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Is Destiny 2 Dead? What You Need To Know

Is Destiny 2 Dead? What You Need To Know

Destiny started as a loot-and-shoot with loads of content locked behind microtransactions and paywalls and it certainly wasn’t a fun time for the minimal content you got for the initial 60 dollars back in 2014. Times have changed and with Destiny 2 still around in 2022, many are wondering if it’s dead or not.

Is Destiny 2 still alive or is it dead? Here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking of trying out Bungie’s second iteration of their decade-old loot-and-shoot FPS.

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Content Updates

destiny 2 trials of osiris

The regular content drops in Destiny 2 despite its age have made the game all the more alluring for veteran and new players.

All the activities in the game have been revamped and are considerably better than what we got in the preceding years. We’ve got our hands on loads of cool weapons throughout the years and with more add-ons projected for the upcoming year.

Annual expansions and new seasons are still rolling out while the former content still being replayable. We’ve got loads of bite-sized DLCs, weekly missions, and new gear that is still added every week.

The Lore and Story

Destiny 2 world

Destiny 2 keeps on adding to the lore with interesting inclusions into its story. Major or minor events with carefully crafted characters have seriously lured in loads of gamers. Let’s look at an example. Uldren Sov was an antagonist in the first game and then went on to kill Cayde in Destiny 2.

But his story doesn’t end there. Ever since the Awoken Prince was resurrected by Glint, Uldren Sov became Crow. He’s now a pretty endearing hunter that tries to do good.

This made for incredible storytelling. But that’s not all, Destiny 2’s lore is pretty thick and one can spend hours getting into its lore.

The Season of the Seraph is currently live. Season 19 has kicked off and the hunt for the subminds continues. Elizabeth Bray has finally joined the bandwagon but she doesn’t seem to trust Clovis or his intentions.

Elizabeth Bray and Anna have been fighting over Clovis and his motives ever since they learned of the Stasis and the Darkness.

But one thing is pretty obvious. Clovis seems to only care about himself and his legacy. So far into the story, it’s kind of obvious he’ll betray the group but we don’t know when and how.

Weekly Activities

Destiny 2 activities

The Dawning continues this week coinciding with the Festive Season in December 2022. You can bake some cookies and become a Star Baker for the remainder of the Christmas season. And those looking for some good old raids have something finally to look forward to.

The Deep Stone Crypt raid is live and it isn’t easy. But you’ll get a chance to get your hands on some neat red border raid weapons.

Weapons and Armor

Destiny 2 weapons

Even back in the day, Destiny was good at one thing. It had a huge plethora of guns at its disposal. Even today, players can try out loads of weapons that come with their special quirks and perks. Let’s not forget about each weapon’s very own special Masterwork perks.

With the addition of rolls and numerous weapon archetypes, players are always on the lookout to create a god-roll hunt. It’s not just the weapons that are fun to use, but the process of acquiring them doesn’t fail to please either.

There are also Exotics that need to be mentioned and let’s not forget armor rolls. You can use the loot to craft a pretty good build or turn them into Legendary Shards. Because of all these key components and the numerous activities that are added each week and each season, Destiny 2 doesn’t fail to deliver on replayability.

Customization Options

Destiny 2 cutomization

Destiny 2 offers an endless amount of customizability for players to enjoy. Bungie has outdone itself this time around to listen to community feedback. This means can players can get the most out of their very own custom builds and characters.

You can pretty much overhaul your character in any way you please. You can tinker with your appearance with Armor Synthesis and use different pieces of gear and armor into universal ornaments.


So, is Destiny 2 dead? Frankly, it’s doing pretty well. Nearly 80,000 users just on PC play Destiny 2 every day so it’s pretty alive considering these metrics. With constant content updates, new additions to the storyline, new seasons, and the upcoming Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion, Bungie is still betting on giving the Destiny 2 community the time of their lives.