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How to use Abilities in Mass Effect (Easy Guide)

How to use Abilities in Mass Effect (Easy Guide)

If you just picked up Mass Effect Legendary Edition and gave it a spin, then you might have noticed there are a few things you need to pick up on like how to use abilities or bind them to your controller. If you aren’t good at picking up subtle cues, then check out how you can use abilities in all Mass Effect games in today’s guide.

To use abilities in Mass Effect, press R1 or RB to open up the ability wheel. Press A on Xbox or X on PlayStation to use the ability. You can also map different abilities to the ability wheel.

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How to Use Abilities

How To Use Abilities In Mass Effect - Ability Wheel
Ability Wheel

Need be reminded, Mass Effect features distinct categorizations in abilities, skills, and biotics. Biotics are predisposed to the class you’ve chosen and skills and abilities buff your stats or weapons.

  • To open up the ability menu in the midst of the action, hold down the R1 on PlayStation or RB on the Xbox. 
  • This will showcase a wheel of abilities, biotics, and skills that you or your teammates can use.
  • Navigate the wheel with your thumbstick and choose the ability you want to use.
  • Make sure you’re aiming at the enemy while you’re doing this.
  • Press X on PlayStation or A on the Xbox and you’re good to go.

How to Map Abilities in Mass Effect

Something that Mass Effect doesn’t let you in on is how to map your skills and abilities to your controller keys. Popping up the scroll wheel every time isn’t exactly gamer-friendly so to speak.

  • Pop up the ability wheel once again.
  • Select your desired ability and highlight it.
  • Press either Triangle, R1, or L1 to issue the key bind to the aforementioned key.
  • On Xbox, hit LB, RB, or Y to activate the desired ability.
  • And there you go. Just use the assigned buttons to quickly use an ability.


And that pretty much wraps up how to use abilities in all Mass Effect games. The ability system and keybinding are pretty much consistent throughout all iterations. Make sure you enjoy the game and unlock more abilities to bind and quick use along the way!