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Best Ways To Farm Glimmer In Destiny 2

Best Ways To Farm Glimmer In Destiny 2

Bungie is constantly adding content to Destiny 2 for the loot game to stay strong in this game and this loot is one of the reasons why Destiny 2 has been able to maintain its place in the hearts of its loyalists. Now with so much loot on the table, the players are expected to hustle for money to get it and with so many currencies in the game the struggle is real.

One of the most commonly used currencies of them all is Glimmer which the player is rewarded constantly through completing all the various activities in the game and funnily enough, the player is always running out of it as everything to buy has a hefty Glimmer price tag. So in order to tackle this wallet problem we have devised all the ways you can get Glimmer in Destiny 2 within this article.

The various ways you can get Glimmer in Destiny 2 are:

  • Master Rahool – Trading Legendary Shards and Planetary Material with him give the most amount of Glimmer in the game and is the single most effective method there is.
  • Cosmodrome Glimmer Farming Way – This level is easy and small and you can come across many chests to loot and material/resources to pick up for Glimmer.
  • Bonus Glimmer GainsUse special things like Ghost Mods and items to boost the Glimmer you normally receive from various activities.

Glimmer In Destiny 2

Glimmer is the standard currency to buy most items for upgrades and progression in Destiny 2. You will be getting it and running out of it regularly and to make matters worse there is a hard cap on how much you can carry Glimmer at any given time which is 250,000. This means that you are required to spend Glimmer constantly otherwise any Glimmer earned after hitting the hard cap will be lost. Luckily or unluckily, depending on how you look at it, the game has many places where you can spend this currency like Purchasing bounties, Purchasing vendor items, Masterworking armor and weapons, and Equipping Mods.

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Ways To Farm Glimmer In Destiny 2

There are no glitches or farmable locations in Destiny 2 to get tons of Glimmer so you are required to put in some effort to fill up your bank and luckily enough there are many ways through which you can do just that.

Master Rahool

This method is the fastest and simplest way to get loads of Glimmer. Trade Legendary Shards for Planetary Materials and then trade those Planetary Materials for 10,000 Glimmer at the Cryptarchs-Master Rahool in the tower. The Planetary Materials will be on a rotation so keep checking back for what is required by the vendor. The overall cost per ten thousand Glimmer is four Legendary Shards and if you are a veteran player with loads of Legendary Shards then congrats you now have unlimited Glimmer.

Best Ways To Get Legendary Shards For Master Rahool

To capitalize on this most effective method we have to find ways of maximizing our Legendary Shards gain and depending on whether you have the season pass or you are a free-to-play player this gain can vary. Let’s discuss some ways of getting these Shards. And like most activities in Destiny 2, these ways can also reward you with some Glimmer too.

Playlist Activities – For Season Pass Owners

For people who own the current season pass, the best method is Playlist Activities, these include Gambits Crucible, Strikes, and all playlists. The paid version of the season pass increases the base amount of Glimmer you can gain per activity plus one Legendary Shard for dismantling and multiple extra opportunities to gain loot at the end of activities.

There is also a mod for your Ghost that gives you a chance at an extra legendary item for each activity completion. These mods can be found in the fourth mod slot and they are the last three mods in this section, the Vanguard and Gambit mods will be on the second page in this section.

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The goal here is Legendary Shards. The maximum amount of loot you can receive from one activity completion is 4 Legendary Shards, 1 Umbral Engram, 1 Prime Engram, 4 Legendary items, and up to 3.2k Glimmer that does not include the fact that you’ll be gaining extra legendary rewards for increasing your rank in each of the respective activities. The minimum amount of rewards is 4 Legendary Shards and a few thousand Glimmer. The higher you get in the season pass ranks the more extra reward possibilities you unlock.

Crucible and Gambit are the most effective modes to play simply because win or lose they finish in around 10 minutes. Wins are not required for these rewards. If you are playing solo it is recommended to play Crucible and you can choose whichever mode you enjoy. If you are playing with other people then Gambit matches are easily steamrolled. Strikes are generally not very effective as some are much longer than others and you do not have a choice. Certain Nightfalls on any difficulty can be farmed very easily with a full team and in those specific circumstances they are likely to be the most effective. In the end just choose whatever activities you enjoy and the rewards will continue to stack up.

Dares Of Eternity – For Free-To-Play Players

For free-to-play or people who do not own the current season pass it is completely different as you do not receive any of the bonuses mentioned above so playlist activities are pointless to farm. For this reason, the best activity to farm for you is the Dares of Eternity which is free for all players.

There are some important things to keep in mind to make dares effective for farming Legendary Shards and Glimmer. The most important thing to remember is that Strange Coins are your most valuable reward. You will only spend your Strange Coins on one thing, Starhorse Bounties, there are three daily bounties for 3 Strange Coins each, two weekly bounties for 5 Strange Coins each, and one legendary difficulty weekly bounty for 7 Strange Coins.

The weekly bounties provide the best value as they reward more Paraversal Hauls for fewer Strange Coins. The Paraversal Hauls are the reason this activity is incredible for free-to-play players, they have a chance to reward Exotics, two legendary items, Treasure Keys, and Strange Coins. While playing the activity you also have the chance to receive Umbral Engrams, Prime Engrams, and world loot drops. Upon completion of the activity, you will receive one legendary item, one Treasure Key, one Strange Coin, and some Glimmer.

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Every few runs you will get a Lightning Round which will provide you with three extra chests containing the same rewards in each chest. There is also an extra boss that can spawn every few runs that will reward 3 Strange Coins and 1 Treasure Key. All of the Ornament rewards are locked off for free-to-play players so each Treasure Key turns into a god roll weapon chance or extra Legendary Shards. Free-to-play players do not receive the plus one Legendary Shard for dismantling so each Legendary item will give 3 Legendary Shards. Xur also has a rank system which will provide you with bonus legendary rewards as you level up.

Best Ways To Get Planetary Materials Or Resources For Master Rahool

The effective way to farm resources is first things first make sure your Ghost is level 10 and equip the Wombo Detector mod as this helps to detect chests and resources within a 50-meter range. Next, equip the Bountiful Harvest mod as this helps increase the potential resources you can gather from each resource harvest. The next thing you’ll want to have equipped is a Sniper Rifle.

Whether this is intentionally in the game or as a bug, when you look through the scope of the sniper rifle with these mods equipped the 50-meter range is extended and you’ll be able to see the location of all resources and chests in greater distance especially if you’re in a smaller area like the Moon. So once you have those mods equipped and your sniper rifle in hand head to your destination from where you can get the resources demanded by Master Rahool and get to a nice vantage point and peer through your scope to get a look at where all of the resources are then just collect away and repeat the process until you get all the resources you need.

It would take a total of 500 resources to reach the 250,000 Glimmer cap from zero Glimmer by trading with Master Rahool. This whole method of resource collecting doesn’t take as long as it sounds especially when you have the benefits of the Ghost mods and the sniper scope.

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Cosmodrome Glimmer Farming Way

To make use of this effective Glimmer Farming method we need to do two things only. The first thing we have to do is we need to equip our Ghost with the Wombo Detector mod. This mod will mark all the materials and chests within a radius of around 50 meters. The second thing is, get to the Cosmodrome!

The Cosmodrome is the starter hub for new light players and is a nice location to farm in as the enemies are weak and the daily missions are easy to complete. The most important reason to come here is for the chests and the materials as they respawn very quickly in the Cosmodrome. So we can loot the chests and materials constantly.

One chest gives around 800 Glimmer. That means 10 chests are 8000 Glimmer and don’t forget the materials that you find on the way as they also reward you with Glimmer when picked up. You can get 10,000 Glimmer in 5 to 10 minutes depending on your luck finding chests and materials. To keep things fun we recommend following a specific route that you can repeat over and over again to make it effective.

Start from The Steppes then head all the way north to the Lunar Complex then drive to the Forgotten Shore. When you have picked up all the materials and chests from this journey you head all the way north to the Terrestrial Complex and Skywatch where there is a lot of loot as well. Once done collecting then fast travel back to The Steppes and rinse and repeat. With this particular method, you can play the game normally and rake in tons of Glimmer and resources, which you can also trade with Master Rahool for that massive Glimmer payout.

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Bonus Glimmer Gains

You can take advantage of extra things and items to increase your Glimmer-specific rewards and these can be paired with any of the ways given above to maximize your Glimmer payout.

Glimmer Booster – Ghost Mods

On your ghost there is a mod, Ultimate Glimmer Booster, that can increase your Glimmer gains by up to 65%. To equip this mod simply go to the third mod slot on your Ghost and choose one of the Glimmer booster options available in the top row.


Open your inventory menu and look for a legendary item with a purple background called Rainmaker. This item lasts for a 4-hour period and getting precision kills with this activated has a chance to give you a shower of Glimmer.


There is also another Glimmer booster, Glimmershard, available from the Eververse store for Bright Dust. This item lasts for a 4-hour period and getting boss kills with this activated has a chance to give you a shower of Glimmer. It is good if you have it for free but it is simply not worth using and is a huge waste of Bright Dust if you are buying it.

Almost everything you do in Destiny 2 will reward you with Glimmer from dismantling items to playing all the various activities, even just killing basic enemies will give you Glimmer so you can very easily just play the game as you normally would and fill up your bank. In this article, we have opted for the best ways to get huge amounts of Glimmer quickly for when you are really running low on it. So enjoy your Glimmer showers!