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Is World of Tanks Pay-To-Win? What You Need To Know

Is World of Tanks Pay-To-Win? What You Need To Know

You might have often heard the criticism that World of Tanks is “pay-to-win.” For some, this is an unforgivable sin for a competitive multiplayer game. For others, it’s an example of modern-day video games. But if you want to know the truth, then in this article we’ll discuss whether WoT is pay-to-win.

Yes, by many common metrics, World of Tanks is a pay-to-win game. It offers premium weapons, ammo types, and even accounts that let you earn more XP, and gain an advantage over your enemies.

Let’s discuss the reasons why one might consider World of Tanks to be a pay-to-win game. If you want to learn more, keep reading this article!

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What Do You Need To Know About World of Tanks

Gameplay Screenshot - World of Tanks
Gameplay Screenshot – World of Tanks

A pay-to-win game allows a player to pay for in-game items, characters, materials, and more. These things can provide a significant advantage to that player. And makes them more likely to win any given game. Particularly when compared to other players who do not pay for similar items in the game.

In World of Tanks, players can purchase many items with real money. These can include premium vehicles, decorative decals, and premium ammunition. The game never lets you buy these items directly. Instead, you must purchase an in-game currency called gold. Items are purchased then through gold.

Let us assess whether what you can buy in World of Tanks can be considered pay-to-win.

Premium Ammunition

Ammunition Types - World of Tanks
Ammunition Types – World of Tanks

One of the main items you can purchase in World of Tanks is Premium Ammunition. This type of ammo is a lot more expensive than the standard ammo. Exchange gold for credits to purchase premium ammunition.

Premium ammunition is particularly stronger than standard ammunition. For many players, the difference between either is night and day. Premium ammunition can knock out most tanks with a few rounds. Whereas, Standard Ammo might take quite a while to pierce an enemy’s defenses.

Premium ammunition has twice the armor penetration and costs 130 times more. And is an item that can make winning significantly easier.

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Premium Tanks

Premium Shop Tanks - World of Tanks
Premium Shop Tanks – World of Tanks

Other than sometimes being able to purchase Premium tanks for special events. Exchange real money for gold and use it to purchase these Premium tanks. A premium tank has better characteristics than other tanks of its tier. It also earns a lot more credit when you play with it. Especially against higher-tier tanks.

Premium tanks also earn significantly more combat experience. Particularly this negatively affects the ability of lower-tier players to improve and obtain higher tiers by themselves. It creates a vicious cycle that promotes the notion that you have to pay for premium tanks, otherwise you cannot advance.

Premium Accounts

Premium Accounts - World of Tanks
Premium Accounts – World of Tanks

Purchase a premium account by paying 1 USD or 250 gold for one day. These premium accounts provide many significant advantages to players willing to pay. You get an x3 multiplier to your combat experience while your account is premium. You also receive credit bonuses and can embark on premium missions.

When you play in a platoon with a Premium account you will earn a lot more experience and credits. And even other standard account players will receive benefits in your platoon. This makes it easier to enter platoons and you will be invited more regularly if you have a premium account.

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Is World of Tanks Pay-to-Win?

If you factor in all that we’ve discussed in World of Tanks it’s hard to deny the game is pay-to-win. So, yes, World of Tanks is a pay-to-win game. Which promotes less skilled players to pay for advantages rather than increase their skills and abilities.

Additionally, skilled players will also find it advantageous to spend money because of the various advantages. This does not mean that everyone with a premium account will be overpowered. But they will have an advantage over players that do not have premium accounts.

If you wish to learn more about World of Tanks, the best tanks, how you can level up quickly, or how you can get a free premium account, then let us know in the comments. Till next time!