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How To Target Enemy Ships in Starfield

How To Target Enemy Ships in Starfield

In Starfield navigating the cosmos requires not only wits and cunning but also the ability to engage in intense space combat. Central to your success in Starfield during these high-stakes battles is the art of targeting enemy ships. 

The process of targeting enemy ships begins with unlocking the Targeting Control Systems skill and engaging your enemy in combat. As you keep the enemy ship in your crosshairs, a lock-on percentage steadily rises. Once it reaches 100 percent, simply press the action button (‘E’ on PC and ‘A’ on Xbox). And you will be able to hit your target.


This comprehensive guide will delve into Starfield’s targeting system, specifically focusing on the Targeting Control Systems skill and how to employ it effectively.

What Is The Targeting Mode?

How To Target Enemy Ship In Starfield

Space combat in Starfield presents players with various approaches, from outright ship destruction to the more rewarding act of boarding enemy vessels. Boarding, however, necessitates the crippling of an enemy ship’s engines. Basically, targeting systems are very important in the looting and raiding aspect of the game Starfield.

When you activate targeting mode, the enemy ship slows down. That gives you a lot of time to attack and raid it. You also have the flexibility to choose from an array of components to target, which includes options like engines, lasers, shields, grav drive, and additional critical systems.

This advanced targeting system not only allows you to cripple your opponent’s offensive capabilities by disabling critical components but also creates an opportunity to board the enemy ship once its defenses are weakened.

How To Unlock Targeting Control Systems

Target Control System

Unlocking the full potential of the Targeting Control Systems requires Skill Points investment. This skill can be found under the Tech tab in the Skills menu, located at the far right end of tier one. Each rank in this skill unlocks unique benefits.

The ranks are kind of like upgrades, here are the benefits of each rank  listed below:

  1. Rank One – Unlocks Ship Targeting Functionality
    • This initial rank is fundamental to enable ship targeting.
  2. Rank Two – Enhances Targeting Efficiency
    • The lock-on time will get 15% faster.
    • The locked ship’s speed will be reduced by 25%.
  3. Rank Three – Precision Strikes
    • The lock-on time will get faster by 30%.
    • The critical striking chance against target-locked ships will also be increased by 10%.
  4. Rank Four – Lethal Accuracy
    • The lock-on time will get a final massive boost of 60%.
    • The locked ships will get 20% more damage from your attacks.

Unlocking these ranks empowers your Targeting Control Systems, making you a more formidable force in space combat.

Moreover, becoming proficient in the Targeting Control Systems skill within Starfield serves as the gateway to elevating your space combat abilities to unprecedented heights. This skill provides you with the tools to customize your strategy for every engagement.

How To Target Enemy Ships In Starfield?

Attacking the Enemy Ship

After successfully acquiring the Targeting Control Systems skill, you gain the ability to commence target locking on an adversary’s vessel. Let’s explore the steps to accomplish this:

  • Engage the Enemy: Ensure that your intended enemy ship remains within your aim.
  • Locking On: You will see a rising percentage as you keep your aim at the enemy ship. That percentage is the locking completion percentage.
  • Complete the Lock-On: Lock on to the target once it reaches 100% by pressing the button on your device (‘E’ on PC and ‘A’ on Xbox)

Once you’ve achieved a solid lock on the opposing vessel, the exciting part commences. Now you can disable particular elements of the enemy’s ship. 

Additionally, a valuable tip to enhance your effectiveness in one-on-one space combat is to make strategic use of target locking. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to remember that while employing this technique, you’re not impervious to enemy attacks. Enemy ships can still inflict damage, albeit at a diminished rate, which depends on your skill level. It can give you more chances of achieving victory. 

Ultimately, in the unpredictable and lawless realm of Starfield, the ability to target enemy ships effectively can be the difference between victory and defeat. So, invest your Skill Points wisely, hone your target-locking skills, and become a formidable force among the stars in Starfield. Good luck, spacefarer!

With this comprehensive guide, you are now ready to target enemy ships in Starfield. Remember, space may be vast, but with the right skills and knowledge, you can conquer it all. Safe travels, and may your targeting be ever true!