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10 Best Great Hammers In Dark Souls 3

10 Best Great Hammers In Dark Souls 3

There are plenty of weapons to choose from in Dark Souls 3, but by far, one of the least-chosen weapons is the Great Hammers. They are extremely underrated and are worth using if you give them a chance. They are extremely powerful weapons and can stun most enemies in one hit if you hit them correctly.

We have listed the 10 best Great Hammers in the game, and each has something to bring. These are in order from worst to best, so look at the better Great Hammers if you want something insanely powerful.


Every one of these weapons is useful in some way because you might like to use their skills or how the weapon feels. It is up to you to determine which one you like better, but there is no doubt that the top 3 are probably the best in the entire game.

10. Old King’s Great Hammer

old kings great hammer

Location: Obtained by transposing the Soul of the Old Demon King with Ludleth of Courland. You will have had to obtain the Transposing Kiln from the Cursed Rotted Greatwood to Transpose this weapon.

This is one of the only couples of Great Hammers you can get through Transposition. It is a boss you can miss if you don’t know about the area and is easily one of the easier bosses in the game. We do have to give props to the boss arena, though.

It is a room full of dead Asylum Demons, and you must fight this old Demon. Overall, this is a really cool weapon worth Transposing since it has a very cool skill. However, it doesn’t have the best scaling, so it is the lowest on the list.

9. Smough’s Great Hammer

smoughs great hammer

Location: Found in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, inside the middle chest on the upper gallery floor of the Distant Manor. The area is located shortly after exiting the drainage with several Sewer Centipedes and is guarded by three Silver Knights.

This is a weapon that is a very memorable one if you have ever played the first Dark Souls. It is a weapon that most players won’t forget since it has probably killed them many times. If you didn’t know, it was the weapon of Smough, one of the harder bosses of the original Dark Souls.


You can find it around the game’s halfway point, and it is a fun weapon to use. It isn’t the best Great Hammer, but what it does have is life steal. Every hit you make gives you a bit of HP back. It is a very decent weapon to use if you like life steal.

8. Gargoyle Flame Hammer

gargoyle flame hammer

Location: Dropped by hammer-wielding Gargoyles in the Profaned Capital and the Grand Archives.

This is a weapon that you can only get by farming. You will have to fight some decently hard enemies to get it since it is a very good weapon. You must fight the Gargoyles in the Profaned Capital or above the Grand Archives. They aren’t easy, so keep that in mind.

It has some pretty good scaling, and the skill makes it stand out. It launches fireballs from the hammer at your enemies. It is extremely useful to deal extra damage to your enemies. It also gives you another option for fighting.

7. Quakestone Hammer (DLC)

quakestone hammer

Location: In the Snowy Mountain Pass area, before the final stretch leading to the basement of Ariandel Chapel. There is a fork that leads to the left, and the weapon is on a corpse behind the Millwood Knight with the Bow.

You will have to own the Ashes of Ariandel DLC to get this weapon. It is very easy to get once you are in the DLC, but you do have to own it to get the weapon. Most of the Great Hammers have a skill that burrows the weapon into the ground and does something different.

The Quakestone Hammer does exactly what you think it does. It creates an earthquake that shakes up the enemies around you and creates a massive shockwave that deals damage. It is a fun weapon to use for just the skill alone.

6. Vordt’s Great Hammer

vordts great hammer

Location: Obtained by transposing the Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt with Ludleth of Courland. You will have had to obtain the Transposing Kiln from the Cursed Rotted Greatwood to Transpose this weapon.

This is a weapon that you have to be patient to get. When you fight Vordt, you won’t have the option to Transpose until you can get the Transposing Kiln from the next boss. You will have to stop yourself from using the Soul of Vordt until you get the Kiln.


If you can wait, it is a weapon worth your time. Not only does it deal a ton of damage, but it also has some of the best passive damage for Frost than any other weapon close to it. It isn’t the best, but it is an extremely viable weapon for anyone who wants something big.

5. Dragon Tooth

dragon tooth 1

Location: Dropped by Havel the Rock at the top of the Great Belfry. This is found in Archdragon Peak. Remember that you can only get one of these weapons per playthrough.

This is another weapon known by players who have played the original Dark Souls. It is in every Dark Souls game and is a contender for one of the best Great Hammers in Dark Souls 3. If you want to be like Havel, this weapon is for you.

The cool thing about this weapon is that it boosts your Magic and Fire defense by 12.5% just by wielding it. You can also equip the Shield for increased defense; it is a fun way to play the game. Keep in mind that in PvP, the boosts are decreased slightly.

4. Great Club

great club

Location: Guaranteed drop from the Exile Watchdog who wields it in the Road of Sacrifices.

This weapon might look like the worst on this list, but believe us; it is one of the best. It is one of the lightest Great Hammers and has some of the best scalings out of any of them. That means this thing beats almost all the other Great Hammers just by being good at everything.

The strength requirement is a little high, but if you are using a Great Hammer, you have it leveled up already. since it has some of the best scalings in the game, the Great Club is probably one of the best options to choose if you want an amazing Great Hammer.

3. Spiked Mace

spiked mace

Location: Dropped by Evangelists in the Undead Settlement, Cathedral of the Deep, and Irithyll of the Boreal Valley.

This weapon is one of the best Great Hammers because everything about it is good. It has a relatively low weight compared to other Great Hammers and deals a ton of Bleed damage to any enemy you fight.

It is not easy to get since you need to farm for it, but it is worth getting and using as your main weapon. Its skill isn’t amazing, but the Bleed makes up for this weapon’s cons. Overall, this is an absolute gem of a weapon worth using if you get the chance.

2. Morne’s Great Hammer

mornes great hammer

Location: Dropped by Eygon of Carim. It can be found on Eygon’s corpse in the Undead Settlement, inside Irina of Carim’s cell after you defeat the Abyss Watchers and the Dragonslayer Armour.

This is a weapon that you see once you reach the Undead Settlement. A knight carries it by the name of Eygon, and the only way to get it is to defeat him or take it off his corpse later in the game. It is by far the best Great Hammer if you don’t own any of the DLCs.


The look of it is very unnatural, but it is a very cool weapon. It has some of the highest scaling of any Great Hammer in the game and is worth getting if you enjoy large weapons. It is one of the game’s heaviest weapons, so keep that in mind when trying to use it.

1. Ledo’s Great Hammer (DLC)

ledos great hammer

Location: Dropped by Silver Knight Ledo once you defeat him after he invades you.

This is a DLC weapon, so you must own the Ringed City to get it, but it is considered the best Great Hammer in the game. Not only does it have the most powerful skill out of any Great Hammer, but it also deals the most damage.

The only downside to this weapon is that it is the heaviest weapon in the entire game. It is extremely difficult to wield since it is massive and takes a ton of Endurance even to wield. It can be negated with Rings and upgrades, making it the best choice for Great Hammers.