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How to Upgrade Your Safe House in Payday 2

How to Upgrade Your Safe House in Payday 2

Payday 2 lets players plan out heists and upcoming missions from the comfort of their safe house, which is hidden somewhere on the outer edges of Washington DC. Many playable and nonplayable characters can be found inside the safe house, managing different aspects of the game.

You can upgrade your safe house in Payday 2 by utilizing a special currency called Continental Coins which lets you upgrade each character’s room to Tier 3 and avail more services from them.

This detailed guide will look at all the different upgrades you can unlock for your safe house in Payday 2, and how many Continental Points they require. We will also look at what are the best and fastest ways to acquire these points.

How Does the Safe House Work in Payday 2

Safe House in Payday 2

The safe house in Payday 2 is a neat little hideout that houses all the major characters in the game under one roof and lets you interact with them. You’ll be able to plan out missions and heists from the safe house, practice your aiming skills, change up skins, and do loads more.

Each room inside your safe house is upgradeable to Tier 3. Let’s take a look at how many rooms there are in the safe house & how to upgrade them.

We will also discuss whether upgrading them is worth it or not since most of these upgrades are purely cosmetic and have quite a steep grind.


First, let’s see all 23 rooms on each floor and then move on from there. The safe house spans 3 floors, and each floor has a bunch of different rooms. You can perform different actions in each room, based on the character whose area it is.

Top Floor

Here is a list of all the rooms you can find on the Top Floor of your safe house in Payday 2:

  • Dallas’ Office
  • Clover’s Survellience Center
  • Hoxton’s Files
  • Scarface’s Room
  • Duke’s Gallery

Ground Floor

The Ground Floor of your safe house has many rooms:

  • Houston’s Workshop
  • Sydney’s Studio
  • Rust’s Corner
  • Joy’s Van
  • Bonnie’s Gambling Den
  • Jiro’s Lounge
  • Jimmy’s Bar
  • Chain’s Weapons Workshop
  • Sangres’ Cave
  • Ethan and Hila’s Video Corner
  • The Common Rooms
John Wick in the Safe House
John Wick in Payday 2


Moving down into the basement, you’ll be able to find the following rooms:

  • Bodhi’s Surfboard Workshop
  • Jacket’s Hangout
  • Sokol’s Hockey Gym
  • Dragan’s Gym
  • Wolf’s Workshop
  • John Wick’s Shooting Range
  • The Vault
  • Aldstone’s Quarters

Safe House Upgrades

Now that you know who to find where let’s discuss the elephant in the room; upgrades. When you first arrive in your safe house, all the rooms have unpacked boxes and you can see that everyone just moved in.

Upgrading the safe house in Payday 2 means unpacking all the boxed stuff (at Tier 2) and then decorating/tidying up the room (at Tier 3).

Safe House upgrades

Upgrading any room in the safe house requires a special currency called Continental Coins. You will be needing 12 and 24  Continental Coins to level up any room to Tier 2 & Tier 3, respectively. Continental Coins are also used to unlock mods for your weapons which is why we suggest you dont upgrade your safe house until you are at Infamy Level 5 and dont require those precious coins for mod unlocks.

Are Upgrades Worth it?

A lot of Payday 2 players ask this question whether it is worth upgrading their safe house or not. Well, some of the rooms in the safe house unlock more features when you level them up to Tier 3. 

For instance, John Wick’s room lets you practice on a shooting range when you upgrade it to Tier 3. Similarly, some other rooms provide additional features when upgraded. Upgrading Dallas’s room to Tier 3 will let you access

During a heist in Payday 2

It’s not a complete waste of Continental Coins but we would suggest holding off on these upgrades until you’ve unlocked all the important weapon mods in Payday 2.

If you’ve decided on upgrading your safe house in Payday 2 then you’ll want to find out how to easily unlock Continental Coins and that’s exactly what we’ll discuss next!

Best Ways to Earn Continental Coins in Payday 2

Payday 2 lets you grind for Continental Coins through a bunch of different methods. We have gone over the Best Ways to Earn Continental Coins below:

How to Get Continental Coins in Payday 2


Trophies in Payday 2 are decorative items that are unlocked as you complete specific challenges. Each trophy provides 6 Continental Points upon unlocking and can be kept in your safe house as decor and for bragging rights as well. 

There are a total of 64 trophies you can unlock in Payday 2.

Trophies in Payday 2

Safe House Dailies

The game assigns you random daily tasks when you enter the safe house and completing these dailies can award you 6 Continental Points every day. Completing dailies 2 days in a row is enough to let you upgrade a room to Tier 2.


Crime Sprees

The most effective way of farming for Continental Coins in Payday 2 is by joining or starting Crime Sprees. The longer your spree, the more heat you’ll have on you, and the better your payout will be.

You’ll have to become infamous at least once or be above Level 60 to access Crime Sprees in Payday 2. To start a Crime Spree, simply click the yellow button in the interface, and voila! Your Crime Spree will start adding up.

Safe House Raids

After every 3 days, your safe house will be raided and it is a “Survive the Wave” game mode where you have to fight off 3 enemy waves and defend cash bags that act like objectives. Each raid you survive grants you 6 Continental Coins.

Surviving a Safe House Raid

Finishing Career Mode Missions

Career mode also lets you farm a decent amount of Continental Coins. By the time you are done with all the missions, you’ll be able to amass a total of 135 CC. You’ll get 1 CC per 50,000 XP.

We recommend starting with career mode and farming all of the Continental Coins there before moving onwards to the other methods.

You should only start to think about upgrading your safe house in Payday 2 once you’ve reached Infamy Level 5 & you can do so by spending Continental Coins. These coins can help you level up all 23 rooms in your safe house to Tier 3 by spending a total of 828 Continental Coins.