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Everything That Dragons Are Weak to in Elden Ring

Everything That Dragons Are Weak to in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a ton of boss fights, and Dragons actually take up a good chunk of all the fights in the game. You are constantly running into different types of Dragons, and it can be confusing to know exactly what each of them is weak to. They all have different abilities, so going in with whatever weapon you have is an option if you don’t know what they are going to do.

Dragons in Elden Ring are all weak to Physical damage. There are a bunch of Dragons that are weak to Fire, Lightning, and other elements like Bleed. Though it is probably the easiest thing just to use straight-up Physical weapons. Magic does work very well on some of the Dragons so don’t worry if you have a Mage build.

There are a lot of Dragons in the game, so we are hoping that this article will cover all of them. When we are talking about Boss Dragons, we are talking about the ones that spawn with a health bar on your screen. If they only have a health bar above their heads, then those are the non-boss Dragons.

What are all the Boss Dragons weak to?

It totally depends on the Dragon you are fighting, but most of the time, Physical damage is probably your best bet. There are a bunch that have weaknesses to certain elements, but we will go over each Dragon in this article and let you know what each Dragon is weak to. There are a lot of Dragons in the game so we will try to cover all of them.

Here are all the boss Dragons in the game, where to find them, and what they are all weak to:

Flying Dragon Agheel

Location: Found in Limgrave on the Lake right next to the First Step Site of Grace.

This Dragon is most likely the first one you will encounter. All you have to do to get him to spawn is go towards the enemies who are surrounded by the giant bonfire. He will drop out of the sky and you can fight him. The only thing this Dragon is weak to is Physical damage. He is very strong versus all Elementals so be careful if you do have an Elemental weapon.

He is one of the easiest Dragons in the game so you shouldn’t have too much trouble. We wouldn’t recommend going to fight him as soon as you start a new character, but it is doable. Just watch out for his fire attacks and you should be good.

Flying Dragon Greyll

Location: Found in Caelid on the Farum Greatbridge.

This Dragon is basically the same as Agheel, but it is in a different area. The only thing this Dragon is weak to is Physical damage. It is a harder fight though because he has a lot more health, and you start the fight on a bridge. The amount of room you get on the bridge is extremely small so try to lure him to a more open area.

Just make sure you don’t lure him too far because he will disappear and spawn back at the bridge. Magic does work on these 2 Dragons so don’t worry if your Sorceries won’t do any damage. If you get something like Rock Sling, it works very well against Dragons.

Elder Dragon Greyll

Location: Found in the Northeast Caelid region, surrounded by smaller dragons.

This Dragon is one of the oddest one of them all because it is the largest living Dragon in the entire game. It is soo large, if you try to defeat it anywhere except his head area, it won’t fight back at all. The only downside is that it takes a very long time to dwindle his health down. You do get 80,000ish Runes for defeating it so it is worth doing very early on for a bunch of free levels.

This Dragon is not really weak to anything, so just use whatever you have to wack at it until it is dead. It is honestly the best way to get free Runes early on in the game so take advantage of it when you can. It doesn’t fight back at all if you hit anywhere behind him so you can use any Elemental Grease to help drain its health.

Magma Wyrm/Makar/Theodorix

Location: Makar is the boss of the Ruin Strewn Precipice. Theodorix is found North of the Frozen Lake in Albinaurics Rise. There are 3 more: one found in Volcano Manor, one next to Seethwater Terminus in the lava lake at Mt. Gelmir, and the last one is found in Gael Tunnel in Caelid.

There are a total of 5 versions of the Magma Wyrm and each time you fight it, the fight is exactly the same. The only thing that is different from each fight is the arena in which you fight them. They are one of the weirdest Dragons in the game because halfway through the fight, they get up on their hind legs and fight you with a sword.

These Dragons are weak to Physical damage like most other Dragons, and they are very resistant to Fire. You might not even see a single one of these Dragons at all if you do things a certain way in the story or you avoid their areas. They are not hard, but they are annoying to fight.

Decaying Ekzykes

Location: Found in Caelid, east of Caelid Highway South.

This is the first Dragon that is weak to pretty much everything. It is the weakest to Fire so if you have a Fire weapon, make sure to take advantage of the weakness and use it. You do need to watch out for his breath attack because it deals Rot damage to you. If you get inflicted with Rot, your health will drain pretty rapidly.

Try to stay underneath him and wack at its legs because it allows you to stay away from its breath attacks. If you do feel like you need to move, just run away and come back after you recover. As long as you don’t rest at the Site of Grace, its health will be the same way you left it.

Borealis, the Freezing Fog

Location: Found in Mountaintop of the Giants, on the frozen lake Northeast of the map.

You won’t encounter this Dragon until very late game because of where he is located. He has one of the most annoying breath attacks with it being a Frostbite breath attack. Luckily, there is a Lost Site of Grace nearby so if you do die, you can easily run back to him. He is only really weak to Physical damage, so make sure you have a strong weapon.

He is extremely strong against Frost weapons, so make sure not to use your Frost weapons against him. He does move around a lot, so it might be beneficial to fight this Dragon on your horse. You really need to get good with Horse combat so you can easily swap back and forth with ease.

Glinstone Dragon Smarag

Location: Found in Liurnia of the Lakes West of the Academy of Ray Lucaria.

There are a few Magic Dragons in the game and this is one of them. They are covered in Glinstone and this particular Dragon is guarding the Key needed to get into the Academy. This is most likely your second Dragon Encounter in the game and this one is unique because of its Blue Fire. It is not an easy fight, because he is only weak to heavier Blunt weapons.

Since he is basically made of crystal, he is harder to hit with other weapons like swords or even daggers. He is also very strong against Magic, so sorry Magic users. You don’t need to fight him right away, but it is definitely a decent challenge when you finally meet him for the first time.

Glinstone Dragon Adula

Location: First found roaming in the Three Sisters area. After dealing enough damage it will teleport to the Cathedral of Manus Celes where it can be killed.

This is another Glinstone Dragon, but it is much harder than the previous one. It has almost double its health, and the damage on this Dragon is crazy. He has a ton of new attacks as well that can easily one-shot you if you aren’t careful. It is also only weak to heavier Blunt weapons because it is a Glinstone Dragon.

Keep in mind that the first time you meet this Dragon, it will fly away at half health. Don’t expect to beat it the first time, so don’t waste your time fighting it because it will just fly away. Try to use your heaviest weapon to defeat it, or just use the church as cover and slowly chip away its health.

Lichdragon Fortissax

Location: Found in the Deeproot Depths after following Fia’s questline.

This is one of the only major Dragon bosses because you need to defeat him to proceed with one of the Endings to the entire game. It is not easy to get to but it definitely is a fight you won’t want to miss. A lot of people who are fighting it might be wondering what is its weakness? It is weak to Physical damage. Yes, just like any other Dragon before it.

Most Dragons in the game don’t have Elemental weaknesses and if they did, that would make most of them relatively easy. Giving them very few weaknesses makes them a harder challenge and we wouldn’t have it any other way. You don’t have to fight any Dragons in the game, but they are there for the extra challenge.

Dragonlord Placidusax

Location: Found by laying in an empty burial ground in the lower section of Crumbling Farum Azula.

This is by far the hardest Dragon fight in the game. He has the coolest boss arena of pretty much anything in the game, other than the final boss. He is weak to Fire and Lightning, which is odd because he is the most powerful Dragon in the game. It does make the fight a bit easier though since it is one of the strangest Dragon fights.

He disappears, flies around, and sprays lightning everywhere. It definitely is a hard fight, but if you do end up fighting him, it feels extremely satisfying to put him down and defeat him. You do get a Remembrance when you defeat him so he is the only Dragon besides Fortissax that you get one.

What are non-boss Dragons weak to?

There are non-boss Dragons, but these are actually pretty rare. There are a few occasions like near Elder Dragon Greyll, there are a bunch of random Dragons roaming around that aren’t bosses. Once you defeat the giant Dragon, all these will disappear and you will gain 5 Dragon Hearts from all of them. You don’t even need to defeat them to get the Hearts.

The second area is near Glinstone Dragon Adula. Once you defeat him, there will be a bunch of Crystal Dragons to the West of the Church. These are a lot harder because they require blunt weapons to do a lot of damage, but these Dragons don’t have much health at all. There aren’t many other instances of random Dragons, but these two are really the only 2 big ones that we know of.

What do you get from defeating Dragons?

Once you defeat a Dragon, they will drop you Dragon Hearts and Runes. Also, depending on which Dragon you defeated, they might give you Remembrances for the higher tiered Dragon fights. These Dragon Hearts are very important if you want to use Dragon Sorceries and Incantations in your build. There are actually quite a few items you can get with the Dragon Hearts.

You will need to trade the Hearts for these items at a Dragon Communion Altar. There are 2 places: The Church of Dragon Communion in Limgrave and the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in Caelid. They both have Altars and every Dragon you defeat will restock these Altars with new items.

Here are all the items you get for Trading in Dragon Hearts at the Communion Alters:

  • Dragonclaw
  • Dragonfire
  • Dragonmaw
  • Dragonfire
  • Agheel’s Flame
  • Magma Breath
  • Theodorix’s Magma
  • Glintstone Breath
  • Smarag’s Glinstone Breath
  • Rotten Breath
  • Ekzykes’s Decay
  • Dragonice
  • Borealis’s Mist
  • Dragonclaw
  • Dragonmaw
  • Greyoll’s Roar