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How to Get Nukes in War Thunder (Quick and Easy Guide)

How to Get Nukes in War Thunder (Quick and Easy Guide)

One of the most powerful and destructive weapons that you can use in any game is a nuke, and it’s no different in War Thunder. It is a vehicular combat multiplayer game that has a variety of different weapons and vehicles. So you might be wondering, how do you get nukes in War Thunder?

To get Nukes, you need to have a battle-rating of 6.0 or upwards and need to acquire 15 airstrike points by destroying 15 enemy tanks, aircrafts, or by other means such as scouting. However, these points should not be obtained through the use of a Bomber.

There are many complexities that aren’t apparent to most War Thunder players regarding how to get a Nuke. If you’re still confused about what precisely Nukes are, which vehicles they can be used with, and how you can get them. Then I recommend you keep reading this article to find out more!

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How to Get Nukes in War Thunder?

8th Anniversary Image

To unlock Nukes or spawn nuclear-armed vehicles you need to get a battle rating of 6.0 and a airstrike points equivalent to 15 or need to get 2,500 spawn points. Nuclear weapons were originally made available for ground battles for people that achieved a battle-rating that exceeded or was equivalent to 7.3.

The nuclear weapons would often spawn in a very similar manner as other available aircraft, and had a massive amount of destructive capabilities. This meant that if you were able to obtain even one, then they had the potential of ending the match and deciding the winner.

If you’re in a battle where there are helicopters then nuclear weapons will be unavailable for that particular battle. This is because helicopters can randomly be chosen as the specified air support, and this would come into conflict with how the nuclear weapons were primarily armed and released.

Originally the game required that you accumulate 20 airstrike points. There were a few ways in which people could achieve this, and these included the following:

  • Manual Destruction of 20 Enemy tanks
  • Manual Destruction of 20 enemies aircrafts
  • Obtaining airstrike points through successful scouting missions

However, if you were using a “Bomber” then you were usually excluded from obtaining airstrike points, particularly in the manner of obtaining them through scouting missions. During the November 19th, 2020 update the game released changes to the above-mentioned system and reduced the battle-rating requirement to 15.

Another update that was released on the 10th of March 2021 particularly reduced the number of spawn points required to access Nuclear weapons. This reduction saw that the spawn point requirements were reduced from 3000 points down to 2,500 spawn points.

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Nukes in War Thunder

In-game Screenshot

Only a few aircraft are available in War Thunder that can act as a delivery vehicles for Nuclear weaponry. The major reason why only a few such vehicles are coded into the game has to do with conjuring grounded realistic combats.

Within this section, we will further be discussing these exact aircraft. This is to give you a better understanding of precisely what crafts you can use to launch your Nuclear strikes and how to effectively gain victory within your match.


Tu-4 Screenshot

The Tu-4 is a rank V Soviet Heavy Bomber. It has a battle rating of 8.0 (AB/RB) and 7.7 (SB). To obtain it you need Research points equal to 95, 000 and you can purchase it with 270,000 Silver Lions. It is an incredible craft able to carry over 12,000 kg of bombs.

You can use it to effectively destroy all three bases in one run if used appropriately. It can also deal a significant chunk of damage to the enemy’s airfield. It is one of the principal aircraft that can carry Nuclear weaponry.


Superfortress B-29A-BN Screenshot

The Superfortress B-29A-BN is a rank IV American bomber. It has a battle rating of 7.0 (AB/SB) and 7.3 (RB). It is one of the few aircraft in War Thunder that has the capacity for carrying a Nuke. This American Bomber was added to the game in update 1.47 called Big Guns.

It requires 82,000 Research Points and 240,000 Silver Lions to obtain.


IL-29 Screenshot

The IL-28 Jet bomber is a rank V Soviet aircraft. It has a battle rating of 8.0 (AB/SB/RB). The craft is also among the few that can carry a Nuke. Moreover, it is an incredibly fast bomber owing to its speed and mobility.

The aircraft can quickly swoop to the target area, dispense its payload, andescape without being caught by the enemy aircraft or anti-air missiles.

It requires 110,000 Research Points and 310,000 Silver Lions to obtain.

Canberra B (I) Mk 6

Canberra B (I) Mk 6 Screenshot

The Canberra B (I) Mk 6 is a British aircraft. It is a rank V Jet Bomber and has a battle rating of 9.0 (AB), 8.3(RB), and 8.0 (SB). The craft is an interdiction model of the famous bomber. It is well suited for aggressive ground attacks and compares quite favorably to other crafts within its type.

it is among the few bombers within the game that can be utilized to launch a Nuke. This is because it can retain bomb-carrying capabilities regardless of its type. And additionally features an impressive battery of armament that consists of Hispano Mk V Cannons.

It requires 130,000 Research Points and 370,000 Silver Lions to obtain.

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Su-7BKL Screenshot

The Su-7BKL is a Soviet strike aircraft that is of rank VI. IT has a battle rating of 9.7 (AB/RB) and 10.0(SB). It is one of the few aircrafts in the game that is able to use Nukes. One of its best abilities is its air breaks. This allows you to dramatically reduce speeds mid-flight in order to drop precision bombs on your enemy.

It requires 220,000 Research Points and 590,000 Silver Lions to obtain.

Jaguar A

Jaguar A Screenshot

The last aircraft that can carry a Nuke is the Jaguar A, and it is a rank VI French Strike Aircraft. It has a battle rating of 10.0(AB), 10.3(RB), and 9.7(SB) and was introduced in the Raining Fire Update.

Its twin-engine ground assault makes this craft a formidable opponent. It was also outfitted with air-to-air missiles to knockout foes that it might face in the sky.

It requires 270,000 Research Points and 740,000 Silver Lions to obtain.

And that’s all the aircraft that can carry the Nuke. Hopefully, through this entire article, you’ve got an easy guide on how to get Nukes in War Thunder and know which aircraft you want to use to deploy them.