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How to Get Prestige in Crusader Kings 3 (5 Ways)

How to Get Prestige in Crusader Kings 3 (5 Ways)

Crusader Kings 3 by Paradox Studios is their most ambitious title yet. The game is pretty heavy content-wise, allowing users up to 200 hours worth of content. With its expansive world-conquering gameplay, there are a lot of stats to take care of in Crusader Kings 3, one of which is the Prestige stat.

The best method to boost your Prestige stat in Crusader King 3 is to occupy and invade more territory and personally partake in battles once your Prowess and Martials stats are something to behold. This allows you to amass a healthy Prestige bonus every month.

There’s Renown which indicates the notoriety level of one’s Dynasty and there’s Prestige which is the notoriety level of your character.

Having a high prestige level comes with loads of benefits like having better interactions with opposing dynasties and pretty much getting your way. It also bumps up your Fame which allows you to reap better rewards when waging future wars.

Traits for Prestige in Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings 3 Prestige

You could opt for the Arrogant and Impatient, or the Scarred stat which is one of the few traits that grant you some extra Prestige. But keep in mind, these stats also come with some downsides as well like problems with learning.

The Martial Lifestyle paired with the Gallant Skill Tree is a quick route to earn Prestige every month. Simply grind your way through the Gallant Skill tree until you finally obtain the Gallant Trait. This not only grants you a Prestige bonus every month but also allows you to obtain some extra battlefield glory.

Marry from Royal Families

Marry From Royal Families

The best way to get some extra Prestige is to pick a religion that allows you to have multiple wives. Then, when the time comes for you to get married, go for a bride from a well-respected Dynasty to obtain a handsome Prestige Bonus.

Your best bet is a relative of an Imperial or Royal Monarch. And you can pick multiple wives to get some quick Prestige over and over again.


crusader kings 3

To gain some extra Prestige requires one to make some prestigious decisions. Over the course of your lifetime, you’ll be given the choice to show authority or nobility and this will definitely grant you a Prestige boost. Before you make your decision, check the outcome by hovering over it.

Set an Heir

It’s evident that your character will die as the game progresses. You’ll control the heir after your character’s inevitable death. The best way to transition is to ensure your heir is gaining some Prestige of their own while your character is still kicking it.

When your heir is ripe for the picking, make sure they get a spouse from a prestigious family. Hand over some land to them and set them up with a council position. Make sure to do this in this very order. Otherwise, they might start making decisions of their own.

Another option is to set them up as Knight if they have some decent Prowess. Despite the risks involved, they’ll gain some Prestige along the way. Just make sure you have a second-in-line prepped with their own boosted Prestige stats in case things go South.

Feasts and Hunts in Crusader Kings 3

crusader kings 3

Make sure to keep things lively with Feats and Hunts. Albeit expensive to hold, they do garner loads of Prestige. You can also make some new friends and gain more influence over your followers so it’s pretty much worth it.

Diplomatic characters benefit widely from feasts and Martials do so from Hunts. While they’re disabled by default in terms of notifications, you can check them out in the Decisions Tab. Make sure you’ve amassed loads of wealth for these parties because you tend to gain loads of  Prestige this way.

War in Crusader Kings 3

crusader kings 3

War, War never changes. You can head out into the battlefield and challenge opposing Kingdoms. Victory grants you a Prestige boost and leading an army to victory grants a handsome bonus. But bear in mind, your character needs some solid Martial and Prowess stats. Otherwise, your character will surely kick the can, and that’s no way to earn Prestige.

As you expand your territory and the amount of land you control, you’ll garner more and more Prestige bonuses every month. If injured in battle, your character obtains the Scarred trait once they heal, and this too grants you a small Prestige bonus every month.

And those are pretty much all the ways you can garner some extra Prestige in Crusader Kings 3. High Prestige will help you navigate social interactions and complicated scenarios with ease.

But bear in mind, you can deteriorate Prestige with dishonorable actions. Otherwise, Prestige doesn’t fade. But it’s just one of the many traits we’re yet to cover.