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7 Ways That Elden Ring is Like Skyrim

7 Ways That Elden Ring is Like Skyrim

Eldin Ring is a game that has a ton of unique mechanics, but there is a lot in it that took inspiration from other large titles. They took inspiration from the Dark Souls series, which is the same company. Other large titles are open-world like this one, but the Elder Scrolls series is closest to Elden RIng.

They both have a handy mount, a ton of secret areas to find, a massive variety of weapons and armor to choose from, a ton of side quests to follow, a ton of replayability and give you the option to take your time.


Yes, they are different games entirely, but that does not mean they have some similarities. We aren’t saying they are the same game; we are just going over all the ways the games are similar. There are many other ways to make the games similar, but these are the closest reasons for comparing them.

1. Both games have a handy mount

Eldin Ring has a mount called Torrent. Torrent is probably one of the most valuable things you get in the game; without it, you will probably take much more time to explore the world. When you first start your playthrough, you don’t have it, so the beginning of the game is much slower. That is the same way Skyrim works.

In Skyrim, you start running, but you can eventually buy a horse to take you around places. This horse is extremely important, especially if you want to walk up mountains quickly. If you don’t have this horse, it will take a long time to get around the massive game world, similar to Elden Ring.

Both games have a massive world that will take a long time to get around if you don’t have mounts. It is fun to run around with the mounts, but if you need to go far distances, it is better to use the Mounts to your advantage.

2. Both games have a ton of secret areas to find

Skyrim and Elden Ring have so many secrets that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Elden Ring does it a little better by having you find map pieces so you don’t get too overwhelmed. Skyrim is cool because you can see cool areas on the map and decide when to go to each one.

Both games have some seriously cool areas, especially when you go to the underground areas, and they all are unique. They also have some severe items you can get from each area, so it is worth checking out if you want to make your time more manageable.


Finally, it will take hundreds of hours to find everything in both games, and the amount of content they have is insane. With the games having more than a decade between them, it is insane how similar they are.

3. Both games have a massive variety of weapons to choose from

Each game’s weapon choices are massive, and you can do hundreds of builds with them. Elden Ring has thousands of weapons and even magic builds. Skyrim is known for having a lot of magic, but Elden Ring might even have more builds you can create.

Everything you find in both games is helpful in its way. If you are confused about a specific weapon, just pull it out and try to use it. Both games give you a good idea of how a weapon specifically works. Elden Ring has requirements for each weapon, while Skyrim lets you use almost anything.

4. Both games have a massive variety of armor to choose from

What makes both games unique is all the armor sets you can find in each game. They both do a great job of making all sorts of armor you can use with different builds. If you don’t like an armor set, we guarantee that there will be one that you will enjoy using; you just have to find it. Explore the world as much as possible, and you will have more than enough to have a good time.

In every location you go, the enemies will have different armor sets, and you might even find some in chests and containers around the area. You just need to look for them. If you see an excellent armor set, look on the wiki to see if it is an actual set you can get and collect it. There are soo many armor sets in both games that it will be hard to decide which one to use.

5. Both games have a ton of side quests to follow

Both games do have side quests, but you must understand how questlines work in each game. In Skyrim, it is pretty self-explanatory. You need to talk to an NPC, and they will give you all the information you need to know. You can then check your Journal for where you are supposed to go and see the location on your map.

In Elden Ring, the information that NPCs give you is very vague. You talk to them; they tell you a small amount of information, and you need to figure out what to do next. There is no Journal to determine what you need to do, and there is no location on the map for most questlines. You are left alone to figure out what to do.


It can be confusing, but this gives FromSoft games its charm. There is no hand-holding, so you must figure out what to do next. Some people enjoy the Skyrim way of things, self-explanatory, but some enjoy absolute freedom. Either way, both games have a ton of sidequests to complete.

6. Both games have a ton of replayability

The replayability for each of these games is incredible. It is a little harder to replay in Skyrim because you can never finish it. Bethesda puts in quests that never end, but you can tell what they are because they never change. Besides, the game is highly replayable because of all the different builds you can create.

In Elden Ring, it works the same way. There are many classes; you can choose another class to do another playthrough. It is also NG+ for people who want to use the same character. It makes the game harder, but everything they have collected gets transferred to a new game.

If you want to replay either of these games, you are in for another long ride, but it is worth your time. There is soo much to find in this game that any time you replay it, you will always find something you haven’t seen before.

7. Both games give you the option to take your time

One big thing that both games have is the option to take your time with absolutely everything you do. In Skyrim, you can complete the side quests before progressing to the main story. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want, so the freedom you get is better than most other open-world games.

Elden Ring works the same way, allowing you to level up early and explore at your own pace. If you played any Dark Souls games, you know you don’t have any downtime other than the hub areas. Elden Ring does it much better by allowing you to rest and upgrade carefully. It is the best game to start with to get into souls-likes.


Skyrim is also a massive game; you don’t want to rush. You can quickly die, but you get the quicksave option. This lets you test things out without any repercussions. If you want to try and defeat an entire city, just quicksave, and you can try. You can just reload your previous save.

Both games are incredibly similar and different simultaneously, so don’t be afraid to try them. If you do, take your time and explore so you can enjoy your time in each game.