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How to Remove Your Display Name on Roblox (Easy Guide)

How to Remove Your Display Name on Roblox (Easy Guide)

If you’ve ever set your name in Roblox as a funny name but regretted it later, then you probably wanna learn how to remove it. However, not many people know exactly how to do this and often have to stick with whatever they set initially.

There is no method currently to remove your Display Name on Roblox. However, you can change your display name. You can only change your Display Name one time every seven days. Remember, any new display names must follow Roblox Community guidelines.

Although you cannot outright remove your Display Name, there are numerous caveats and factors that you must keep in mind. It is especially important to follow the proper steps to change your Display Name, which we will be mentioned in this article.

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Can You Remove Your Display Name on Roblox?

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When Display Names were first released, many people set them to be something whacky or funny. Initially, this was meant to be temporary; however, late in 2021, the Roblox development team removed the option to change or remove Display Names. This meant many people were stuck with their whacky or funny names.

Thus, people started looking for a way to change their Display Names or remove them altogether. This is because having the incorrect Display Name, which is private for everyone to see, can cause you to get bullied sometimes.

This might come as a shock to people; however, currently, there is absolutely no way to remove your Display Name on Roblox. The Development team simply did not account for this possibility and has not added this feature back into the game since it was removed.

So if you were hoping to find a way to remove your Display Name altogether on Roblox, that would not happen soon. Unless and until the development team decides that they must revisit this aspect of the game and add in the removal feature.

How To Change Your Roblox Display Name?

However, not all hope is lost, especially when it comes to having to deal with embarrassing or convoluted Display Names. Although a removal option does not exist, you can change your Display Name. This can be done only once after every seven days.

So what do you have to do to change your name? Well, you will first have to visit Roblox’s main website. Because these steps can only be carried out there and not within the game launcher. Follow the mentioned steps to start with:

  • Go to the Roblox Official Website, and navigate to the home page.
  • Log In to your Roblox Account. If you can’t Log In, try to reset your password or seek additional aid from their customer support.
  • Locate the Gear icon on the top right-hand corner and Click it.
  • A drop-down menu will appear before you, and from there, Select Settings. On mobile, this might appear if you click on the three small dots at the corner of the screen.
  • You must now move towards and Select Account Information/Account Info.
  • Select the Change Display Name button. You will notice that its icon looks like a pencil and paper.
  • You will be prompted to Enter Your New Display Name
  • Click Save once you have entered your name.
  • When you refresh, you should now see your Display Name as different from your Username.

If you’re unhappy with the new Display Name you set, you will have to wait out the 7-day timer until you can change your Display Name again. Of course, this has discouraged hackers and scammers from consistently using their accounts to fool people.

And voila! That’s all you need to do to change your Display Name on Roblox. Now, whenever you are playing Bedwars or other games on the main client, your Display Name will appear as the name you set and not the older one you do not want anymore.

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Things You Should Know When Changing Your Display Name

  • If you’re looking to change your Username before attempting to change your Display Name, then you need to know that charges are applied. You have to pay 1,000 Robux or $14.98 to be able to successfully change your Username. Changing your Display Name is free.
  • The second important point is to go over Roblox Community Rules while drafting your new Display Name. This is because several words and terms cannot be added to your Display Name. And your account may be banned if the name severely violates any of these terms.
  • Finally, make sure that you know that your Display Name and Username as well will be on full display to other players in Roblox. So you must choose a name for both that you are completely satisfied with. As we mentioned above, changes can be made later, but it’s best to make sure the first time.

And that is about it, folks. Although there is no direct way to remove your Display Name from Roblox, there are a few ways to change your Display Name and Username. These methods can be a handy fix to get your names correct until Roblox Corporation decides to implement the removal feature fully.

Remember that if you wish to change your username as well, that will cost you actual money or the premium in-game currency called Robux. So choose wisely which name you wish to change. Moreover, following Roblox Community guidelines is of the utmost importance, or you’ll be forced to change your name again.

We hope in the future Roblox will make it easier to remove your Display Name or that they will add a more simple solution to edit it so that people are not so confused.