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How To Unlock Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare 2 (2023)

How To Unlock Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare 2 (2023)

Everyone loves taking down their enemy in style. Modern Warfare 2’s Finishing Moves does exactly that. But how do you unlock finishing moves? They’re tricky to unlock but are completely worth the effort. So let’s find out how to unlock Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare 2.

Unlock Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare 2 by completing operator challenges, purchasing and playing through the Battle Pass, and purchasing Bundles from the Warfare 2 in-game store.

Finishing Moves are perhaps one of the coolest addition to a first-person shooter for a while. If you wish to learn all about unlocking them in Modern Warfare 2 then keep reading this article!

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Unlocking Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare 2

In this article, we’ll be discussing the three ways in which you can unlock finishing moves. Each of these methods unlocks unique finishing moves, so if you’re looking for a particular one then try to attempt the ones you haven’t done to get the finishing move you want.

1) Completing Operator Challenges

Operators - Modern Warfare 2
Operators – Modern Warfare 2

Although there are three different methods of unlocking finishing moves in Modern Warfare 2. However, some of them are more expensive than others. In particular, if you wish to not spend additional money then the only way to unlock finishing moves is by completing operator challenges.

Each Operator in the game comes with a wide variety of challenges that need to be completed by you. If you can complete these challenges then you receive a host of different rewards that will provide you with at least one form of a finisher move.

So if you wish to unlock a finishing move then you need to complete the operator challenges. By completing the challenges for all operators, you will unlock a wealth of finishing moves. Each of which can be unlocked by different characters and utilized in matches as you see fit.

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2) The Battle Pass

Battle Pass - Modern Warfare 2
Battle Pass – Modern Warfare 2

Another method for unlocking finishing moves in MW2 is by purchasing and playing through the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is a service for Modern Warfare 2 that you can purchase that allows for playtime, and certain challenges to award various desirable rewards. One of the rewards for playing through the Battle Pass is to unlock finishers.

Purchasing the Battle Pass itself will unlock a finishing move automatically. However, there are several other finishers that you can unlock as well by playing through the Battle Pass and being a little lucky. So you can essentially get a bunch more finishers every season as freebies if you have the Battle Pass.

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3) Purchasing Bundles

Bundles - Modern Warfare 2
Bundles – Modern Warfare 2

The last method for unlocking Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare 2 is by purchasing special Bundles in Modern Warfare 2. The most extravagant or flamboyant Finishing Moves in Modern Warfare 2 come by purchasing them through the in-game store.

If you’re a Vanguard player then you might remember being mauled with the Godzilla Finisher. Now that was savage. And if you want similar finishers that you can deploy in your matches then you will have to purchase them through the in-game store for Modern Warfare 2.

The prices for these Bundles and finishers in the store might differ and vary depending on the time you try to purchase them, and if they aren’t there for a special promotion. Many new and interesting characters get added to the game regularly and each of them usually has its unique finishing moves

All this requires is some spare cash from your end. The first Bundle to include finishing moves in the store was the Warzone FC trio bundle which included many finishers. This was interesting because it contained many football-related finishers that mimicked volleys, stamps, and kicks.

And that’s it, folks! These are the ways you can unlock Finishing Move in Modern Warfare 2. Hope this article helped you!