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Who To Play First in Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

Who To Play First in Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

At the very start of Resident Evil 2 Remake, you will be prompted to select from either Leon or Claire’s scenario. If you are a new player, then this decision can be a bit daunting since you don’t want to miss out on any detail. Luckily, we have you covered right here, giving you the right answer to who to play first in Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Both the characters in Resident Evil 2 Remake have similar campaigns overall. However, some scenarios are unique to each of the two. Hence we advise you to play both campaigns. But if you are new to the game, choosing Leon would be a better option since his campaign is relatively easier and action-packed.


Let’s discuss which character you should play first in Resident Evil 2 Remake and what difference it makes to your gameplay and choices.

Leon vs Claire – Disclaimer

Who to Play First Resident Evil 2

Before we go into the details of the character/campaign choice you need to know that Resident Evil 2 Remake is intended to be played twice with both of them. Do not think that if you have picked one and ended the game you have experienced the whole game. If you take this approach, you will miss out on a huge chunk of the core game.

That being said, both the characters have largely the same story beats and even the locations are reused. There are some parallels, however, there are plenty of interesting differences between the two playthroughs which flesh out each character and provide more backstory to the incident of Racoon City.

Whichever character you choose to play first and end the game, you will be given the option in the main menu to start a New Game 2nd Run with the other character. We highly recommend that you play both the campaign otherwise you will be missing out on a ton.


Leon S. Kennedy Scenario Select

Leon Kennedy is a “would-be” Racoon City cop who gets tangled up in the zombie apocalypse. Since he is a cop, his campaign revolves around uncovering the mystery of what the hell has happened to this city and why its citizens have a newfound hankering for human meat.

His scenario is filled to the brim with action, thriller, and good ol’ detective work. His campaign plays out very much in line with his cop persona.

Leon’s campaign also introduces an enigmatic character called Ada Wong. You will always be second-guessing her intentions and whether she should be trusted or not. She adds so much value to Leon’s character development. Apart from this, there are a few rooms and whole new locations that only Leon can access. Even some bosses are unique to Leon.


If you want to start your RE2 adventure with a band, choose Leon! His campaign is also designed to get you acquainted with the gameplay mechanics.



Claire Redfield is a much more personal story compared to Leon’s investigative noir. She came to Racoon City in search of her lost brother, only to get mixed up in a state of disarray.

She has a rather muted campaign (not a lot though) as opposed to the bombastic Leon scenario. Her storyline is more horror-centric which sits well with the regular human trapped in a dreadful situation. But she knows how to hold her own, so do not think any less of her.

Her campaign shines in instilling anxiety coupled with great character moments. Familial themes are embedded in her scenario where she is looking for her brother, all the while getting close to a helpless little girl called Sherry.

The whole Sherry situation is one of the most amazing and terrifying narratives this game will throw at you, tugging at your heartstrings while also making you stain your pants.

You will have to protect this child and bring out the mother inside Claire all the while kicking ass and naming names much like Sarah Conner. This scenario is less actiony and more true survival horror. And the payoff is amazing as well.

If you are a big softie, then Claire should be the first choice for you. Although her campaign won’t teach you all the basics of the gameplay in the same way as Leon’s does.

Who to Choose First?

Leon or Claire - Play First Resident Evil 2

As said before, both these stories are essential to the genuine RE2 experience. The choice comes down to your preference. Both campaigns feature unique weapons, NPCs, locations, and monsters, but they share much of the game map.

Leon’s campaign is widely considered as easier of the two since he faces weaker enemies. In contrast, Claire has a tougher time facing harder enemies and protecting Sherry. According to Capcom’s official stats, 79% of the audience prefer to play Leon’s campaign first. And canonically, Leon’s campaign seems to fit right at the start.

For an action-filled and investigative stint, go for Leon first. If you want more heart and horror, then Claire is your lady of choice.

You can not go wrong in choosing who to play with first in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Both campaigns have their distinct style and appeal. Just DO NOT leave the other campaign thinking you have completed the game once; you will miss out.