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When to Start Dawnguard in Skyrim?

When to Start Dawnguard in Skyrim?

Skyrim has dominated the gaming landscape for over a decade. But even now new players enter its cold, rocky, lands for the first time. The latest editions of Skyrim come with all assorted DLC and it can be confusing to you when you should start them.

In this guide, we’ll answer when you should start Dawnguard in Skyrim

Players who are at Levels 10-20 can start the Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim. The DLC fits well with the overarching story of the early-game missions in Skyrim. There are no specific NPCs you need to talk to start the Dawnguard DLC.

For a new player understanding the importance of certain quest chains, and level requirements for certain quests can be confusing. And many would who wish to enter Dawnguard might wonder what is the most optimal way to experience the story. We’d recommend you read on to find out more about this!

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When to Start Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim?

Warrior Screenshot - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Warrior Screenshot – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you’ve recently bought yourself The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition, Legendary Edition, or have gotten your hands on the DLC then it’s fair to wonder when to start the critically acclaimed Dawnguard DLC.

You can start Dawnguard whenever you would want to. This is because Dawnguard perfectly fits in with the rest of the Skyrim mythos and lore. Even as someone playing in the early game you can interact with the Dawnguard quest objectives and they will eventually add to your overall experience.

Essentially, Dawnguard does not need to be treated as separate content from the main game, and more as additives that allow you to experience fighting Vampires and tougher average enemies. If you like early-game challenges then getting your Dragonborn through this content early will scratch that itch of yours.

Optimal Level to Experience Dawnguard

If you don’t like challenges that are too tough but still want fun gameplay. Then we’ve got a few suggestions for the optimal level to experience Dawnguard. Although you can start the DLC as soon as you load into the game, I would recommend you level to 10 before attempting Dawnguard.

Dawnguard can be pretty challenging content for new players. And many might not be able to cope with the sudden increase in difficulty at this level. If you’re still having difficulties, however, I suggest getting to Level 20.

At Level 20 your character will do significantly greater amounts of damage. So enemies that might have pummeled you when you first stepped into Dawnguard at Level 10 will be far more manageable. However, anything past Level 20 for Dawnguard will be overkill. Your excess strength will practically be a waste.

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How to Start Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim?

Durak - Skyrim: Special Edition
Durak – Skyrim: Special Edition

The process of starting the Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim is very simple. You need to simply talk to common guards that roam inside or outside of any of the major cities. They should tell you about the Dawnguard faction. And will allow you to begin the Dawnguard quest chain.

More specifically, however, when you reach level 10, you will be approached by Durak. Durak is a beastly-looking guard that wields a crossbow. He will both ask for your induction into the Dawnguard and will ask you to fight against the growing Vampire menace.

All you have to do is accept his offer and he will direct you to the next location wherein you can continue the Dawnguard quest chain. You will find that a mission marker will now guide you to a cave known as the Dayspring Canyon.

You may speak to a person called Isran before you head into the Fort Dawnguard proper. When you will reach inside the fort the Quest chain will start properly with the quest Awakening. Now you can play through the quests associated with the Dawnguard. All content associated with the Dawnguard can be completed as well.

Location for Dawnguard Initiation quest
Location for Dawnguard Initiation quest

What Is In The Dawnguard DLC?

The Dawnguard DLC adds into the realm of Skyrim several Legendary dragons to fight within the game. I recommend that you start the Dawnguard quest chain as soon as possible. Because it provides many unique weapons and a few exclusive Dragon Shouts. Which you cannot obtain anywhere else in the game.

Also, if by this point in the game you wish to change your character’s appearance then Dawnguard can help. Several new NPCs within the Dawnguard zone can allow you to alter your appearance. If that’s what you want then e recommend heading to Riften’s Ratways. A woman there can help you with a makeover.

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What Do You Do in The Dawnguard DLC?

Finally, the main storyline of Dawnguard provides you with several important decisions to make. You will have to choose between two unique factions: the vampires and the vampire hunters. Both factions provide unique perks and benefits that can change the way you play the game.

There is also the highly coveted ability of Vampirism and Lycanthropy that you can access as a result. Ultimately, your story can lead you to both Castle Volkihar and Fort Dawnguard. Both strongholds of the factions mentioned before.

Although the Dawnguard DLC can be started at any time during your Skyrim playthrough. I recommend that you begin as soon as you reach Level 10. There are several unique Dragon Shouts, weapons, and quests that will flesh out your experience of the game if you start it early.

Dawnguard is the type of DLC you like to see because new and old players alike can enjoy it as soon as possible. Skyrim truly was a masterpiece of a game when it came out, and is still among the best games one can play even now. We can only hope for more as the years go on from this amazing franchise.