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What Are Enhancement Cores In Destiny 2?

What Are Enhancement Cores In Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 has a ton of loot to get your hands on. Almost every item you acquire in the game like gear pieces, weapons, and Ghost shells, can be upgraded using a plethora of materials in the game. There are so many materials and upgrade shenanigans happening in the game that it gets hard sometimes to keep track of.

Amongst these materials and arguably one of the most important ones are the Enhancement Cores. What are Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2? What are they used for? How can you get them? All these questions will be answered in this article, so read along.

Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2 are materials used to improve the “Tier” of your weapons and armor. They are essential if you want to push your gear to the Masterwork level.

Enhancement Cores

Enhancement Cores

If you want to remain a deadly Guardian of the Light then all of your gear should be at its peak to face the many threats out there. For this reason, having the right knowledge of Enhancement Cores is crucial for any Guardian as they are the building blocks to badass gear. It is very important for facing endgame content.

Enhancement Cores can be spent, along with Glimmer, to improve the “Tier” of your weapons and armor on the way to ‘Masterworking’ them. It is used for upgrading and crafting weapons, armor, Ghost Shells, Enhancement Prisms, and Upgrade Modules.

Upgrading or Masterworking gear means the overall power of the weapon increases. Along with that, the number of mod slots will also increase which allows the player to customize the way their Guardian plays.

Armor Tier - Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores

Enhancement Cores can be used to Masterwork Legendary Weapons. The higher the Tier, the more Cores are required to move to the next tier. So it is safe to say that you will always be needing Enhancement Cores while playing Destiny 2.

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How to Get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2?

There are multiple ways of getting Enhancement Cores in Destiny. You should always be on the lookout for the things we are about to teach you so you may never run out of this vital material:

Banshee-44 Bounties

Banshee-44 Bounties - Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores

The most direct path to getting Enhancement Cores is going to be from completing Banshee-44 (Gunsmith) bounties. There are several bounties you can complete from this NPC. You can also use multiple characters as well to complete these bounties multiple times if you are so inclined.

Dismantling Legendaries

Dismantling - Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores

You can get Enhancement Cores randomly when dismantling Legendary gear. So if you have extra Legendary gear that you aren’t using we would highly recommend dismantling them and seeing if you can get lucky to get some Enhancement Cores.

Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit

When ranking up your Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit vendors, you will also get Enhancement Cores from your rank-ups at rank 4. Once you’ve reset your rank at least one time, you will get even more Enhancement Cores for subsequent rank-ups at rank 7 and rank 10.

There is also the chance to get extra Enhancement Cores when opening up Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit Engrams.

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Clan Reward


For those in a clan, you can get extra Enhancement Cores when completing Clan Vendor challenges once your clan has reached at least rank 4.

We would highly recommend finding and joining a clan even if it’s not the most active or you don’t play with the people all the time. Be a part of a clan just for this perk and a couple of other beneficial perks that come with it.

Legend & Master Lost Sectors

Lost Sectors

You can also get Enhancement Cores from Legend and Master Lost Sectors. However, we wouldn’t recommend doing these solely for the Enhancement Cores.

Only go for these if you are looking to get some Exotic drops. Either the ones you don’t already have or just trying to get higher rolls on Exotics for a certain day then it doesn’t hurt to get some Enhancement Cores on the side as well.



Enhancement Cores are also acquired through the Nightfall playlist on both Adept and Hero difficulty. Both of these difficulties have matchmaking on so you can do them as a solo player very easily. Adept will be at 1250 Recommended Power while Hero is at 1290 Power.

Just make sure that if you are doing the Hero difficulty then this will have Champions in the Nightfall. People do not like using Champion mods so you are warned beforehand.

Check out the mission modifiers on the right and it will tell you which Champions you need to deal with. Make sure you have the necessary weapons to face the threat ahead.

Enhancement Cores can drop in this Nightfall and there is a rare chance at Enhancement Prisms too. On top of that, there is a chance of Exotic drops too. You also have the Nightfall weapon chance as well for whatever Nightfall weapon is dropping that week.

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Season Pass

Season Pass

Enhancement Cores are also sprinkled throughout a Season Pass. Each Season has five Enhancement Cores dropping at various levels. Some of these rewarded cores are even in the free track for those that do not buy Seasons or the Season Pass.

You will get a lot more if you have the paid track unlocked. There are about 40 to 50 Enhancement Cores to get from this method.

Converting Enhancement Prisms to Cores

Blue armor

For those of you that may have a decent amount of Enhancement Prisms but don’t have a lot of Enhancement Cores, there is a trick to converting them to the latter.

Go to the Leveling tab from where you can buy any of the Blue/Rare Armor. It will come at a 5 energy level and you need to upgrade this up to an 8 energy level. You have to spend a couple of Enhancement Cores and 1 Enhancement Prism.

After upgrading to energy level 8 then go back into your inventory and dismantle this piece of armor. You will notice that you get your Enhancement Cores back plus another 3 for a total of 6 along with other materials you have spent.

The biggest and most important exchange here is the fact that you can use an Enhancement Prism to get extra 3 Enhancement Cores.

Enhancement Prisms have a cap of 50 in your inventory. So it is best to use them to convert to Enhancement Cores before you end up losing them to the cap. Enhancement Cores have a cap limit of 999 so you won’t be filling them anytime soon.

Ghost Mods

Ghost Mods - Destiny 2 Enhancement Cores

Finally, we have Ghost Mods. If you don’t know there are Ghost Mods that help boost Enhancement Core acquisition. These mods are:

  • Lesser Core Harvest (Crucible): This will allow precision final blows to give you a chance to award an Enhancement Core.
  • Lesser Core Harvest (Gambit): This allows for defeating invaders in Gambit to have a chance to award an Enhancement Core.
  • Lesser Core Harvest (Vanguard): This allows for defeating bosses in Vanguard playlist strikes or Nightfalls to have a chance to award Enhancement Core.

So if you’re low on Enhancement Cores then you can start playing Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible. For the Enhancement Cores that you get for the activity rank-ups and from those packages/engrams. You can also slap one of these Ghost Mods on to get even more Enhancement Cores.

Enhancement Cores are very important if you want to stay relevant power-level-wise for the endgame content. With the ways we have provided here, you will soon be swimming in this material and have no trouble upgrading your equipment. Good Luck Guardians and May the Light be with you (wrong franchise I guess).