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How to Beat The Sundered Monarch in Lords of the Fallen

How to Beat The Sundered Monarch in Lords of the Fallen

The Sundered Monarch is the final non-optional Colossal boss of Lords of the Fallen. His giant stature hides a very agile majesty, and he reigns with a fiery fist, quite literally! He is not that difficult for a final encounter if you know his moveset.


Lucky for you, we are here to spill the beans on all he has at his disposal. We will cover his moveset and teach you some tricks to end his tyranny.

Fighting The Sundered Monarch

Fighting The Sundered Monarch

The Sundered Monarch starts off as a wimpy little kid, sulking in the corner. Don’t let it fool you for this fight goes into high gear the moment you start poking him. He has four phases technically which we will get into in detail.

His Highness likes to pummel you with a giant boulder in his hand, all the while leaping around the arena with surprising ferocity. Later on, he starts channeling Inferno energy, sending out waves of fire and raining down burning swords. His attacks cause Burn and Ignite status effects.

The fight against The Sundered Monarch in Lords of the Fallen can be made easy if you prepare for it and know the following:

  • To counter Burn and Ignite build-up, make sure to carry a good amount of cures.
  • Fire-resistant armor will let you withstand many of his blazing attacks.
  • His attacks can’t be parried so don’t even bother.
  • He is weak to Bleed and Smite status effects. Any spell, weapons, buffs, or items that let you deal with this is a godsend.
  • The Elegant Perfume consumable will stun the Sundered Monarch. You can get it from the Tortured Prisoner.
  • Ranged attacks work incredibly well during the fight. You can summon an NPC to divert the attention of the boss while you lob your projectiles at him.
  • Poison is very potent against the boss owing to the noteworthy tick damage after applying it.

Phase 1

Phase 1 Sundered Monarch

At the start of the fight, you see the boss kneeling and crying in front of a statue in the corner. In this phase, he is generally passive and doesn’t engage in proper combat. You can use this time to heal up or apply any buffs/spells you want. Or you can inflict poison on the boss.

He will stay in place and has only two attacks. He will either throw swords at you if you are distant or perform a ground pound attack which sends a fire shockwave if you are near him. The first attack can be dodged to the sides and roll through the waves of the second attack.

Keep hitting him until the next phase starts.

Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2 and 3 Sundered Monarch

When enough damage has been dealt, a cutscene will play where he will stand up and rip the head of the statue to use it as a weapon. This is where the boss fight truly begins.

The boss is extremely nimble, leaping in the air and coming down with all his might, charges at you with the boulder, trying to trample you, and has a plethora of sweeping and slamming attacks ready to flatten you like a cockroach.

The second phase quickly transitions into the third phase, when his health is further reduced. This is where he will go full-on nova and starts using more fire-based attack. Now all his swipes will be accompanied by glowing swords sticking out of his stretched arms, making it harder to dodge into these attacks.

He sends out fire shockwaves more often and has many attacks that rain down Burn and Ignite causing swords on the ground. These swords create pools of fire which you should avoid at all costs.

He quickly transitions between these two phases and has similar attack patterns so we will cover all the movesets in this section.


Here are all of The Sundered Monarch’s phase 2 and 3 attacks and the right way of maneuvering them:

  1. Swipe: Use his other hand to swipe backward.
    • Reaction: Dodge to the side.
  2. Slam AOE: Slams the boulder into the ground, sending out a fiery shockwave.
    • Reaction: Roll into the shockwave.
  3. 360-Degree Boulder Bash: Sweeps the boulder on the ground in a full circle.
    • Reaction: Either roll into the sweep to position yourself closer to him to attack or get out of range quickly.
  4. Sword Throw: Throws swords at you.
    • Reaction: When you see him reaching for his back, either run out of range or block incoming swords.
  5. Surrounding Sword Rain: Rains down fiery swords in the immediate area surrounding him.
    • Reaction: Get out of dodge quickly.
  6. Strike Leap Shockwave: He strikes the ground and jumps in the air. The landing afterward sends out a shockwave.
    • Reaction: Dodge the strike and immediately get ready to roll through the shockwave.
  7. Leap Rock Slam: Jumps towards you and plummets down with a massive boulder slam.
    • Reaction: Run towards the boss as he flies by over you.
  8. Charge: Tries to trample you with his boulder, charging straight in line.
    • Reaction: Dodge to the side and get out of his path.
  9. Sword & Boulder Swipe: A regular swipe attack but this time swords will stick out of his arm’s length.
    • Reaction: Roll backward.
  10. Grab: Dives forward, stretching his hand trying to grab you.
    • Reaction: Dodge out of range.
  11. Sword Rain AOE: He stands in the center of the arena and swords rain down on the outer edge of the arena followed by another rain in a closer circle.
    • Reaction: Quickly rush towards the boss and lay into him.
  12. Phase Change Nova: He suspends in the air to get supercharged with Inferno when transitioning into phase 3. This transition is accompanied by a fire shockwave. He can use this attack later on too.
    • Reaction: Distant yourself when he flies up and get ready to roll through the shockwave.

Phase 4

Phase 4 Sundered Monarch

When his health is at 5%, he will go into a dramatic state. He will stop fighting and slowly walk to the statue. He will then succumb to his wounds and die.

You can either let the animation play, and he dies automatically, or you can finish the job while he walks to the statue. Your choice. I’d say let him have his dying wish.


Here are all the rewards for defeating The Sundered Monarch in Lords of the Fallen:

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x8 Umbral Scouring

Revisit the boss location and Soulflay the Stigma left behind to get your hands on the Remembrance of the Sundered Monarch and 2 Umbral Scouring. Take the Remembrance to Molhu to unlock these items in his shop:

  • Queen’s Head Hammer
  • Heavy Memento
  • Melted Crown
  • Infernal Decree