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Is Doom Eternal Worth It?

Is Doom Eternal Worth It?

Doom Eternal is a new and improved version of the 2016 Doom. It just feels great to play and everything about it is satisfying. If you like any Doom game, then you will be a huge fan of this one. There are a ton of new things added to the game that people have never seen before and that is what makes it special. Here are some questions about the game that I am going to answer.

Is the campaign any good?

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The campaign is actually amazing. If you played the 2016 Doom, you will know there was not much of a story to it. Yes, there was a story, but it did not really invest you in it at all. It was mainly gameplay that kept you playing. That is the total opposite of Doom Eternal.

The developers took the game a different route with the story telling and there are a lot more boss fights and cut scenes. I really enjoyed completing the game because there is a sense of accomplishment towards the end because the last few missions get a little crazy. I would say that the game is worth it for the story alone because it tells a cool story of the Slayer’s past.

Is it better than the 2016 reboot?

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Yes, it is a million times better than the 2016 reboot. From the mechanics to the enemies, everything has been improved in some way. Some may say that the game is perfect, but obviously every game has its flaws. The guns are satisfying and there is more movement options.

Doom 2016 is great, but this game is greater. It just takes everything a step further and that is what makes it an amazing game. If you have not played either games, play the 2016 reboot first, because you will see a huge difference and improvement when you finally get to Doom Eternal.

Is the combat satisfying?

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The combat is insanely satisfying. When you get all the weapons and the abilities later on in the game, you feel super powerful. It’s insane because at the beginning of the game, you start with double-jump. That goes to show just what kind of powers you will uncover later on in the game.

The new dismemberment system for every demon is awesome because wherever you shoot, the skin just gets blown off the demons. As you do more damage, they look even more destroyed. Also, the demons are scared of you when you do a glory kill on them. It is just a great game.

What are the new and improved mechanics?

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The thing I love about the movement system is how you can get into a rhythm with it. You can boost into the air with monkey bars, there are petals to jump around the arenas, you get a dash, and also double-jump. The gameplay is very smooth and that is what makes this game afdicting.

If you get I to a groove with weapon swapping and smooth movement, each arena you go to will feel like a piece of cake. There are some difficult arenas, especially of you play on the hardest difficulty, but if you know what you are doing, you won’t have a problem with any of them.

How are the weapon mechanics?

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The weapons are relatively the same as 2016 Doom, but there are new upgrades and mechanics to them. The guns all have a different look to them and there is a new super weapon in the game to go along with the BFG. Every shot just feels like you are dealing massive damage to the enemies and the guns alone make the game worth it.

What is cool about all enemies in the game is that they all have a weak spot. You can take advantage of that spot, and it will make like soo much easier because it lets the enemies deal less damage and you won’t really see them as a threat. Take advantage and learn all enemy weak spots.

Are there new enemies?

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The developers said that the game would have 2 times the number of enemies that the 2016 Doom had and they definitely went through with that promise. There are soo many enemies it can be hard to keep track of them all. I wonder when they make a third Doom game if there will be even more demons to find and destroy.

There are all sorts of new enemies that have never been seen in the series, but that makes the game a challenge because you need to find the way to take each of them down. There are 21 different enemy variants in the game and they can be different types within a specific variant. There are a ton of enemies and when you see 2-3 heavy enemies at once, it can be chaotic, but fun at the same time.

Does it tell more of the Doom Slayer’s backstory?

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The game does tell a lot more about the Doom Slayer, and you even see him without his helmet on in the beginning. There are a lot more cutscenes than the first game and the story does continue so if you have not played 2016 Doom, play it before this game. It is not as good but it is still awesome.

We don’t know what happens to the Doom Slayer between Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal, but some time definitely passes. Hayden returns to Earth, where he wants to use the Crucible and Argent Energy to save the planet. But the remaining demonic loyalists in the UAC have other plans, and before long, demons start invading Earth with the UAC’s help.

Hayden and the world governments create an armed demon-fighting force called the ARC, the Armed Response Coalition, who try to fight back the demons and save the planet. They pretty much spend the entire war losing, however, and with the help of the Hell Priests, demons start to overtake and corrupt Earth.

Is it worth playing?

Doom Eternal is obviously worth playing. When I played it the first time, I loved it soo much that I beat it another 2 times afterward. I tried different modes to change up gameplay, but the game is just amazing. If you like any Doom game in general and maybe you don’t, this game is for you and worth your time and money.

*All pictures were taken from the Doom Eternal Fandom Wiki*