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How to Get to the Bird Bath in Grounded (Easy Guide)

How to Get to the Bird Bath in Grounded (Easy Guide)

Are you looking to find out how to reach the Bird Bath in Grounded? Then look no further because this guide has everything that you need to know. Although initially challenging to get to, Bird Bath is quite easy to navigate, once you know what you’re doing.

You can find the Birth Bath in Grounded by going to the Southeast corner of your map. It is located next to a massive stone structure. You can reach the top of Bird’s Bath by traversing the maze-like branches of the hedge behind it. You can accomplish this by climbing up and around the foliage.

If you’re looking to both reach and traverse through the Bird Bath then you’re gonna need a little more explanation. So to learn more about how to get to the Birth Bath in Grounded, keep reading on!

How to Get to The Bird Bath?

Bird Bath Bluff in Grounded
Bird Bath Bluff

First things first, how do you even get to the Birth Bath area in Grounded? The Birth Bath Bluff is located on the outskirts of the Hedge biome. It is also where the BURG.L Quest is located and has the necessary marker on top of the large bird bath.

Bird Bath Bluff is regarded as one of the most difficult areas to reach in the game. This is because you have to figure out how to connect two ziplines to reach the top. The zip lines also need to use Silk Rope. Silk Rope is located specifically near a location called Flingman Flying Disc.

If you do not wish to waste Silk Rope on constructing that necessary zip line then you can reach the top via a branch in the Hedge lab. You can find the marker, for the quest, on one of the lower corners of the main bath.

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How to Reach the Top of Bird Bath in Grounded?

Now that you’ve reached the main location, and have all the necessary items. It is time for you to perform some platforming feats, as you try to reach the top of the area. However, if you’ve been having trouble reaching the top then simply following our easy-peasy guide should be more than enough for you.

  • After entering into the Bird Bath area, orient yourself toward the Field Station.
  • Turn Right as you reach the top of the First Branch.
  • Continue to walk along and proceed forward until you reach the Field Station.
In-game screenshot of climbing Bird Bath Bluff
In-game screenshot of climbing Bird Bath Bluff
  • After you get to the Field Station, Turn-Right and move along the right-most branch.
  • You will notice that the branch forks as you reach the red wire.
  • Stay to the right and follow the branching path around the curve.
  • You have to now make sure that you reach up to the Juice Box.
  • Take the Curve, turn to the right side, and follow the thicker branch toward the Juice Box.
  • You can additionally use the mushrooms to reach the object.
image 100
In-game screenshot of climbing Bird Bath Bluff
  • If you’ve got Silk Rope with you, you can use the Zipline.
  • Ride upon the zip line that is just past the straw of the Juice Box.
  • You can dismount from this zipline when you reach the other side.
  • Go Left while following along the branch.
  • And Stop as it begins to curve back toward the right.
  • There should be a leaf that you can jump to on your left.
  • After you reach that leaf, look Right and navigate to the thick branch ahead.
  • You can use the Dandelion Tuft if you find it necessary to progress.
  • Finally, you can simply follow along these branches to get onto the Bird Bath.

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Other Benefits to Getting to Bird Bath?

Milk Molars
Milk Molars

The primary objective to get to Bird Bath Bluff is to complete the Explorer Quest given to us by BURG.L. Who is a friendly Robot that provides a variety of assistance to you as you adventure in Grounded. If you can reach the top of this area you get RS 250 or 250 Raw Science as a quest reward.

Completing the BURG.L Explorer quests is a great way to obtain some much-needed Raw Science. This is important because it directly contributes to enhancing you and your equipment. But this isn’t the only reason why you would want to get to Bird Bath.

You receive a Mega Milk Molar when you get on top of the Bird Bath as well. The Milk Molars are a mechanic in Grounded that allows you to upgrade your stats such as max health, stamina, food drain, water, and more. You can find Milk Molars in various parts of the world, in specific hidden areas.

Mega Milk Molars, unlike regular Milk Molars, are a variant version that can upgrade the stats and abilities of all players that have joined the game. This means that if you’re playing with friends, then you can use Mega Milk Molars to enhance everyone’s characters and not just one person.

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How to Open Milk Molars?

You might wonder, however, how to consume Milk Molars. Quite simply, you use an Insect Hammer to burst open Milk Molars. You can find pre-opened Milk Molars as well. These can usually be found surrounded by Soggy roots and submerged in water.

The Insect Hammer is a tier 2 hammer that you can obtain after directly upgrading the Pebblet Hammer. The regular Pebblet Hammer and its advanced Insect Hammer are both 1 handed tools.

When you obtain the Insect Hammer it gains the ability to break down Candy Corn, Cookie Sandwiches, Ice Cap Mints, Mil Molars/ Mega Milk Molars, Hot Chachas Candy, Sturdy Marble, Sturdy Quartzite, Salt Clusters, and the Cooler Box. Finally, if you wish it can even break down the other harvesting nodes

It is quite confusing to get to the top of Bird Bath, and unless you’re an experienced player, you’ll often get lost. Following the path that we mentioned above will help you reach the top as easily and quickly as possible.

There are also several advantages of reaching the top in the first place. Not only are there specific quests that you can complete, but there are special items you can get as well. These items such as the Mega Milk Molars have massive advantages.

Mega Mil Molars are one of the principal ways in which you can improve your stats and the stats of your entire party. So reaching the top of the Bird Bath is pretty important. We hope that you fund some useful information in our guides. See you next time!