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Does Luck Matter in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Does Luck Matter in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

Team Ninja incorporated Luck into Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. But players new to Team Ninja’s Souls-Like titles might be confused as to how luck works. Does Luck matter in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty? Let me walk you through it.

Yes, Luck matters in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. High Luck increases the chances of 5-star loot drops along with full armor set drops among bosses. You can pretty much get your hands on the best boss loot and grace loot.

But don’t repeat the same mission over and over again. Cycle every 3 maps. Else, you’ll be met with diminishing returns.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has loads of loot, weapons, and items that are certain to make your harder battles easier. Although, you will need to git gud in the grand scheme of things. But all in all, loot helps a lot. Particularly if you’ve got a full armor set endowed with a sweet set bonus. But how does luck play into all of this?

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Loot & Luck in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Luck Matter Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

If you’ve played a few hours of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, then you know damn well that loot drops in the game are straight-up atrocious. You can barely get any good loot right off the bat. That certainly doesn’t help when enemies don’t pull their punches either, locking you in an onslaught of never-ending combos.

So, the long and short of it, without digressing any further. Yes, luck does matter. Luck is by far the most important stat if you’re hardcore into loot drops and 5-star-rated items. This ties in closely with the second most important stat yet, the “Equipment Drop Rate”. Luck not only fiddles with the quality of items but the quantity as well.

If you have an Equipment Drop Rate of A but tied in with really low luck, chances are you’ll get 1-3 pieces of gear from every boss. That does sound good considering how sparse Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is with loot drops.

After changing things up with no Equipment Drop Rate paired with Super High Luck, you’ll be in for a treat. Expect to get full armor sets from bosses after slaying them.

Luck and Chest Drops

Does Luck affect Chest drops? Well, you’d be damned to know that Luck doesn’t tie in with Loot drops from Chests in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Chest Loot is pretty much randomized, and the quality of items is tied in with the Chest in question. Chests are mostly programmed to drop items worth 1-3 stars. We’re yet to find any Chest drops in the 4-5 star category.

How To Exploit High Luck in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

So, you’ve got High Luck in Wo Long. Now what? Go ahead and farm human enemies. This is the best go-to route considering they’re easier to deal with. If your luck is high enough, any enemy will drop a 5-star item. Archers are the best enemies to farm 5-star ranged weapons.

If you’ve played Nioh, then mini-bosses mimic the loot-pinata effect in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. They’re pretty much guarding the main gateway to the final boss at any level. Considering they’re a lot easier to deal with than the main bosses themselves, you’ll find it’s the best way to farm gear. And as for main bosses, they only drop specific items.

Another go-to source for some sweet gear is AI Invaders, but they’re bound to drop Boss Loot instead of Grace Loot. On another note, reloading the same mission over and over leads to diminishing returns even on High Luck. Your best bet would be to cycle through three maps before repeating the same level.

Best Farming Maps in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

With High Luck, your best bet would be to farm in:

  • Part 2: The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven
  • Part 4: Tyrant’s Final Banquet
  • Part 6: Behold the Glaive of Righteousness


To wrap it up, Luck matters a lot in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. It pretty much increases the chances of getting 5-star loot from human enemies and mini-bosses throughout any level or map.