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Best Crossbow Enchantments in Minecraft (Ranked)

Best Crossbow Enchantments in Minecraft (Ranked)

Crossbows can be incredibly deadly weapons in Minecraft, and you can make them better with enchantments. To survive the most difficult encounters of Minecraft, you’ll need to know about enchantments. So in this article, we’ve ranked the best Crossbow enchantments in Minecraft.

The best crossbow enchantments in Minecraft include Multishot, Piercing, Quick Charge, Unbreaking, and Mending. Enchantments can be excellent for raising your character’s stats, having upgrades to work toward, and making unique builds.


Crossbows are probably one of the most satisfying ranged weapons in Minecraft. They’re tricky to craft but can be very powerful and useful to take out enemies from afar. By using enchants, you can raise the sats of your favorite crossbows, and dominate all the enemies that ever gave you trouble.

6. Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing

The Curse of Vanishing has to be the worst crossbow enchantment you can use. Other enchantments provide some benefit to your equipment, but the Curse of Vanishing can only be considered a drawback. The Curse of Vanishing causes your crossbow to disappear when you die.

As you can see this can be quite irritating if you’re a regular player just going about through the world. This enchantment doesn’t bother hardcore characters as much though, who lose their character upon death anyway. Nonetheless, losing your equipment can be quite demotivating.


Diamond and netherite crossbows, in particular, can be excruciating to lose. This is why Curse of Vanishing is our worst crossbow enchantment.

1Item disappears upon death.

5. Mending


When it comes to the realm of enchantments in Minecraft, one that stands out for its immense value is Mending, especially for crossbows. This enchantment allows you to restore the durability of your items by exchanging your experience, which makes it an absolute game-changer.

With Mending, your weapons, armor, and tools will never break, as long as you consistently gain experience. This becomes particularly beneficial for a diamond or netherite crossbow, as they become virtually indestructible as long as you continue to slay mobs.

However, it’s important to note that Mending is considered a treasure enchantment, meaning you won’t find it through the enchanting table. Instead, be sure to explore Village Trading to discover Mending enchantments and unlock the full potential of your crossbow.

1Two durability restored from one experience point

4. Unbreaking

Unbreaking - Minecraft Enchantments

The next enchantment on our list of the best crossbow enchants is Unbreaking. Similar to Mending, Unbreaking offers incredible benefits, particularly for diamond or netherite crossbows. With this enchantment, your crossbow becomes more durable, reducing the amount of wear and tear it experiences with each use.


What sets Unbreaking apart from Mending is that it doesn’t rely on draining your experience points, making it a cost-effective option. By choosing Unbreaking, you can extend the lifespan of your crossbow and maximize its efficiency without any additional expense. Embrace the power of Unbreaking and unleash your crossbow’s true potential.

TiersDurability (Crossbow)

3. Quick Charge

Quick Charge

Kicking off the top three on our list is the Quick Charge enchantment. This enchant shines as a marvelous choice for all of your crossbows and has immense utility.

When engaging in battles with players or mobs, using a crossbow can be advantageous. However, the time it takes to load an arrow in the crossbow can leave you vulnerable to close-range attacks with melee weapons. Quick Charge can solve this issue.

With each level of this enchantment, the load time is reduced by 0.25 seconds. You can elevate the Quick Charge enchantment to three levels, resulting in a substantial decrease of 0.75 seconds in load time. This makes Quick Charge a beneficial enchantment for your Minecraft crossbow, ensuring swift and efficient reloading.

TiersReload Time Reduction

2. Piercing

Piercing - Minecraft Enchantments

The second spot on our list is claimed by the Piercing enchantment. This enchantment grants you the ability to pierce bolts through various surfaces, objects, or even mobs. With Piercing, you can hit multiple targets with a single arrow, making it particularly useful for reaching hidden mobs or players behind obstacles.

The enchantment offers a maximum of four levels, allowing you to penetrate one object or layer per level. At the highest level, which is four, you can pierce through up to four objects or mobs simultaneously.


It’s important to note that to effectively hit multiple mobs in one shot, you need to align them in a row, which may not always be feasible.

TiersPassed Through Entities

1. Multishot

Multishot - Minecraft Enchantments

The absolute best enchantment for your crossbow in Minecraft is the Multishot. Multishot takes the spotlight by allowing you to fire three arrows simultaneously instead of just one. This enchantment proves invaluable in swiftly dispatching mobs or other players with greater ease.

Multishot has a maximum level of one, and you cannot increase its level any further. While it only requires a single arrow for a shot, it expels three arrows at once. Like other enchantments, Multishot has its pros and cons. On the positive side, it enables you to eliminate multiple enemies in battle.


However, each arrow fired consumes three durability points instead of the usual one, causing the bow to wear out more quickly. Despite this drawback, the advantages of Multishot overshadow its disadvantages in every aspect. It remains an exceptional enchantment for those seeking to swiftly take down foes.

1 Shoot three arrows or firework rockets at the cost of one.

There you have it folks, the best crossbow enchantments in Minecraft ranked from the worst to the absolute best. Let us know what you think about this, and stick with GameVoyagers for more guides on Minecraft.