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Ultimate Guide To The Sewer Branch in Rust

Ultimate Guide To The Sewer Branch in Rust

Sewer has been a fan-favorite monument since the launch of Rust and has a variety of excellent loot and resources to offer. It’s a very beginner friendly monument with mild radiations, so you won’t have much trouble roaming around and looting.

The Sewer Monument consist of 3 different levels that you can access High, mid and lower levels. The monument itself doesn’t have a lot of trouble when it comes to NPCs but you might run into other players looking for the loot this location has to offer.


Let’s learn everything about The Sewer Monument in Rust to see what kind of dangers and loot it holds.

How Difficult is The Sewer Branch?

Sewer Monument

The Sewer Branch is considered to be an all-time favorite Tier-2 Monument. There are mild degrees of radioactivity present in this Monument. The place will not be swarmed by many enemies most of the time so you will not get challenged much for the loot. In general, it is safe to assume that the Sewer Branch will not be a very difficult Monument to conquer.

What do you need to Enter The Sewer Branch?

Since The Sewer Branch has only a mild degree of radioactivity present, you can opt for basic-tier clothing instead of the Hazmat Suit. You may still need to carry medical kits with you in case a PVP fight breaks out.

Essentially, you will be in the ideal Monument for combat if a PVP fight does break out cause of the layout of this map. There will be puzzles in The Sewer Branch that you must solve in order to get access to additional rare loot. For that, you will need a Green Keycard.

How To Enter The Sewer Branch?

Sewer Monument

Since this Monument is pretty open for most of its area, you can enter it from any direction you want to. Though, there will be a few notes to keep in mind when approaching The Sewer Branch Monument in order to get the most out of it.

To start off with, the most important point to remember is probably the fact that elevation is top priority in this map when entering and positioning yourself.

This Monument focuses a lot of its expansiveness vertically. The Sewer Branch primarily can be classified with around 3 main levels that you can enter: the first being “Ultimate High Ground”.

Following this come the “Mid-ground” and the “Ultimate Low Ground”. These zones carry their own attributes and advantages that you can utilize for specific benefits.

Ultimate High Ground

The Ultimate High Ground will essentially be the Recycler building and any other area adjacent to it. This zone will probaby be the strongest of the three divided areas, but it has its own disadvantages aswell. Other than the Recycler building, the remainder of this zone will be pretty exposed and can leave you open to attack from virtually any direction.

Mid Ground

This zone will contain the area that leads into the crevasse, the pipe overlooking the crevasse, and one jumping puzzle. The mid-ground may not have an altitude advantage, but it does provide you decent cover from the High Ground in case you find yourself getting flanked from enemies at the top.

Low Ground

The low ground will include the bottom of that very crevasse along with any place that is inside the Sewer Branch sewers. This zone will be an ideal place to camp inside of for some very easy kills. You can move from cover to cover without being noticed and flank others easily as long as they are not in the high ground.

What Enemies do you Encounter at The Sewer Branch?

You will not really see much of the classic NPC Scientists that roam around in many other, much more deadly, Monuments.

The Sewer Branch is considered one of the least deadly Monuments to visit and you’re only concern will be the possible combative encounters with other players looking for the same loot or the mild levels of radiation emitting in the area.

Is it Worth Exploring The Sewer Branch?

Sewer Loot

The Sewer Branch is definitely worth looking into cause of its easily accessible loot and a very easily completable parkour puzzle that only requires a Green Keycard.

The loot you will find in this Monument will be some of the best available in Rust for a tier-2 Monument. All of the Brown Crates you encounter will have a chance to be a Military Crate instead which can mean a lot of decent resources with a little luck.

There you have it, folks, a complete guide on the Sewer Monument in Rust and what it has to offer if you plan on exploring it. We hope you find this coverage beneficial and stay tuned for more on Rust Monuments.