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Dark Souls 3 Infusion Guide

Dark Souls 3 Infusion Guide

When it comes to Infusing weapons in Dark Souls 3, if you don’t know what you are doing, you could waste very rare items. You need to know what each item does so you are prepared to choose the correct one once you finally get around to Infusing your gear.

To Infuse a piece of gear, you will need a couple of things. You will need to have the specific Gem for the Infusion, some Souls to pay for the cost of the Infusion, and a weapon that allows for Infusion.


We will go over every Infusion item and how to get them. We will also give you the locations of all the different Coal items needed to complete the rarer Infusions. Don’t be confused because it is actually pretty simple when you know how it works. If you are confused, read the rest of the article to get the necessary information.

What will Infusion do?

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If you don’t know already, Infusing your weapon will give it different damage scaling and even elemental damage depending on the infusion. You might get a FIre Gem that places fire damage onto your weapon, but it will decrease your Strength Scaling. There are pros and cons for every single Infusion, so make sure you read what each one does.

Infusions might not be the best option for you, so you need to look at what each of them does. You might Infuse your weapon and lose a lot of damage because you did the wrong Infusion. If anything, you can either use a Sharp Gem or a Raw Gem for an Infusion that has no downsides to it. It is totally up to you.

How to Infuse your weapons?

To Infuse your gear, all you have to do is talk to Andre the Blacksmith. He will have an option for Infusions within his menu and just click Infusions. Once you are in, you will see all the Infusions you have access to. To get access to all the Infusions in the game you will need to find all the Coals in the game. They aren’t hard to find, but some are towards the end of the game.


Once you get these Coals, you can take them back to Andre and give them to him. Once you have done that, he will unlock more Infusions within his shop. Once you get the specific Gem you want, complete the Infusion by spending some Souls. You don’t need Coals to Infuse everything, but they are necessary for certain Infusions.

Here are the different Coals you will need to complete a bunch of Infusions:

  • Farron Coal
  • Sage’s Coal
  • Profaned Coal
  • Giant’s Coal

What do you need to Infuse your weapons?

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To Infuse your weapons, you will need basically one thing. You will need the specific Gem for the Infusion you want. Certain Gems are harder to find, but the Infusion is definitely worth the effort. Once you find a Gem, you can take it back to Andre to see if you can use it to Infuse your gear.


Keep in mind that certain Infusions are locked behind The Coals you take back to Andre. If you want access to all the Infusions in the game, you will need to have the specific Coals as well as the Gems you need. We have made a list of every Gem, where to find them, and what Coals you need to complete the Infusion.

Here are all the items you can use to Infuse your weapons and what they do in Dark Souls 3:

  • Refined Gem (No Coal Needed)
  • Raw Gem (No Coal Needed)
  • Fire Gem (No Coal Needed)
  • Heavy Gem (Farron Coal Required)
  • Sharp Gem (Farron Coal Required)
  • Poison Gem (Farron Coal Required)
  • Crystal Gem (Sage’s Coal Required)
  • Blessed Gem (Sage’s Coal Required)
  • Deep Gem (Sage’s Coal Required)
  • Dark Gem (Profaned Coal Required)
  • Blood Gem (Profaned Coal Required)
  • Hollow Gem (Profaned Coal Required)
  • Lightning Gem (Giant’s Coal Required)
  • Simple Gem (Giant’s Coal Required)
  • Chaos Gem (Giant’s Coal Required)