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How to Get a Lot of Scrap Fast in Dying Light 2

How to Get a Lot of Scrap Fast in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is full of all types of crafting materials, but Scrap is by far the most valuable of them all. If you don’t have Scrap, you can’t upgrade certain things and it leaves you wondering how to get a lot of this material in the game.

It is not an easy material to get a lot from seeing that you will need thousands to complete all the upgrades in the game. Most other materials can be bought from the store, and so can Scraps, but is there a way to get a lot of it at one time?

There are really 2 main ways to get Scraps efficiently in Dying Light 2, and that is buying them up from every Vendor you run into, and looting pretty much any bin or garbage can you see.

It is no surprise that Scraps are the most valuable material in the game, but it can be extremely frustrating when every single upgrade you need requires Scrap. It is probably a bad design on the Developer’s part, but it is what it is. We are here to show you how to get Scrap as fast and efficiently as possible.

Buy them from the Vendors

Honestly, the best way to get Scrap is to buy as much as you can from every Vendor you see. Yes, it can be tedious, but it will definitely be worth your while. The best spot to farm from Vendors is at the Bazaar in the first area. Walk into the area, buy every Scrap you see, and then take a lap around the building outside.

Go back inside and the shops should be restocked again. It is boring and if you don’t want to exploit, it is probably your best bet on getting Scrap the fastest way possible in the game. There are other Vendors in the game so if you don’t want to farm in one spot, explore, and every Vendor you see, just buy up all their Scrap.

Loot every garbage bin you see

The other way to get a ton of Scrap is to loo every single box and garbage bin you see. It isn’t the fastest way, but if you see one, it is there for you to take. After a while of not really thinking about it, you might have plenty to upgrade your needed tools.

If you don’t loot, then you are going to have no materials for anything and it is worth looting everything you see. Also, looting the stores also gives you some Scrap, but that is for getting a variety of materials. If you are having trouble finding Scrap, it is usually found in courtyards where there are a lot of loot boxes.

If you are tired of looting, duplicate them with a friend

We would usually not condone exploiting in games, but for Scrap, we can make an exception. It is extremely frustrating getting Scrap in the game, so it is not the worst thing in the world to duplicate items. We don’t know if you can still do it as of right now, but get a friend and grab the stack of Scraps at the same time.

It will give both of you the same number and just combine them and keep doing it. It is cheating so be careful, but it is better than spending 20 hours scavenging for Scrap.