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Resident Evil 4 Remake Too Hard? How to Make It Easier

Resident Evil 4 Remake Too Hard? How to Make It Easier

Resident Evil 4 Remake isn’t your average post-apocalyptic action-adventure zombie shooter. It’s pretty slow with the iconic tank controls the franchise is known for. The game gets a bit difficult, but that’s the fun part. Still, if you die repeatedly, there are ways to make Resident Evil 4 Remake easy, because it truly is a difficult game.


If you think Resident Evil 4 Remake is too hard, you can make it a lot easier by using traps, relying on healing items, learning how to parry, farming materials through birds and animals, always having flash grenades on you, and starting confrontations with stealth kills.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Useful Mechanics

Resident Evil 4 Hard Easy

Dying again and again to the undying horde of villagers and the scary Chainsaw guy? Finding Resident Evil 4 Remake a bit too hard? Let’s make it easy for you.

Start utilizing these mechanics during your playthrough, and we promise you’ll see a day and night difference in the game’s difficulty and fun factor.

1. Figure Out Healing Items

Healing is the barebones essential of any zombie game. And Resident Evil 4 Remake really relies on healing items. It either makes the game easy or hard. You need to understand the herb system. Mix and match to see what you get. 

You can even use eggs to heal yourself. If you aren’t sure whether a specific herb combination works perfectly, see how much health you gain every time you use a mix. Go with the formula that works best!

2. Exploit Enemies

Friendly Fire is a thing in Resident Evil 4, and enemies can accidentally hurt each other. Take the example of the fearsome Chainsaw Man. If you get close and provoke him, he’ll wildly swing at you. This works well if a horde of villagers is swarming you. The chainsaw guy can end up hurting fellow villagers. So use your enemies and your environment to your advantage!

3. Exploit Traps

Traps are annoying, especially if you’re playing Resident Evil 4 Remake for the first time. But enemies won’t pay attention to tripwires. Lead them on and lure an unsuspecting enemy to a trip wire.

4. Avoid Enemy Lunges

You might have observed that enemies tend to lunge at you the closer they are. While turning around and running in the other direction makes sense, Leon doesn’t move fast enough. But try to crouch, and they’ll catch the air, leaving them open for a follow-up attack.

5. Shoot At Crows And Birds Nests

Hunting for resources in Resident Evil 4 to craft ammo, bullets, and medicine is key. But you might run dry. Barrels aren’t the only way to obtain items in this zombie shooter. You might have spotted some birds’ nests and crows lurking around the village. Shoot them, and you might find some resources and, sometimes, game-changing items!

6. Get The Bolt Thrower

When you make it to Chapter 2 in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you should get your hands on the Bolt Thrower from the Merchant. Despite its low attack power and awful fire rate. The Bolt Thrower is vital for making stealth kills. Another perk is retrieving bolts when you take out an enemy. That makes for an unlimited supply of ammo. 

7. You Can Always Stealth Kill

As the game progresses, the villagers will become increasingly harder to fight because they transform. The best route to deal with the Las Plagas one-on-one is to shoot them in the head, run behind and perform a stealth kill.

Las Plagas Cheese

If you’re swarmed by enemies that have turned into Las Plagas, usually, you’d be out of luck. But that changes when you keep a Flash Grenade in your inventory. The Las Plagas are pretty sensitive to light, and a Flash Grenade thrown amid a Las Plagas mob puts them out of their misery.