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How To Get To The Capital, Pikemead’s Reach in Enshrouded

How To Get To The Capital, Pikemead’s Reach in Enshrouded

You’ll be tasked to reach the Capital Pikemead’s Reach in Enshrouded as part of a questline. Completing this quest is quite hard since not only is the area covered in Shroud with a brutal boss at the end but the trek to get there is tricky and tough even for veterans.

Luckily, we are here as your guiding flames to dispel the fog and steer you to your Capital, Pikemead’s Reach destination in Enshrouded.

Reach the Capital Pikemead’s Reach

Capital, Pikemead's Reach

Although you can stumble upon Capital, Pikemead’s Reach while exploring Embervale, most of you will likely be given a quest to uncover its mysteries. This is the capital of Embervale, far into the north, and from the looks of the dire state of the realm, you bet you are in a world of hurt in the capital.

Oswald Anders, the Blacksmith

Following Oswald Anders, the Blacksmith’s survivor questline will soon set you on this particular quest. He will eventually give you the Reach The Capital, Pikemead’s Reach quest.

Reach The Capital, Pikemead's Reach quest

Before we set off to uncover this desolate castle, you need to be at the top of your game. The area is surrounded by thick Shroud so bring your best gear and level up properly before taking on this adventure. Bring those high-tier weapons, potions, food, armor, and backup weapons to ensure your survival.

The most handy piece of equipment for this journey is a good Glider. Having one that could help you fly over the dangerous shroud encircling the castle will be a godsend.

Revelwood Fast Travel Point

Ancient Spire - Revelwood location

To get to the Capital, Pikemead’s Reach, you need to have discovered the Ancient Spire – Revelwood. It is not a requirement to use this spire but it will make your excursion a hell of a lot easier.

Ancient Spire - Revelwood gliding direction

Fast travel to the Ancient Spire – Revelwood. When you are on top of the spire, face the east side (slightly northeast) jump from the roof, and start gliding.

Hold your glide until you absolutely have to land. Having the Updraft glider skill will give a small height boost when you jump mid-flight to extend your glide even farther.

Try to land near the Elixir Well found in the middle of the way. From here, there is a road that’ll take you to the north and out of the shroud.

Now it’s just a matter of traversing the fog and finding the Capital, Pikemead’s Reach. Stick to the direction we have mentioned before. Jump over any obstacle that comes your way. Ignore any threat that might hinder your progression and beeline to the castle. Try to move out of the Shroud ASAP!

Make it your priority since the area surrounding the castle is quite precarious. You don’t want to die in the middle. At least unlock the fast travel point in the Capital, Pikemead’s Reach, and then do whatever you want.

Pikemead's Reach entrance

Soon you’ll be at the gates of Pikemead’s Reach. You will have to go through this initial location to reach the actual Capital, which is just north of the entrance.

We also have a quick video tutorial on our YouTube channel. Check it out!

Things to Know About The Capital

Guard of the North

The Capital, Pikemead’s Reach is a high-level area. Expect a ton of valuable loot and crazy enemies here. Make sure to look behind every nook and cranny for that sweet sweet loot. Here are just some of the more important stuff you can get your hands on in Pikemead’s Reach:

  • Quests:
    • A Rising Tide
    • Gormander’s Imperial Gardens
    • A Chest in the Attic
    • Cavern Curiosities
    • Fortification
    • Fireplace for the Farmer (Primary Quests)
  • Equipment:
    • Guard of the North Chestplate (Armor piece)
    • Guard of the North Pants (Armor Piece)
    • Guard of the North Gloves (Armor Piece)
    • Guard of the North Boots (Armor Piece)
    • Wolf’s Maw (One-handed Sword)
  • Lore Books:
    • Yesterday, The River Flooded
    • The Water Rises
    • The Catacombs
    • By Royal Decree
    • Glory Rises from the Depths Once More!
    • Ancients Help Us
    • Does One Enjoy the Romance of a Stormy Day?
    • Does One Enjoy the Fruit of the Vine?
    • A New Room for Storage

And most notably, you’ll face the Fell Wispwyvern in the Capital. Defeating this boss is the objective of Reach The Capital, Pikemead’s Reach quest given by Oswald Anders. This boss is no slouch so be prepared.