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Hogsmeade’s Boarded Door in Hogwarts Legacy (How To Get In)

Hogsmeade’s Boarded Door in Hogwarts Legacy (How To Get In)

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t skimp out on content. With a long and compelling main story, players can also partake in over 80 sidequests worth of content—specifically 82 side quests. But if you tread along Hogsmeader and reminisce about the old Harry Potter movies, you’ll come across an unusual boarded door and shop in Hogsmeade. So, what’s going on? Let me walk you through it.

You can’t go through the boarded door in Hogsmeade on Xbox or PC. It’s featured as a part of a PlayStation-exclusive side quest titled “Mind Your Own Business”. On PlayStation, you’ll find a House elf outside the shop who is absent on the former platforms.

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Hogsmeade – Boarded Door in Hogwarts Legacy?

Boarded Door in Hogsmead - Hogwarts Legacy

So what’s up with the Hogsmeade’s boarded door in Hogwarts Legacy and how exactly do you get into it? Well, sadly there’s no real way to interact with the shop-especially if you’re playing on Xbox or PC. But why is that so? The boarded-up shop can only be interacted with on PlayStation.

The shop and the boarded-up door a part of a side quest that is exclusive to the PlayStation. The mission titled “ Mind Your Own Business” features a house elf that’s absent on PC and Xbox.

If you’re playing on Xbox or PC, the House elf is nowhere to be seen outside the shop. The side quest will stay a PlayStation exclusive until 10 February 2024 after which, it’ll be available on all platforms.

Until then, you cannot open this boarded door in Hogsmeade. There’s a ton of other stuff to focus on so, dont think too much on it and save this quest for a later date.


And that’s pretty much all you need to know about the boarded-up door in Hogsmeade. If you can wait it out, wait until the next year to play the missions or just play the side quest on a buddy’s PlayStation 5.