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The Ultimate Guide to Crate Farming in Terraria

The Ultimate Guide to Crate Farming in Terraria

Fishing has always been a vital part of Terraria. You get to choose between several side professions that hold the potential to help you progress. However, fishing is much more than a simple progression. 

The main premise of this activity is simple; you get to fish in liquid bodies with the help of a fishing rod and bait. In return, you get certain fish that grants items and crates. While the item system is easy to understand, the same cannot be said about the crate system.

In Terraria, Crates are randomized loot bags that grant variable rewards. Crates have different variants, each housing a different loot pool. A crate’s content can be revealed by opening it. 


With that said some crates are relatively easier to catch, while others require lady luck to smile upon you. Opening a crate is one hell of an experience. However, a wise man once said:

 “ To open a crate, one must first possess a crate.”

Catch Rate of a Crate

A Crate can usually be caught once every 10 successful catches. However, certain factors can boost this rate. For example, a crate potion can increase the chance to 1 out of 5 while Fishing Power can add to the quality of the crates obtained. 

In the end, it is a game of luck and probability. With that said, here are the general catch rates of the main crates in Terraria:

Types of Crates

Terraria features 12 crates, each with its own Hardmode variants. While this might sound plentiful, the prerequisites and rarity make them a tough but desirable find. However, certain crates cannot be found in certain biomes. 

Therefore, keeping their biomes in mind before committing to the grind is better. 

Crates: Exclusive Loot

Certain items can only be obtained from crates. While their low drop rates are a story for another day, it is still better to know what you may and may not encounter in one of such crates. With that said, here are the exclusive drops from crates in Terraria:

  • Sailfish Boots
  • Tsunami in a Bottle
  • Falcon Blade
  • Ginger Beard
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Hardy Saddle
  • Scarab Fishing Rod
  • Anchor (Hardmode)
  • Enchanted Sundial (Hardmode)

How to Farm Crates in Terraria

The fish rate for crates is generally the same among all biomes. However, that does not make these factors obsolete. Instead, you should put a greater emphasis on your overall fishing power. These can be amplified with potions and baits.

Sonar Potion 

If you’re running low on bait, try using a Sonar Potion. Upon consumption, you will be blessed with a sonar buff to let you see the catch appear above the lure once bitten.


The total duration for this buff is 9 minutes which might sound enough for a fishing session. However, having a bunch of these will you at all times is recommended.

Crate Potion

The Crate Potion is an essential expense while fishing for crates. Once consumed, the buff doubles the chance of getting a crate. However, this buff only lasts for a total of 3 minutes. While it can be canceled at any time, there is no benefit to doing so. 

The main method of obtaining this potion is through the Angler, but it can also be gained through the in-game crafting mechanic.

Basic Fishing Requirements

Similar to real life, there is not much to gain by fishing in a small puddle. You need to have a wide enough water body to have any chance of catching a fish. However, being too wide does not equate to lots of fish. 

The body of the liquid needs to be at least 75 tiles wide to fish in it. The recommended size for fishing is the 1000-tile ocean. You might even receive a similar quest from the angler soon.

That said, there are certain requirements you must adhere to obtain a decent yield. These include the basics that are the prerequisites to initiating fishing in Terraria.

  • Find all the Fishing Accessories
  • Don’t stand in the water
  • Use mounts to fish
  • Fish in a bigger lake

Factors Affecting Crate Drop Chance

Terraria features an intricate but complex fishing system to make it feel as realistic as possible. There are three basic conditions that determine the quality of the drops from the fishing, all of them are listed below:

  • The Fishing Power of the Fishing Pole.
  • The Bait Power of the Bait used
  • The Collective Power of your equipment and items

While finding crates is not the best way to go about getting loot in Terraria, it is still extremely rewarding nonetheless. Considering the fact that the fishing process cannot be automated, you will have to make a choice. 


If you have chosen to stick with fishing then keep following the steps mentioned in this guide to maximize your earnings with minimal effort. The fishing poles are a great way to fish better items but it is certainly not the end-all-be-all of it.