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V Rising: Azariel the Sunbringer Guide

V Rising: Azariel the Sunbringer Guide

V Rising has a bunch of RPG elements that change the gameplay constantly and keep things fresh for the player. One of these elements is the hunt for V Blood bosses that upon defeat unlock various stuff like unique powers, buildable structures, and crafting items. These new unlocks will enhance the overall experience and lets you tackle the challenge of this vicious world in different ways.

One of these bosses is Azariel the Sunbringer who is a 68-level boss found in the Brighthaven Cathedral in the Silverlight Hills region. He deals Holy damage so it is advised that you gear up with items that boost your Holy damage resistances. And instead of a melee weapon bring a crossbow to the fight to hit him from a distance as his attacks will make it difficult for you to come close to him.

Azariel The Sunbringer

V Rising Azariel the Soulbringer boss fight Tips Strategy 0 25 screenshot

Azariel the Sunbringer is a 68-level Boss located in the west of the Silverlight Hills region of the map in Brighthaven Cathedral. He deals Holy damage and is a bullet-hell type of a boss where he will constantly be shooting at you with Holy damage projectiles and in many situations, the whole screen will be filled with his bullets that you will have to dodge.

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You can track him using the Blood Altar in your castle once you have reached the required level. The exact location can be seen in the map below.

Azariel the Sunbringer in V Rising – Where to Find 1

Upon defeat, he will reward you with a recipe for Gold Ingot for crafting and also unlock the Power Surge ability.

Preparing For The Fight With Azariel

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As he deals a lot of Holy damage and the area he is located in has Holy Radiation it is recommended that you first equip gear that has the best Holy resistance in your collection. You can defeat Foulrot the Soultaker level-62 boss which will reward you with Phantom’s Veil armor which has the best Holy resistance rating of +15.

image 2

Along with the armor, you should also craft Holy Resistance Potion. For even better protection you should craft the Holy Resistance Flask, the bigger version of the potion that you get the recipe for from defeating Wilfred, the Werewolf Chief level-64 boss.

Both these measures will give you enough resistance to bear the brunt of his Holy damage attacks.

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Abilities and Gear

The setup we opted for this boss fight is:

  • Veil of Chaos: This ability will boost the damage of your next attack after usage as you will be constantly dodging the projectiles and this will help in using this maneuvering to deal more harm to the boss. Also the illusions you leave behind while using this will explode to deal magic damage.
  • Ward of the Damned: This will make you move quickly in between the rain of projectiles and will also block all these attacks from the front all the while spawning skeletons to fight for you. This will be great for moments of intense bullet storm.
  • Chaos Valley: Fires two Chaos projectiles at the boss dealing massive damage and applying the burn effect for overtime damage.
  • Heart Strike: This ultimate ability will be useful when you are running out of health in the middle of the fight and need emergency healing. On top of that, it deals great damage from both the attack landing and the explosion that comes after it.
  • Dark Silver Crossbow: Or any powerful bow in your possession. As the boss doesn’t allow much close-range fight, we recommend using a crossbow to keep the fight at a distance where you keep the pressure on him and dodge his incoming attack from a safe distance.

Fighting Azariel the Sunbringer

Drink the potion and equip the required gear before entering the Cathedral. As soon as you get inside the Cathedral, you want to deal as much damage as you can at the start, use both your crossbow ability and Chaos Valley to draw the first blood in the fight. The boss will spawn enemies in the arena and you will have to take them out quickly for they too will be using the same abilities as the boss and will become a menace if left unchecked.

The boss and the minions will fire many lightning projectiles that you will have to dodge, you can also look for the fire pattern in between them to simply walk around and dodge. Your Ward of the Damned ability is most useful in this scenario to absorb the incoming projectiles. Bob and weave and keep firing the arrows and Chaos Valley in small windows.

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Every now and then he will do an AoE attack which if you have kept the distance won’t hurt you at all. He defends himself with a shield which you can destroy just by the crossbow attacks. He spawns a cloud of Holy damage that travels slowly towards you, it’s easy to dodge but due to its speed it can harm you while you are trying to escape other attacks, being near this cloud will cause Holy damage.

v rising azariel the sunbringer location boss guide

Soon he will start spawning a relic that gives protection to him and it can be seen as they both are connected. Try to destroy this relic as soon as possible otherwise, you won’t be able to harm him much. Be careful in these moments as the boss will constantly be firing at you while your target is the relic. The relic once destroyed will indicate a red radius around it to warn about the incoming explosion, so get out of it immediately.

Keep firing at him in the windows he provides with both the chaos valley and crossbow all the while absorbing with the shield and dodging his attacks. In times of health, crisis use the ultimate ability, and in no time you will down him for the feast of V Blood to begin.

Overall this isn’t a hard boss, in particular, to fight it’s just that it’s a very busy fight and you have to be aware of the whole arena and the types of minions and projectiles he fires at you. With the setup and precautions we have taught you, you will take him out of commission easily.