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How to Beat Elianne the Starved in Lords of the Fallen

How to Beat Elianne the Starved in Lords of the Fallen

Elianne The Starved will be the final domino you must tip as part of the Umbral ending in Lords of the Fallen. She will appear upon Soulflaying Pieta when you find her in Mother’s Lull. While their moveset may bear similarities, Elianne will make quick work of you if you underestimate her.


To prevent that from happening, we have put together this guide to help you every step of the way and defeat Elianne the Starved in Lords of the Fallen.

Fighting Elianne The Starved

Fighting Elianne The Starved

The fight against Elianne The Starved in Lords of the Fallen is going to be a multi-phase battle. She is going to bombard you with every trick she up her sleeve during the first phase. After that, every phase is going to be with same with slight variation in aggressiveness.

She is also going to summon help (Voracity’ Reflection) three times during the whole interaction at different points. So, for the most part, you are going to be dealing with two bosses at the same time. Elianne’s moveset is easy to read and counter hence we suggest you pay attention.

Here are a couple of things to know before you take Elianne on in a battle:

  • Do not Soulflay her. Doing so will release Umbral Energy Balls that will deal damage on impact.
  • Ranged attacks will make the fight much easier. Orius Judgement, Lucent Beam, and Latimer’s Javelin are the ones we recommend.
  • If you can, obtain the Blessed Reflection Spell. The two summoned Radiant Guardians will take agro off you and give you some breathing room.
  • Some of her attacks will have a long activation time. Use this window to deal as much damage as you can.
  • Elianne’s attacks will inflict Smite status effect on you so keep something to counter that as well such as Smite Resistance Balm.


Even though the fight is spanned over multiple phases, Elianne’s moveset will remain the same throughout. Here are the attacks and how you can counter each one:

  1. Swinging Sword: This is your generic sword swing combo. Sometimes it is going to be a single swipe and other times, it will be a three-hit combo.
    1. Reaction: Keep a distance. You will be able to notice her taking the stance for this attack. You can parry the attacks or dodge them.
  2. Divine Specter: It is an addition to the Swinging Sword where her reflection will appear at the end of a combo and dash toward you to perform an overhead slash.
    1. Reaction: Can be parried but getting out of the way is going to be the better choice.
  3. Divine Specter Beam: A summoned clone will shoot out a beam, dealing with Holy Damage.
    1. Reaction: It has relatively long activation time so you can get out of the way fairly quickly.
  4. Reflection Charge: A head-on charge towards you with a shield made out of Umbral Energy.
    1. Reaction: Cannot be blocked or parried. Find the opportunity and get out of the way.
  5. Umbral Orb Anchor: She will smash has weapon on the ground and Umbral Orbs will start appearing around her.
    1. Reaction: They are quite slow hence getting away won’t be a problem.
  6. Orb Flurry: This is the Umbral Orb Anchor attack but on steroids. The orbs appearing will be in much larger quantity for a longer period of time.
    1. Reaction: The orbs have a maximum distance they can travel. Get to the corner of the arena to avoid them. You can also find empty space in between them but the density is high so it might prove fatal.
  7. Umbral Blast: A beam of Umbral Energy originating from Elianne’s sword.
    1. Reaction: This beam is fast and has an insane range. Running away won’t help so you better roll out of the way if you want to avoid it.
  8. Umbral AoE: An outwards circular blast of Umbral energy.
    1. Reaction: Gain a little distance and roll towards the attack to avoid getting damaged.
  9. Voracity’s Reflection:  Elianne will summon a clone made out of Umbral Energy. She possesses the same moveset and has her own health bar.
    1. Reaction: Deal with the reflection just as you would deal with Elianne.  Take her down as soon as possible to get a free Grievous Hit on Elianne.

Phase 1

Elianne The Starved Phase 1

As soon as the fight starts, she is going to come dashing at you with all her might. If you have it available, use your Blessed Reflection Spell. You will have two helpers who will deal damage and divert her attention. During this time, you can get close and land a few critical hits.

If you do not have that spell, you can also use any other ranged attack. In this moment, Orius Judgment is a godsent spell. It is going to constantly deal damage to Elianne, while she is trying to attack you.

It isn’t going to take a whole lot of attacks to drop her down to 80% health. That’s when the second phase of the battle will start.

Phase 2

Elianne The Starved Phase 2

As soon as she drops to 80% health, she will step back for a second and summon Voracity’s Reflection. She is a full-fledged boss with a health bar of her own. She might not be beefy Elianne, but she has the same moveset as her.

During the second phase, Elianne will stay on the backfoot and will launch ranged attacks from a distance while Voracity will be the one coming at you with the sword.

You can use the same strategies against her, but it is suggested to deal with the reflection as soon as possible. Once you take it down, Elianne will be stunned, and you will get a chance to do a Grievous attack.

Phase 3

Elianne The Starved Phase 3

Once Voracity is dealt with, you can go back to fighting Elianne like before until her HP drops to 50%. That’s when she will summon Voracity’s Reflection once again.

This time Elianne will not stay on the backfoot, and she will keep switching places with Voracity to deal Wither and Radiance damage. The tip once again is to ignore Elianna and deal with her Reflection first.

Something to notice here is that when she is using the Umbral Blast, she remains stationary for a very long time. You can either get close, but your best bet is to use as much ranged attack during this time. That’s because her being stationary is going to work in your favor and each of your attacks will be a guaranteed hit.

Taking down Voracity’s Reflection will give you yet another chance to do tons of damage with a Grievous Strike. 

Phase 4

Phase 4

The battle will enter its final phase when you wither Elianne’s health down to its last quarter. She will summon Voracity for the final time, and it is going to be the same dance from there.

You already know how to deal with each of her attacks. Do your best and bring that flying parasite down to the ground.


Rewards for Defeating Elianne The Starved

You will receive the following rewards for all the tricks that you just pulled off to bring down Elianne The Starved in Lords of the Fallen:

  • x1 Vestige Seed
  • x8 Umbral Scouring
  • x1 Elianne’s Umbral Parasite

Notice that there is a Boss Stigma in the arena. You can Soulflay it to get the following items:

image 25
  • x2 Umbral Scouring
  • x1 Remembrance of Elianne the Starved

Finally, take the Remembrance to Molhu in the Umbral Realm and swap it for the following rewards:

  • Elianne the Starved’s Sword
  • Elianne the Starved’s Sleeves
  • Elianne the Starved’s Armour
  • Face of Elianne
  • Elianne the Starved’s Leggings

Elianne the Starved will prove to be a worthy last opponent in Lords of the Fallen due to her extensive moveset. While the attacks might seem perfect, you will always find some flaw to exploit and that is what’s going to help you emerge victorious against her.