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How to leave the Citadel in Mass Effect? (Easy Guide)

How to leave the Citadel in Mass Effect? (Easy Guide)

When you’re done with the mission Expose Saren, you’ll be granted free reign of the Citadel in Mass Effect but things get a bit muddy here. You’re given no indicators on where to go. Sure, you can try out the occasional side mission here and there but getting to Normandy is a recurring activity. So, how do you leave the Citadel in Mass Effect?

To leave the Citadel in Mass Effect, you need to complete Expose Saren. Find a Citadel Rapid Transit Terminal. Select Wards>C-Section. Go to C-Sec Academy and access the Docking Bay Elevator. Board the Normandy and use the Galaxy Map. You’ve left the Citadel!

After you sell gear to Dr. Mitchell and obtain Specter gear from the C-Sec requisitions, you’ll certainly have to venture out into Normandy. To get there, you’ll have to find a particular elevator found in the Wards section.

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How To Leave The Citadel

The Citadel in Mass Effect
The Citadel

When you first reach the Citadel, you’re tasked with heading to the Presidium Citadel Tower where you have to meet the Council. The Wards area and consequently, the C-Section will become available to navigate and explore.

Now, complete the mission Expose Saren and you’ll finally be tasked to speak with the Ambassador. When you’ve made it this far, you can leave the Citadel in Mass Effect and board the Normandy.

  • You’ll have to first navigate to the Wards area of the Citadel by either walking to it or using fast travel.
C Section Leave Citadel Mass Effect
  • You’ll stumble across the C-Sec Academy here.
  • There, you’ll find the elevator for the Docking Bay. 
The Docking Bay Elevator - Leave Citadel
The Docking Bay Elevator
  • You’ll board the Normandy directly from the elevator and can leave using the Galaxy Map.
Normandy in Docking Bay The Citadel in Mass Effect
Normandy on the Left at the Docking Bay

How To Fast Travel and Leave the Citadel in Mass Effect

You’ll have to go through the rounds back and forth between the Citadel and the Normandy. You can skip all the hassle by simply using a Citadel Rapid Transit Terminal to Fast Travel.

Citadel Rapid Transmit Leave the Citadel
Citadel Rapid Transit Terminal

Select Wards and then C-Section to instantly teleport to the C-Sec Academy. Then, you can proceed to access the Docking Bay Lift.


And now, you can finally make your round trips between the Citadel and the Normandy with ease. Leave the Citadel in Mass Effect and explore all those glimmering hostile worlds. Cruise in the Mako and take in those old yet gorgeous 2007 vistas.