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What to Feed Morkvarg in the Witcher 3?

What to Feed Morkvarg in the Witcher 3?

In Witcher 3, you will come across a quest in Skellige called In Wolf’s Clothing which will pit you against an undying cursed Werewolf called Morkvarg. To kill him permanently, you will have to follow a bunch of convoluted steps to figure out what to do to take him down. In this article, we will look into what to feed Morkvarg to kill him.

Geralt will have to feed Morkvarg his flesh (Werewolf Meat). You need to first defeat/kill him so that he drops the piece of flesh and in your next encounter you can interact with him once he is down and feed it to him to kill him.

Morkvarg The Werewolf in Witcher 3

Morkvarg The Werewolf in Witcher 3

There are two ways to get access to In Wolf’s Clothing quest; you can either stumble upon it by inspecting the notice board in Larvik or you can attain it by following the main quest Missing Persons and Nameless. Whichever way you start it, you will eventually have to deal with the cursed undying werewolf called Morkvarg.

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Morkvarg First Encounter

Morkvarg first encounter

Assuming you have done all the prerequisites of this quest by visiting and collecting information from Josta and Einar and then making your way to Freyja’s Garden. Here you will face Morkvarg for the first time.

Fighting Morkvarg in Witcher 3 is like any other regular werewolf fight. Though once you have dropped his health to a certain point he will fall and you can interact with him. Talk to him and he will essentially say the same things you have heard before with the addition of proposing you a reward for lifting his curse. At the end of the conversation you will be given three options:

  1. Feed Morkvarg something from Geralt’s inventory.
  2. End Morkvarg’s suffering.
  3. Leave the cave

Since Einar has already told you that feeding him anything will only torture the ugly thing and he won’t permanently die due to the undying curse, that option is useless for now. If you choose to end his suffering then he will respawn later.

So if you either end up killing him or leaving the cave, he will die (for now) leaving behind some werewolf-specific loot along with a piece of his flesh (Werewolf Meat). Do not forget to pick it up as this is the thing you have to feed him to permanently kill him.

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Morkvarg Second Encounter

Witcher 3 Morkvarg second encounter

Continuing from the first encounter, you will have to find a missing key through a series of gates. Once you have acquired the Padlock key, you can access the two locked rooms found in the larger building in the first courtyard around the garden. There will be a journal in one of the rooms which will point to returning to Einar for getting answers to lifting Morkvarg’s curse.

You can follow the Einar plot to get the Cursed Fang which is the true way of removing the curse on Morkvarg. But after examining the journal, you can return to where Morkvarg is and fight him again.

Similar to the first encounter, after you have lowered his health enough you will be presented with the same options as before. At this point, you can choose to feed him his flesh (Werewolf Meat) which you picked up earlier. This will kill him instantly and permanently and thus removing the curse.

You can feed him the Werewolf Meat even after completing the Einar sub-plot and returning to the garden to fight him. Geralt will be rewarded 50 EXP for killing Morkvarg and then another 50 EXP upon reporting to Josta along with an 85 Crown reward.

In Witcher 3, you can feed Morkvarg some werewolf meat to end the curse technically, it is not the proper way of doing so. Not only is the Cursed Fang from Einar the right way of ending the curse but if you follow that whole side of the quest then there are even more rewards waiting for you than the one you get from simply feeding him the meat.