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How to Keep Villagers Out of Your House in Minecraft

How to Keep Villagers Out of Your House in Minecraft

There’s honestly nothing quite as annoying as having Villagers in Minecraft keep entering your house. Getting the AI to move out is always a hassle, and in most cases, the way they silently stand there is kinda creepy. So, how can we keep villagers out of your house in Minecraft? Let us find out.

There are 5 good ways to keep villagers out of your house in Minecraft. These include placing inverted doors, using Iron Doors & Fence Gates as doors, walling off your house, or creating Redstone Piston Doors.

You may not know how to go about doing some of the suggestions we’ve listed above. Do not worry though, because we’ll be going over every one of the methods listed above in greater detail. So if you want to keep your house in Minecraft safe from those pesky villagers then keep reading!

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How to Keep Minecraft Villagers Out of Your House?

The Ai that controls how villagers move around in Minecraft is not particularly complex. They simply move around in random algorithmic ways and will interact with and open the door to your house if that’s a possibility.

So naturally, a method to ensure that they stop bothering you in your house is to make it hard for the Ai to be able to open the door. Moreover, methods that involve unique solutions to entering your house or opening the door; will also confuse the Ai, and in most cases, they will not be able to enter your house.

In this section, we’ll go over the 5 ways we know how to keep your Minecraft house safe from those pesky villagers. Although there isn’t anything negative they can do to your house. Just having them crowd up in your space can be annoying. Especially because it is so difficult to get them out. So let us begin!

1. Place Inverted Doors

Inverted Doors in Minecraft to keep villagers outside the house
Image provided by: Skip the Tutorial

Perhaps one of the simplest ways you can make sure that a random villager will not attempt to enter your house is by placing inverted doors at the entrance. Under normal circumstances, if you place your door it should open by moving either towards you or away from you. This is not the case in inverted doors.

If you want to achieve this with the doors of your own house then the easiest way to do it is by placing your door at a particular angle so that the door is placed down in a weird spot. When you do this, your door should remain open, even when given the command to close.

In an odd turn of events when you place an inverted door in front of your house, the Ai of the Minecraft villagers are unable to computer how to open the door. Moreover, even if the door is opened Ai refuses to allow them to move through the open door at all, assuming that it is closed.

Although this is one of the least elegant solutions to our little home invader villager’s problem, but it is perhaps the easiest and can be set up in a matter of minutes if you know what you’re doing. We suggest trying this method out a few times, and if it doesn’t work then attempt some of the others we’ve listed down here.

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2. Use an Iron Door as the Entrance to Your House

Screenshot of Iron Doors for Minecraft Villagers House
In-game Screenshot of Iron Doors

Another fairly efficient method to stop villagers from coming into your house is to have an Iron Door that blocks their entrance. This is because an Iron Door can only be opened if there is a prerequisite Pressure Plate that is available in the block in front of the Iron Door.

Simply make sure that you do not place your Pressure Plate down while you’re exiting your house. And remove them if you had previously placed them. You can always place them on the block in front of your door again when you return.

The Minecraft Ai for Villagers does not have access to actual blocks. And isn’t able to place down objects like Pressure Plates. So you can rest assured that they will not be able to access your Minecraft house. Especially, if you have them removed from the front of your Iron Doors. Your house is going to be pretty safe.

Note: There are certain Modded versions of Minecraft where the Villagers will be able to place down Pressure Plates. And can find a way to enter your Minecraft house regardless. It should thus be noted that this solution is best for the Vanilla builds of Minecraft. No specific mods.

3. Use a Fence Gate as a Door

In-game Screenshot of Fence Gate
In-game Screenshot of Fence Gate in Minecraft

If you have a fence around your house then you might have noticed that most villagers are usually kept out through it. However, some peskier villagers tend to jump over fences. And are thus able to enter your house regardless of whether you like it or not.

A good way to ensure that Minecraft villagers can’t get into your house is through the use of a Fence Gate as a door for your house. The process of making a Fence Gate is the only truly tricky part. Otherwise, this method is relatively easy if you have all the materials. Simply set the Fence Gate as your Door and most villagers won’t think to come inside.

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To build a Fence Gate the following items are required:

  • 4 Wooden Sticks
  • 2 Oak Planks

Set the required items in the following manner in your crafting table to craft a Fence Gate for yourself.

Crafting Formula for a Fence Gate
Crafting Formula for a Fence Gate

After you’re done, simply drag the Fence Gate from the results section to your inventory. And after that, you just need to replace it in place of the regular door to your house. Voila! You now have a Fence Gate as a door and will be that much safer from intrusive villagers.

4. Wall Off Your House

Walled-off House in Minecraft
Walled-off House in Minecraft

Another really good way to ensure that villagers can’t get into your house is to wall off your house entirely. Just like in the real world, where we keep irritating people off our property with walls, we can do the same in Minecraft.

We discussed in the previous section using a Fence for this purpose. But a Cobblestone Wall is probably the best way to stop villagers from coming in. You don’t even need to put down a Gate. This is because even by placing just some wool on the wall you can easily jump over the entire wall yourself.

This method wouldn’t keep real players out of your territory, but for Ai-controlled Minecraft villagers, this is perfect. This is why we would prefer that if you have the necessary resources then you should attempt to wall off your house as soon as possible. Since there are other creatures of the night that this will help you avoid as well.

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5. Create a Redstone Piston Door

Redstone Piston Door
Redstone Piston Door

Probably one of the more difficult, but also the coolest method to protect your house from intrusive villagers is to create a Redstone Piston Door. These types of doors can be opened using a lever placed somewhere in the vicinity of your house.

This will make it so that the Ai of Minecraft villagers will not be able to figure out how to open the door. This means you can rest easy knowing that they won’t be able to enter your house, and they won’t be ruining your space anytime soon.

So how do you make a Redstone Piston Door? Although the process is usually quite complex, let us break it down for you. Simply follow these given steps:

  • Initially, place two pillars that are about two blocks in height and have a gap between each other worth one block.
  • If you wish to create a double-door setup, we suggest that you leave the gap at two blocks of space.
  • Place a button or Lever on one of the pillars you just created. This should be on the outside of your house.
  • Go to the other side of the door and place a Pressure Plate next to the empty gap between the pillars.
  • Place the Iron door between the two pillars
  • In this way, you can press the Button on one side to open the door to your house, and on the other side use the Pressure Plate to close the door upon exit.

There you go, now you won’t be bothered by troublesome villagers anymore. Since villagers will not be able to utilize the switch, button, or lever that you have placed in front of your door to open it.

Do These Methods Work on Minecraft Java & Bedrock Editions?

Yes, the best thing about all of the methods that we’ve mentioned in this list is that they can work on either version of the game. So regardless of whichever version that you are playing, Java or Bedrock, you will not have to worry about Villagers coming into your house and ruining your space.

Ultimately, keeping villagers out of your house is a matter of manipulating the villager’s Ai in such a way that they simply will not be able to access entrances to your house. It sounds quite simple, and some of the methods provided are as well.

But some more inventive methods can be employed to ensure you never have to worry about villagers coming into your house ever again. Till next time! Ciao.