tips and tricks to play as this killer. All will be answered in this in-depth guide to The Wraith.

The Wraith has a straightforward learning curve to get used to. He goes invisible on a whim which can help to stalk prey and surprise them. It is pertinent that you utilize a hit-and-run tactic with this killer to play to his strengths. Keep your attention on two survivors at best to dispatch them quickly and move on to the rest of the opposing team.


Here is a detailed guide that covers everything there is to know about The Wraith in Dead by Daylight to make it easier for you to decide whether to pick him or not.

Is The Wraith (Philip Ojomo) good for beginners?

The Wraith (Philip Ojomo) Dead by Daylight

The Wraith is an easy killer to get used to for beginner players. His ability to transition in and out of indivisibility states makes him great at chasing and stealthily tracking its targets.

His speed in the Cloaked state can help you put pressure on two targets at most, which, if played right, can lead to multiple hooking.

However, he is not good with anything else. If you are after coming out on top in one on once chases then this is the killer for you. Other than that, this killer doesn’t have any tracking abilities to keep an eye on other survivors.

Are The Wraith Perks worth upgrading?

The Wraith’s perks are good when you are starting out. These perks are designed to add better tracking prowess. But once you get good at tracking survivor movement on your own, leave these perks. They are not that useful in higher-level matches. Better to upgrade and equip other perks.

It can also be recommended to ignore all of the Wraith’s perks altogether. This way you will be forced to master your tracking skills instead of relying on these crutches.

What are The Wraith’s Perks?

The Wraith has 3 unique perks with three tier levels:



  • The Scratch Marks left by Survivors spawn lightly/moderately/considerably closer together.


  • Pools of Blood are shown in bright red and can be tracked for 2/3/4 seconds longer than normal.
image 109


  • Increases your Field of View by 9/12/15 °

What Weapon does The Wraith have?

Azarov's Skull

The Wraith carries around the Azarov’s Skull as his primary weapon. This weapon is a simple swing and deal damage type weapon. There are no special abilities associated with it.

What Powers does The Wraith have?

Wailing Bell - The Wraith Dead by Daylight

Wraith’s main power stems from his Wailing Bell. This bell allows him to Cloak and Uncloak on the fly, after holding down the power button for a short span. There are no cooldowns which is a plus.

Obviously, when cloaked, the survivors can’t spot you per se. They see a shimmering form of the killer when they are 20 meters from him which doesn’t make him technically completely invisible. The killer does become fully invisible for survivors who are out of this range.

The killer gets an increased movement speed in this cloaked state. Although, he can not attack survivors when cloaked. You can, however, interact with other items like breaking Pallets while invisible with added speed.

To attack, you need to first uncloak. As soon as you uncloak, the killer gets a speed burst for 1 second, which should be used to cover distance to the target and get a hit in. His Lunge range is increased during this speed burst too.

Ringing the bell can be heard by survivors in a 24-meter radius, causing them to buck. As soon as you rang the bell, either cloak or uncloak, use this time to reposition depending on the state you transition to.

Is The Wraith fun to play?

The Wraith can be a fun killer if you play into his speed. With the right set of perks that help him get in and out of invisibility faster and boost his movement speed, he can be a hit-and-run king. You will have to rely on your survivor-tracking skills to ascertain where the survivor you just hit moved on to and then finish the job.

If you are not fully confident with your flick weapon swings then best stay away from this killer. The constant transitioning from cloak and uncloak states will alert all nearby survivors, so you will have to commit to the chase especially capitalizing on the lunge.

What are some tips and tricks to get better with The Wraith?

Tips and Tricks for The Wraith in Dead by Daylight

Here are some tips that you can employ when playing as this killer:

  • The Coxcombed Clapper add-on will silence the bell toll making you an even stealthier killer.
  • When you are certain a survivor is around a corner or near a generator, use the bell to uncloak and cause panic. In this panic and the speed burst you receive from materializing, you are surely going to get a hit.
  • You can outrun a survivor to a window and stop them from vaulting and then quickly transition into your uncloaked self to attack them.
  • At any given time focus your attention on two survivors, preferably ones that are closer. Alternate between uncloak, hit them once, re-cloak, and move on to the next target to repeat the process. With this strategy, you can easily bring two survivors down and hook them, causing panic amongst the team.
  • Hit and Run playstyle is the only right choice for this killer. Slowly whittle away the health of a few select survivors instead of going after the whole team. Hit once and move on.
  • If the survivor out maneuvers you when you come out of the cloak, move on to the next target instead of overextending the chase.
  • You can use the bell toll to cause panic at one side of a loop and swiftly move to the other opening and get a hit.
  • Circle around the outer edges of the map to approach a survivor from a surprising angle.
  • Take your time dismantling pallets to allow for unhindered subsequent chases. You can use add-ons to increase pallet destruction.

The Wraith can be a deadly killer in the right hands. If you can understand his particular hit-and-run playstyle and build him accordingly, there is no stopping him. But it does require a lot of practice from the player, and even then, he isn’t the best at so many other things that the best killers in the game boast.